How to Make a Bow | DIY Holiday | Michaels

How to Make a Bow | DIY Holiday | Michaels

Today I’m gonna show you how to make a
beautiful bow in just a few simple steps. To make this bow, you’ll need to use wired ribbon. Unravel the ribbon just a little bit to give yourself some to work with. And make sure you don’t trim the ribbon from the spool because you’ll want to wait until you’re done with your bow before you do that. Once you get your tail hanging about 12 inches, you’re gonna make your first loop. Make about a 3 inch loop and pinch it together. This is the center of your bow. Now you have your tail that’s connected to the spool and then your tail that’s hanging over here. Keep them separate. Once you’ve pinched this together, you’re going to want to twist that loop. This kind of seals it off. Once you get it nice and tight, you’re gonna start to make the other
loops in your bow. So unravel a little bit more and create your first loop. I’m gonna tuck this one under and it’s going to be about approximately an inch longer than the center of your bow. Bring it underneath my first pinch and pinch it again. Now I’m gonna pull more of my tail out. Now the print on our ribbon has slipped so we want to make sure while we’re pinching to twist the ribbon again to bring that print back on top. Now you’re gonna make the other side of your loop. Make it match this side. Again pinch and twist. It’s a good idea to keep your forefinger and your thumb right here to hold on to all of your loops. And you’re gonna repeat this process, making each loop slightly larger than the last on each side. This particular bow has four loops on each side but you can make yours as big and full as you’d like. Just remember to make each loop a little bit longer than the last. I’m gonna make my final pinch and twist. Then hold on tight. You’re gonna unravel about 12 more inches from your spool and trim that with your scissors. So now you have both your tails and you’re still holding on in the middle and the way to seal off your bow is with a chenille stem. Loop this chenille stem through the middle of your center loop. Then pull it down underneath all of your pinches and twist tight. You can use this chenille stem to adhere your bow to garland or on your Christmas tree so it’s really helpful. Now I like to make sure my tails are facing forward, the print on top and give them a quick trim. You fold it in half and then cut at an angle. You’ll get a decorative tail. Your last step is to go back and fluff all of your loops. I like to twist and pull them opposite directions to make a nice, well rounded bow. Don’t worry if it looks a little messy. Just keep working it and your bow will be beautiful before you know it.

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  1. How am I supposed to kill my prey with this? If this is what humans used to hunt deer, they may be more resourceful than I thought.

  2. The print on "tails" is wrong in the finished bow…one tail the antlers are up , the other tail antlers are down

  3. I like how you can hear someone say "second loop" when she made the second loop and said it was the first. We all make boo boos

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  5. This is the best DIY bow demo I've ever seen! Of course, mine doesn't look nearly as good, but still much better than my attempts pre-Michaels video!

  6. Hows about mentioning needing a chenelle-stem before the tutorial begins?
    I'm sitting here for 15 minutes trying to get everything perfect and when I finally get it I find out I need something I don't have to finish it.

    This seems to be a thing with ribbon tutorials… make everything really vague and forget to mention things until you're three steps past them.

    Thanks for the video though, I'm sure lots of people have found it very helpful.

  7. came here looking for a tutorial how to make a bow (as in: bow and arrow), and know now that there is another meaning to the word "bow"!
    Thank you, and have a pleasant day.

  8. The bow in the video is a Florist-professional bow. It takes practice if you find it a bit discouraging. Buy cheap wired ribbon to practice with and save the good stuff once you have mastered it. You can even use two contrasting but complimentary ribbons (i.e., solid color and glittered pattern) by placing one over the other as you create the bow and shaping/fluffing the bow after you secure it.

  9. I liked the deer bow but I didn't like the fact that one tails images are upside down. Is there a way to make a similar bow without the upside down image.

  10. It's easier for beginners to use double sided ribbon that way the ribbon has the same pattern on both sides, it becomes confusing when you have to flip and twist to get the loop to match the other side especially if this is your first time. Its supposed to be fun guys, NOT stressful. Have some fun. Happy bow making 🙂

  11. I just made one, came out perfect even with 7 loops. I guess some of us are more crafty. I also watched it all the way through so new about the Chanelle tie before I started.

  12. Thank you so much for this video! I am a complete novice, and I pulled it off. I made a tree topper for our outdoor tree that I decorated at my handicapped husband's request. It made him so happy! Thank you again.

  13. If you're having problems with this, try using a double sided ribbon (I bought a red gauze ribbon at the dollar tree that is fine) and don't necessarily try to make each loop "1 inch larger than the last". You can actually try to make then approximately all the same size and you'll end up with different sized loops anyway and it'll make it easier if you're new to this.

  14. I use floral wire, also called paddle wire, ( it comes on a paddle) to secure the bow, instead of the chenille stem, which is also called a pipe cleaner. The woman in the video seemed annoyed. Also, she never mentioned that you can use non wired ribbon, too.

  15. Thank you so much for this video. This is the area I struggle with in my DIY's. In all my videos I always say how I cant make a proper bow. LOL  Thanks again for sharing

  16. I was trying to make a bow to go on a present didn't know I was going to need whatever a Chenille stem was, after looking through the comments I realize it's a freaking pipe cleaner but it would have been nice to know this at the beginning. I wouldn't have wasted my time.

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  18. This is SO complicated. It doesn't help that her fingers are in the way so I can't see exactly what the pinch is looking like either. Idk if I'm just an idiot but I've looked up like five bow tutorials and I cannot get it right.

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