Houseboat Vacation – Largest Rental Houseboat is at State Dock, Kentucky

Houseboat Vacation – Largest Rental Houseboat is at State Dock, Kentucky

Good Morning, welcome to lovely State Dock
Marina on Lake Cumberland. The reason we are here today is we are going
to take you guys through a tour of our newest houseboat – the Ultra Cat 1100. 90′ houseboat and one of the nicest houseboats
to rent in the entire U.S. to date. So we are going to go through, show you the
amenities and talk about how affordable it is to be able to actually houseboat for a
vacation, Some of the most frequently asked questions that we get, so we will kind of
walk you through that. So follow me as we take a tour. This boat is 90 feet long its got two catamaran
tubes to help it really cut through the water, and really have a smooth ride out there under
all conditions. Here on the front is a great place in the
morning to come out and have your coffee, have breakfast, enjoy the sights, and that
is mainly when you are tied up on the lake. Come with me and we are going to come inside
and show you the main salon. As you get on the boat you are really going
to see all the upgrades, all the amenities that we have put into this boat – from the
counter tops, from the restrooms, the King suites. I can’t wait to show you our three story waterslide
when we get to the very top of this. So come on in. When you get in you are going to see all the
upgrades we’ve put here. We’ve got a 65″ flat screen tv in the front
here off the helm. You’ve got a 10 person granite counter top
kitchen, a 6 person granite counter top over here in the kitchen area, double door refrigerator
freezer, huge open area here to be able to relax with family and friends. One of the most frequently asked questions
that we have is “How easy is it to drive a houseboat?” Well, we actually have Captains that will
take you through a 30 – 45 minute conversation and show you everything you need to know in
order to be able to operate the boat – From how do you turn on the generator, from how
do you steer, troubleshooting, everything. So, we want you when you are on the water
to be able to enjoy it, relax, without having all the stress & hassle of having to know
how to operate this. So we really educate you before you go out. Also in the kitchen we have a double door
washer dryer. So again, when you’re out there you can take
care of all your laundry, just like you do at the house. When you walk through, we’ve got two levels
on this… you’ve got the main level where we have our 4 King Suites, three full bathrooms,
and then on the ground level we’ve got 4 Queen Suites. So as you look here in one of our restrooms,
again we really took this to huge amenities and upgrades. We’ve got granite counter tops, sliding doors
for the bath, everything, just like you would at the house. For our King Suite here, again, nice panel
wooden door, when you step in here you are going to see the huge space of the King Suite. All of our bedrooms have 32 inch flat screen
tv’s along with a dvd player. So again, everyone’s got their own place to
be able to relax, enjoy and just kind of unwind. As you walk through the rest, here at the
very back you’ve got two more restrooms, as I said you’ve got 3 full baths, so two back
here in the very back. When we go out, you’ve got the waterslide
I was telling you about, we are going to talk about that here in a minute when we get to
the third level. As you go to the second level this is really
the entertainment area of the ship. As we get up here you are going to see that
you’ve got a huge bar area to be able to relax and enjoy with family and friends, unwind. An 8 person hot tub, huge grill over here
to be able to relax and have steaks, hotdogs, hamburgers, whatever you want to do. We also get a lot of questions about how affordable
it is to be able to actually take a houseboat out, especially something this big. With it being 8 bedrooms, we have a lot of
families that will actually do 3 and 4 families at a time, and when you start dividing the
cost, that is actually cheaper than going to Disney World, that’s cheaper than going
on cruises, so again, very affordable when you start taking it and getting multiple families
involved. As we go to the third level up here, this
is where you’ve got your sundeck, kind of a little private area up here for relaxing
in the sun, but for the kids and even for the adults alike …our three story waterslide. Tons of fun for everybody to relax, park the
boat, tie up have the water running here and just tons of fun all day when you’re out on
the water. So again, I’m very happy to be able to show
you all our newest Ultra Cat 1100, any information you have on this boat or any other boat that
we have in our rental fleet go to [email protected] as well as is our website, ask
any questions and we’ll be able to get back with you to come and enjoy a vacation here. So again, thanks for taking the tour with
us, thanks for coming to State Dock Marina on Lake Cumberland. Have a great morning. Looking forward to seeing you soon and
Happy Boating!

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  1. For that being a up grade it sure looks old fashioned and out dated.
    I hv seen older boats remodeled that look a 100 times better.
    Looks like a old motel.

  2. You have a flat screen tv in the living room, so this was not filmed in 1970, you might ant to try a little higher resolution camera next time.

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