How Do Cruise Liners Work? | Speed Machines | Spark

How Do Cruise Liners Work? | Speed Machines | Spark

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  1. The video/film is tendentiously … very British, and British only. To top it the comments are just not allways in the truth. BREMEN and EUROPA of 1928/30 restarted the race for the Blue Riband. For the UK public it was a kind of schock to see the German liners, and then beating beloved MAURETANIA … Havn´t they just lost the war? Havn´t they just had an inflation? For the losses NORMANDIE made: he earned within the 4 years of his existence 158.000.000 in net revenue. QUEEN MARY earned only money after WWII, whan she was alone on the North Atlantic as the fastest ships .. .till the advent of UNITED STATES. And for the British love for fairness: it is Britain first and only Britain, as we by God have the only right to rule the waves. For the guys that have a certain antipathy for Germany and the EU "ruled" by Germany … pardon me I pitty you for your "education". Since Brexit and the Farage person all the old resentiments are coming back again. Blaming others for own faults is an easy way. I have Scottish relatives and had often been as well in England as in Scotland. I loved UK in the EU … but now I must state de Gaulle was right.

  2. Normandie is tied with the SS United States and the 2nd RMS Britannic (Titanic's younger sister ship, which never got to have the title RMS because she only served 7 voyages, all as a hospital ship in WW1 before she hit a mine and sunk) as my favorite ships. The giant 1st class ball room on Normandie earned her spot in my heart and it's a shame she couldn't survive the second world war.

  3. The Normandie was too modern for that time but the queen Mary was simple and in time with style.
    Imagine us in the world queen Mary in 2019 we'd feel quite at home

  4. Depression time.
    And the people's taxes used to subsidize corporations that serve the entertainment of the rich.

  5. i can't believe they built the Queen Mary in the 30s the same way they built the Mauritania and Lusitania in the first decade of the 20th century.

  6. The most ironic thing was the ship of France “Normandie” or “Normandy” in English , burned down by the USA, had the same name of the beach landed by the USA to save France. Just amazing

  7. To'day it's a Danish Catemeran ship have the racord cross Alintic with 41 Knob , Cat-Link it the name of the ship is and sail in Denmark evry day betwn Århus and Kalundborg in Denmark. Cat-Link did even stop on the way to help another ship, and after go back, and it did still broke the rocord with almost 1½ day.

  8. The Queen Marry was also hit by a rouge 30+ ft wave and knocked almost completely on her side.
    Yet she is still around to this day.
    Truly a work of Art.

  9. Not Cruise Liners as stated, also this documentary has been on you tube a long time, you have taken it from someone else!

  10. I cannot afford such luxuries aboard today's cruise ships, but all I can do now is to imagine myself aboard a ship on an Atlantic crossing or a passage to Alaska.

  11. Run into fog which is just about as dangerous as an iceberg for the Queen Mary? Don't worry, there is always next time. Three hours faster than the Normandie to be exact.

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