How Japanese Kids Learn to “Drive”

How Japanese Kids Learn to “Drive”

(AIKO) Hello, world! Where I’m from in Japan, this is a place where you learn how to drive. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ Shin, next course same time here. Daddy, stop that! Help me! (SHIN) I did it! (GREG) Go, go, go! (AIKO) Up the hill. No hands! Ha, ha! Ow! You can only go on this, this, this. I have to give this to the man. This map shows the course. (GREG) What did you write on there, Aiko?
(AIKO) I wrote my name. (GREG) Free?
(AIKO) Yeah. (GREG) Oh.
(AIKO) And then you give it to the men. (GREG) In Japanese, what would you call them? (SHIN) They are not called anything. (GREG) If you’d say “Hey, hey, hey, you, over there”,
what would you say in japanese? (SHIN) “Ojisan”. (GREG) And what happens if you don’t follow the directions,
what do the “ojisans” do? (SHIN) “Kochi desu yo”, and that means “it’s this way”. (GREG) So, what did you guys fail to do here? (AIKO) Um, the people were trying to cross, but we went. Actually, move back. Move back.
(GREG) Hey! It’s green light, green light! Let’s go! You can give a boost. You ran a red light. (AIKO) Yeah.
(GREG) Why? (AIKO) I was waiting too much. (GREG) OK. So here it’s turning red. And then you decided to go? (AIKO) It’s yellow. (GREG) Why are you sitting in the middle of the intersection?
I told you you gotta go! Look. You’re in the middle of the intersection! (AIKO) Yeah. These are all the street signs of the whole world. (GREG) Those look like just Japanese street signs. (AIKO) Nope. They are from the whole world. This means it’s for bikes. This means only 50. (GREG) That means, uh, lava is jumping down. (AIKO) No, no, no.
There might be rocks coming off. (GREG) Oh! Then, rocks. What do you think about the traffic park? (AIKO) It’s fun. It’s like a little mini course. Like you have your own, um, traffic lights, and then you stop, and then like, there is like a real car. And then it’s like so fun. (GREG) Are parents allowed on the course as well? (AIKO) Yeah. (GREG) And can they ride the bikes? (AIKO) No. If, um, you guys come to, um, Japan, And then, if you find this park, you should go. It’s so fun. Do you have a traffic park where you’re from?
See you next time. Bye. (GREG) Shin, what does “tomare” mean? How come you stopped? Does the “tomare” sign mean “stop”? That’s why you stopped? You’re crazy. You can move now. Stop touching the sign and you can move.

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  1. Its so good there in Japan there is nothing in comparison to it in India.The food is good there the education system is robust the schools teach you very much about your real lifestyle and well I wished I would have born in japan,.

  2. Japan is so cool and fun but a couple of bad things are floods , I can't understand Japanese , I don't understand their money and, earthquakes 😐

  3. There is a place like this in my city. It is not free, but cheap. Children can use it up to being teenagers and there are different driving courses for different ages, and even a ticketing system where kids who don't follow rules are "arrested".

  4. There is a little place in the park close to my house where kids can learn about driving but i never see anyone there so i dont think its working

  5. Pretty neat. We don’t have anything like that here in America. Unfortunately. We have a lot of terrible drivers here due to the result of that hahahaha.

  6. Cruisin down the street in my six-fo'
    Jockin the straps, slappin the woes
    Went to the park to get the scoop
    Knuckleheads out there drivin in hoops
    A bike pulls up, who can it be?
    A fresh sister named, Aiko g
    She slows down her bike and she started to say
    Just waiting for that light to fade

  7. I went to something like this when I was about 12-13, pushbikes only, in Wollongong, Australia; my entire class went. It was a bit more structured, but it was good at showing just how many things a driver has to think about, and therefore why they might not be thinking about you as a pedesetrian.

    I wonder if it was there that I learned to roll through stop signs…

  8. It would be SO GREAT if we have such parks in India, 'cause driving is quite not easy in most states of India, due to the traffic.

  9. I remember watching this 2 years ago (THE VERY FIRST VIDEO I WATCHED ON THIS CHANNEL)!🇯🇵👍!

  10. 良い、あなたが成長するときに役立つことができます

    Yoi, anata ga seichō suru toki ni yakudatsu koto ga dekimasu

  11. There’s one but in another city here in Georgia, it’s called Tiny Towne and it’s like an indoor go kart place for kids

  12. Surprisingly we have one of these where I am from in Australia. It is right near the bus stop which I use to get home from school.

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