How To Drive A Car EASILY! (Basics For Beginners)

How To Drive A Car EASILY! (Basics For Beginners)

What’s going on everybody it’s Alex Halford right here. And as you can see I’m in a really weird kind of thing which is called a ‘vehicle’. I just thought I would like show you the basics of how to drive a stick. I want to announce that I will be getting my driver’s license within this and about six months. In the first week of July, I have to do a test and everything, which takes four hours. Just, I will keep you guys updated on that. Besides that, I just want to.. I’m sweating so hard. I would like to quickly show you the basics of how to drive a manual car. Or a stick, I don’t know what’s the difference. I’m pretty new to this kind of thing so, yeah. Firstly…. I’m gonna do this from another angle. I don’t know if you can hear me guys
but you have three pedals. I’m using my socks basically. This is the gas, this is the brake, and this is your clutch. What you want to do: start the car. Let go this one. And then afterwards what you want to do is you just wanna press in the clutch as far as it can go. And then what you want to do is to put your car in first gear. Now basically when the car is on, you will still have the clutch. And then if you put this one in first gear, the car is in first gear. You want to go really slow while you let go of the clutch Basically what is gonna happen when the car is on, you will slowly start to drive. You can start driving without giving it any gas. So you just want to the let the clutch in, put in in first gear, and then let go slowly. And then, the most trickiest part is this you have to like to let go the clutch really slow, and give it a tiny bit of gas. So that is basically how to drive a car with a stick. basically what will happen now when you are driving in first gear, You gonna have the gas in. And if you want to change gears, what you always have to do is put your
clutch back as far as it can go, put it in second gear and let the clutch go. And you can drive forwards with your right pedal which is the gas. Another thing that I forgot to mention is, When you want to go, well I’m gonna put the clutch in again, as you can see. As far as it can go. Put it back to neutral, like that. Normally, what you want to do when you go into reverse, Press always the clutch in as far as it can go. then would you would like to put this up then take it and then, right there. now the car is in reverse so if you let
go to the clutch really slow, you will go backwards. (Duh) So I’m gonna press the clutch in again. And just gonna to lift that up, take it back
to normal. and you are good to go. As far as steering goes, it depends actually, on how… I don’t know how to call it. it depends on how loose the grip is on your car. This one is really easy, you can just turn it like that and the wheels will turn. Some cars will have a steering slot on it. This is when you needs to fill the tank again so, So, it will… I think a light will go on. If you need to fill up your tank of your car. And then this is how fast you go, ofcourse the car is not rolling so it stays on zero. And this little meter is maybe something about the temperature of
anything, I don’t know yet. basically as far as those little things
go, basically okay so what you want to do when it’s raining really hard. You are gonna put this up. And normally, those will get moving. And when it’s really raining like snowing and rain, put it more up. And then they will go as fast as they can. But now, it’s 25 degrees here in Belgium so I actually don’t need that. Another thing he is so when you
wanna change your direction so we have to
remember. anything if you’re going if your gonna red lights and you want to go at like that, if you want to go that direction, you need to put this up. and then will start to click and then because it’s always, it’s easy to remember. If you want to go to the right, you’re gonna put this up, because it’s that direction. Makes sense? If you want to go the left, you want to put this down. So it’s really easy so if you want to change direction, you are gonna put this up, because that means that side. And then this one down because you want to go to the left. Alright guys, that’s it for today. I hope you really.. like learned something of it. I will definitely vlog in my car. And take you guys with me when I’m going through a drive-thru or any of that stuff. Also with my friends, there’s space enough here. Well, I have laundry right here. But space enough here for four
people, should be a lot of fun. And yeah also I will, be shooting a documentary of all the
shit that happened from 2008 until now. So that is like, if my math is correct here, five years so I will talk about everything. And also, if you want to know something about me or something that I do, drums-related, vlogging-related, problem-related, relationship-related, anything you want me to answer. Or give me advice just drop them in the comments below. And I’ll be really glad to answer to you guys and help you guys out. That’s all I want to do. So yeah guys, I think I’m gonna wrap up for today, I need to edit this vlog as well. I really hope you learned something of it. and if you guys wanna see the announcement video for my documentary, This will appear in 3, 2 ,1 (Ping) so you can check that out and I’ll look
forward to like shoot the documentary and put it
online. Then you will get a better view of
who I am and what I do. Thank you so much for watching, and I will see you guys in the next video.

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  1. Driving around the parking lot conquered but I'm afraid of the streets of Houston, any advice around here.

  2. "Imma teach people how to drive a car even though I don't got a license" what the Fuck?! Every Mass hole must just skip drivers Ed watch this video and be like "okay I know how to drive" when in reality no you fucking douchebag you don't

  3. no you can take it out to geer and star the car I know that and I am 12 plus I can drive my ungul lert me how to drive

  4. I have SUCH a hard time starting after i slow down at a traffic light. The thing about pressing in the clutch and then pressing the gas. Do i keep the clutch all the way in, then press the gas a little and let go of the clutch?

  5. No mention of keeping the brake pedal pushed in with your right foot as you start the car until you're ready to start releasing the clutch to go? No mention of taking your right foot off the gas pedal completely to shift gears? No mention of the fact that you should never put the car into reverse until you are at a complete stop? Those are pretty important things to overlook, you can wreck a $5000 transmission by forcing the car into reverse while moving forward. This is intended for beginners, you can't just assume people who have never driven before just know these things already, because a lot of them, kids especially, don't. If you're gonna teach something as serious as driving to beginners be responsible about it. Learning to drive is not a casual undertaking, safety is literally a matter of life and death for everyone on the road.

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  7. Thanks so much for the advice. I started having driving lessons a few months back now and this really helped me know/learn a lot before I actually started having the driving lessons and I've passed and I actually have my own car and I'm driving now but without this I wouldn't be where I am as quickly so thanks. I watched some more videos on this as well but this one was the best to understand because u explained it so well so once again thanks and good luck to others on driving 👍🏼😏

  8. Thank you so much, you don't imagine how much i needed this. It is really helpful. I think i am ready for a basic physical first Class now. Thanks! Bless you!

  9. Thank you Alex, I really enjoyed this tutorial. I am an adult, but still nervous about taking the wheel myself. Thanks for the courage you just built!

  10. Is this the video the 8 year watched to learn to drive? Took his 4 year old sister with him to McDonald's, bless his heart.,

  11. The best way to learn to drive, is to just jump in. I did and I've been driving how I please. I don't care about road rules, honestly. If you hit someone that's their fault. They should have been driving by you in the first place. Smh. You don't need a vid to show people how to drive. Please note, I did fail my driver's test 3 times only because I refused to drive how they wanted. I do what I because I'm popping. Any who I did receive my license, if you're wondering.

  12. on Fri Mar the first one to be able the first one to be able 50th birthday party and I will have a good idea for 50th birthday party and I will have a good idea of a new window or a paper airplane the

  13. every one that sees my comment you can do it it's so easy to drive! I promise!! DRIVE SAFE ALWAYD BE WERE OF YIUR SURROUNDINGS!

  14. I always get anxiety my brother say "you ready to learn how to drive???" Fear comes over me and I'm like no another time..he is getting annoyed with me now as driving Is easy everyone in my family knows how to drive but not me ….I want to learn I'm just to terrified drove a good bit a while back but then I stopped.

  15. Both my parents dont know how to drive, and im 1 year younger than the legal age to drive. So im so excited to be able to drive so i can go to places without always using a bicycle

  16. Only a Diesel will start to Drive without an addition of Gas,a Petrol Car will Not start to drive on it's own without adding some Gas in a Non-Diesel car.

  17. i just got the car and drive…i JUST learn what the letters meant and how to put the directional arrows…and just went really slow on curves..pretty much…i JUST THOUGHT whats the worst it can happen its my car anyways

  18. i dont know how to drive and its not because im scared but because im fcking dumb i dont even know lol im good at academics and everything but when it comes to driving im dumb af

  19. Young man I'm may be old school but I'd tell you a couple of things. Use words like 'accelerator', 'indicator', it may even help with spelling prowess, lol!
    Anyway the A,B,C in that order stands for accelerator, brake and clutch. Turn signal is well, just ok but not the best word. Indicator explains that it is to indicate your intentions in advance, so other 'drivers' can respond/react to your moves. It'll help traffic move smoother, quicker and above all safer. Cheers!
    Nice vid!

  20. I just want to drive my car so that me and my friends can go together for shopping etc
    😣 I'm still 14 aged but anyone would' not know it
    ok just joking I will not drive this soon

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