How to  draw Finn Adventure Time

How to draw Finn Adventure Time

How to draw Finn Adventure Time Character At first, draw the shape of an egg From half, draw eyes and mouth a little above Widen between eyes.
I will draw a mouth between my eyes Outline the face.
Animal-like ears are drawn on the edges The body draws straight Connect with the outline line and draw Draw the border between body and face Your body size is about the size of your face Draw pants This is also the same as the outline and body line, I will draw straight Draw your feet together with your ears on the edges Draw a backpack handle The line of the rucksack pattern is drawn below the border of the outline and body Draw arms Thin and long. Draw a curve I will draw the other side in the same way I will draw a thin foot as much as the arm line The length of the feet is about the same as the length of the body I will draw shoes Paint black

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