How Close Are We To Star Trek's Warp Drive?

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  1. All these theories are based on theories so this is a CRAZY MUMBO JUMBO…

    Such a waste of time.

  2. For sure anti matter. For cruzing around. and electro magnetism for anti gravity and clocking. Thinking on warpdrive. Creating a wave that goes faster then the speed of light. Maybe are we fold space and time just pop out in other solar systems.

  3. If Man were meant to fly he'd have an Illudium Q-36 Explosive Space Modulator….
    The depressing thing about this is it suggests we couldn't ride any warp drive we devise but we could built Interstellar Ballistic Missiles…
    Somedays it's depressing to be human…Our inner Angels are frustrated while our demons get the keys to the candy store.

  4. I remember when Star Trek introduced transparent aluminum and audiences everywhere thought it was really something imaginary or out of reach for humanity. Well it’s a real thing now in 2019. Star Trek was then and continues to be very inspirational as well as very entertaining. Peace to all of you!👍

  5. Been There Done That!…Just Asked Ben Rich former Head of Lockheed Skunkworks back in the 80's!…He said we (the Secret Space Program aka SSP) have already surpassed Star Trek and Star Wars Technology!…I am Just Saying!…God Bless!

    BTW!…Check out the "Alien Reproduction Vehicle's" aka ARV's!…They have been Flying Faster than the Speed of Light since the 60"s!…I am Just Saying!

  6. Would I sign up? Damn right! I want to travel to planets and moons of other star systems and galaxies more than anything!!!!

  7. The BBC just had an article out in 2018 proving scientifically that traveling warp speeds as shown in Star Trek was impossible. I guess they never talked to these guys.

  8. Haven't you heard that "if you can think of it, you can build it". How is it that Gene 'Me Mate' Rodernbury came up with all that complicated Physics…or did he see it? and just wrote about it..

  9. Don't let my picture fool you I like many are here as a volunteer pulling the humans out of the mess they got themselves into many of us are stationed on ground crew and sky crew you know this to be true because our spaceships are dominating your planets Skies yet you see no military action. We will set your planet free you will be assured back into a galactic Society individual holding your planet hostage are being removed as we speak your planet will be set free very soon

  10. Ignorant, primitive , bi pedal species Cosmic laws of speed do not exist ! and this is why you will not achieve this type of Technology. Oh but wait a minute then again on the other hand because your elites using your militaries as Mafia bullies have used your microwave technology against our Starships you shot our Galactic Federation of planets technology out of the sky and you are now reverse engineering it, so you already know this. you are taking our Technology and reverse engineering it and then you claim that your primitive monkey brain was the cause of this technology only 100 years ago you were using steam powered engines and horses to do wagons you do understand it doesn't work like this wake up silly humans.

  11. Space probes have been launched using an ION drive. The idea originated from Star Trek. Imagination leads to advancement

  12. We have had Multiple Tiered Space Programs running for decades that are well beyond the Star-trek technology now… Add in all the SG-1 Portal technology but much more diverse, and you have a vague sense of what has been systematically Stolen from our Civilization. Why, because it was all reverse engineered with our money, and then stolen from us, never to benefit our Nations in any practical way. Actual Multi-National High Treason.

  13. So it may not be useful as a mode of transportation, but it works great as a weapon of mass destruction? DARPA intensifies.

  14. So You are totally disregarding the information brought forward by Mr. Bob Lazar.. Who claims that there is a substance called.
    Element 15. Which is capable of producing the energy required .

  15. So? It has already been 2 yrs now. Have you got enough negative energy from the negative comments,to power up,your warp engine now?

  16. Gravity can bend space according Einstein. So if are able to control gravity like magneto control metals, we can contract the space behind the ship and expand the space in front of it.

  17. Hell yeah I would sign up for the first warp trials, why the hell not? But I won't live long enough to see anything close to it, as it is still only theoretical. Meh 😛

  18. What happens if one was punished and they lived in a future in their punishment was they had to go back and live out the rest of their lives and it brought back time suppose this was the barbaric time that they were forced to live in and they had the knowledge of my only warp drive what would they called Bend time where time is bent into equation where it takes seconds to go anywhere and any way that you want to and this person is at living among you would you dare let that person show you before the hundred-year rift as a cart comes to be or would you actually wait to see how it folds properly interesting question a question that some of us ask everyday she want that

  19. Dark matter covers the largest part of the universe thus ts at amuch advantage using dark matter.

  20. First thing you need to do is have a super sophisticated navigational system next you need really really good deflector Shields because if you don't have that you'll be like a bug hitting the windshield lol

  21. …and I think he's got that wackbard. if you expand space behind you and compress (contract) it in front, to the observer behind this wacky idea, no onward movement would be detected. compressing space ( and time) behind the operator would work, compressed space AND Time behind the traveler means the observer would see an increase of distance and hence more "time" between the observer and any so called departing for the stars star ship ….

  22. No you can't travel at lightspeed cuz just the force alone would turn humans into a pink mist

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