Hot Holiday Gifts

Hot Holiday Gifts

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(cheering) (clapping) It’s not mine. (laughing) It’s a good dress, right? Okay, Happy Holidays everybody. We’re shopping today. We’ve got the hottest gifts at unbelievable discounts, and this is our very fashionable friend from Good Housekeeping. She’s the Style Director. Her name, Lori Bergamotto. (applause) Hi, Happy Holidays, Wend.
Welcome back. Thank you. You like this. I’m dead. Okay, we’ll talk about it after. Okay, let’s go. But we have some great gifts to talk about. Okay, Lori. Okay, so everybody knows Michael Kors, right? Yes, of course. We all know and love. This is the Ciara Tote. Feel this. This is 100% genuine Italian leather. And very sturdy. And very sturdy. It comes, as you can see, in a variety of colors. Okay. And also, it has a zip-top closure. Oh, it has my favorite feature, which is this is where you put your cellphone or somethin’. That’s right, the front and– You know what I’m sayin’. And Wendy, there’s one in the front and the back pockets. Okay. There’s pockets on the inside, and as you can see, it comes with the hardware in silver or gold. Has everything and it’s Michael Kors! So people know the name, they know that designer. This is my favorite though, right here. I know, it’s so good. Like separate your phone from the rest of the junk in your bag. It’s the best, but Wendy it can be expensive, right? How much is this? So these, you guys, can retail for up to $398. All right, well, no. Because it’s designer, (Wendy laughs)
but not for Wendy watchers. Okay, what do we know? You guys are getting 63% off. Just $149. Perfect. (cheering) I feel like you’re gonna love this. (Wendy exclaims) I know! Oh, you can’t have a bag unless you have tassels. I love the tassels.
That’s right. They go hand-in-hand. We’ve thought about everything. These are from Rebecca Minkoff. Okay. This is the Power Keychain. Wait, what’s this? So I’m gonna show– It’s a plug? So not only is it a charm, it’s a phone charger. So it comes with a USB. (crowd cheering)
Oh, my gosh! And the little phone charger. It works for iPhone and Android. You should’ve used this yesterday when Brendan was calling you and sending you all those texts (crowd laughs) Right? You could’ve used this. Uh-huh. It’s Rebecca Minkhoff. She’s super trendy, we love them, so cute! Wow, all of these have a charger inside. This is the deal of the century you guys, because these retail for up to $65, but Wendy watchers are getting up to 77% off Even 65 is a good deal. $15. (crowd cheers) Just $15. This is like buy one for everyone you know. Get to shopping! I like the hearts, this is my favorite. I love the heart too. So cute! Yeah, this is my favorite, yeah this is my favorite. I knew you would like that one. Okay. Okay, so this is the Mark New York. Heya Francesca. Packable Puffer Jacket.
Hi, Wendy. Francesca is one of our interns. (crowd applauds) And she is modeling it so beautifully. So, what’s so great about this jacket, it comes in a variety of colors You’re lying! Wait until I show you. Okay. Let me show you the jacket first. You know what, I can’t breathe, (laughs) So it comes with a hood. Francesca if you’ll model the hood for us, or it comes in a snap-top closure here. So you can either forego the hat or forego the scarf, and then as Wendy pointed out, it packs, I can’t. Into this, you guys. Can everybody see that? It’s like a little travel pillow. It’s great for somebody who’s on the go. (crowd applauds) Like, we love this, love this, love this. (crowd applauds) Okay, so this retails for up to $99. And that’s not bad. That’s not bad, right? For a tuck and roll jacket. Tell me about it, but wait till you hear the real price. You guys are getting 71% off, just $29. (crowd cheering) So this is buy one for yourself, and buy one for somebody you love. Okay Wendy, you’re gonna love this. Get those fingers– Cashmere, do I smell cashmere? You smell cashmere. Who doesn’t want cashmere for the holidays? Oh, luxurious.
Don’t we love this? This is the Fraas cashmere scarf. It’s perfect for men or women because it comes in a variety of patterns and styles, so, How long is it? It’s long. Open it up. I’ll be the judge. Okay, well. All right. But it also comes in a variety, I’m 5 feet 11. So, for real 100% genuine cashmere, I mean amazing. This retails for up to $248. You guys are getting up to 80% off. Wait until you hear this deal, $39 to $49.
(applause) For cashmere? For cashmere. I mean, you can’t beat that price. All right,
Enough of this, let’s keep talking,
so far so good Lori, but I got a sneak peak at this, and this is my favorite thing on the entire table. Oh, this is amazing, right? The Amy Kestenberg– This is all good stuff, but this right here. It’s so good. Oh, my gosh. Okay, so at Good Housekeeping, we’re all about organizing, so we particularly love this Aimee Kestenberg leather organizer travel set, and its pebbled leather, which is like rich people leather. Yes, I know, I know. It just looks so fancy and expensive, and it comes with four pieces. Here, I’m gonna show you. Yeah, no, I see! You get this, you get this– This– I can’t even hold them all! You get this. Exactly. This and this. And you get this. And you get the bag. And keeps everything nice and tidy. And you can put your rings on this. Like, you unsnap this and you put your rings and bracelets. And you put your earrings. And the earrings.
Look how the earrings stay. Everything stays nice and secure. Mmmm, diamonds!
(crowd laughs) This retails for up to $98, but you guys are getting 70% off, so just $29. (crowd applauds) Incredible, I know! I’m telling you I love it. I’m taking this one with me. Okay, you take that one. I want the black one. And I have the perfect thing that’s gonna go in it. I’m gonna show you, Wendy. Let me show you one more thing. Okay. We have the smart watch with multi-function. Oh, now what are you gonna do, do a Peloton next? I’m mean, we love a blinged-out watch, but– We’re not giving that away today, but this is a smartwatch. And it can show you not only the time. I’d go crazy with this, the paces and stuff. Paces. It has a health tracker. It has a heart-rate monitor. Blood pressure. It has music control. It has an alarm clock. It can do everything. All right. Retails for up to $150. Okay. You guys are getting 74% off. This is a good deal. So just $39. It comes in black or white. (applause)
It’s a really good deal. There you go.
For a smart watch. Thank you, Lori. Oh, and we have one more thing! What? The giveaway! Oh right! Tell ’em! They’re getting everything! You’re getting everything! (uproarious applause) Thank you, Morning Save. Thank you, Lori, for these amazing gifts. For you at home, go to (pop music)

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