today we want to stay longer so today we’re going to get an extension on our tourist visa for another 30 days I’m going to show you the process how to do it what you need and where to go in Chiang Mai to do that were you doing movies are essential in Chiang Mai then you got to get yourself to promenade or mall it’s a bit far but Assam tower will probably take you so once you arrive a promenade you then have to go to building a and go to the ground floor the soon as you arrive at the shopping centre you go to the immigration office and outside this little information stand you pick up your form that you need to fill out from there you take it over to one of the little tables fill it out they will require that you do have an address to put on there and that is very very important when you’re saying an apartment of Condor Hotel you’ve got to have the address in thought to put on there then you will require two photocopies of your passport one of the stamp when you first entered on your 30-day visa run arrival and the photo page you’ll also need a passport photo four by six centimeters now if you have neither of these than two doors down from the immigration office you can just pop in its a copy and print place they will take your photo passport photos and six photos will cost you 200 baht and then you can also get your passport photo copied for two bar per page you simply sign your passport photocopies take them up to the desk with your 1900 bar hand all your stuff over she will take and you go and sit inside you wait for your name to be called they’ll call you up they take your photo you sit back down then they’ll call you up a few minutes later with your new visa stamp to make sure you check that they give you another 30 days in your passport and you are done just so you know there is a little cafe and stuff in that area in case you want to waste a little bit of time the immigration office does open from 8:30 onwards I’m not too sure what time it closes but that’s the one in Chiang Mai tada I want to make this a really short and quick kind of little video to show you just the process of how you extend your visa now there are also like multiple entry visas and things like that but I don’t know as you squat about them so if I do find out I will tell you but right now this thought about how to extend Oh what’s happening my hair it’s not how to extend your 30-day visa on arrival for another 30 days also to point out they will extend it from the date you extend it if that makes sense so don’t go we into a holiday because then that’s just pointless we went at a before our bees are expired to make sure we got the most days for our money however that was risky because who knows it could have in a bank holiday Monday for all we knew we didn’t even check do it a couple of days before your visa is about to expire by the way wouldn’t you’ve extended it once you cannot extend it again you will then have to leave the country into a visa run and come back in and get a new visa that’s pretty much it Cyprus is really quick and really rushed I just want to be a very simple quick video for you I’ve put some more information down below if I did go a bit quick for you I’m really sorry if I did things you need to bring just everything I covered in general alright I’m gonna stop rambling now I hope that made a lot of sense or at least just a little bit of sense that would really make me feel good Facebook Twitter Instagram snapchat all that psychic traveler links are down there and I will see you not tomorrow but the day after bye

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  1. you're a life saver with this thailand series! I think I want to live there and now it's so easy thanks to you 😀

  2. I have a question. I know you said in a video you were staying Thailand for a few months, but you said that after you get your visa extended, you have to leave when it expires. does that mean you are only staying 30 more days? If so, do you know where you want to go next?

  3. ahahaha Maddy is in your video!! I saw her waiting in line with the blue backpack. So funny. This video is super helpful!!

  4. My brother used to cross the boarder to get it extended, he lived in Phuket. Didn't know you can do it onshore. Happy travels Aly 😉

  5. In Phuket you can extend the day after you arrive and you still get the full 30 days extension from your required exit date(90 days in total on a tourist visa),I am pretty sure this is standard Thai immigration policy,can you clarify this,cheers

  6. Hi aly I have a question.when you arrive in Thailand with no return flight and you want to get a 30 days touristic visa, could they possibly give you some hard time since you can not demonstrate that you are leaving within 30 days? Because I want to travel around Thailand for about a month and then enter Malesya by land or sea. Cheers;)

  7. Thank you so much for this!!! We are coming to Chiang Mai in September and we weren't sure how the 30 day extension worked. Life saver!

  8. Can someone advise me if you still get 30 days on arrival if you arrive by land with a UK passport? Or is it just by air?

  9. how do you handle return flight changes? did you have to show return flight within 30 days on first arrival in thailand?

  10. I just extended my 30 days in Chang Mai and they just topped up the original 30… I didn't lose out by going early.

  11. Now i'd like to know, if you did a 30day visa on arival, exented it to additional 30 days extend, how many time a year can you re-enter again? is it like limited or not? you hear all sort, whats the truth? can you? can't you? how many times?

  12. How long can you get a visa for? I want to teach English there. If you marry a Thai girl can you get a marriage visa?

  13. Lucky, immigration in Ratchaburi asked me to get a photocopy of my landlords id card and to have him fill out an address form.

  14. So once we've extended it, we must do a visa run out the country and come back, can we extend again in Chiang Mai after coming back into Thailand from another country?

  15. don't you have to show the airline during check in that you have a return ticket in those 30 days? or to immigration in thailand when you enter the country?

  16. Hey Aly I'm likely to be moving to Chiang Mai in August to be a typical Thailand digital Nomad for a while lol, this is really helpful.

    I'm likely going to be leaving for trips to film for my channel around Asia each month so I probably won't have to extend, the only thing I'm worried about is how many times they'll let me in and out of the country!

  17. Very handy indeed but just to let you know that the immigration office has moved and now on 71 Tambon Su Thep. 50200 Chiang Mai.

  18. Thank you much for your very helpful information. The immigration office at the mall has moved to
    Chiang Mai Immigration Office
    71 ถนนสนามบิน Tambon Su Thep, Amphoe Mueang Chiang Mai, Chang Wat Chiang Mai 50200, Thailand
    +66 53 201 755
    Its right outside the southwest corner of the square

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