How to Make a Cruise Ship Pop Like a Balloon! - Sinking Simulator 2 Gameplay

How to Make a Cruise Ship Pop Like a Balloon! – Sinking Simulator 2 Gameplay

want to keep up with the latest Komodo gaming videos be sure to subscribe and click that Bell hello YouTube Komodo gaming here bring you guys another episode of sinking simulator 2 and yes folks we were back once again and today we are back with some brand new ships so we checked out my ship pack last episode and I couldn't spawn in a lot of the ships for some reason because every time I would spawn the men they would collapse yeah and I figured out what the problem was it was really my graphics driver was out-of-date and for whatever reason it caused the ships to not load in some of the textures and they were really sad and I was actually really sad because there was a lot of cool things that I wanted to check out in the last episode so we're gonna be checking it out here in this episode so this is the Freedom of the Seas this was I think its maiden voyage was like 2006 it's a Royal Caribbean cruise ship and we're gonna sink this one first and I'm really excited because look at this model this thing is gorgeous I would say this one definitely as far as my favorite models this one's pretty close to the Titanic I mean this thing looks fantastic so anyways we're gonna be doing this here today if you guys are enjoying sinking Simulator 2 on the channel maybe hit that thumbs up button and if you guys have any suggestions for future videos future games I like playing these random style games on the channel so if you guys have any suggestions for that comment below let's jump into the scene okay so curiosity has the best of me here the Titanic models are really good because they have a bunch of compartments inside of the ship does this one have any compartments or is it just one solid hole we're gonna check that out let's go oh no oh no no oh there's not any compartments this he's just gonna this is gonna sink instantly well I guess we could do our normal sink here so say she brushed up against I don't know maybe a reef or something or a big rock and she just scraped the side of herself Wow okay I guess I don't build them like they used to this thing's going straight down at the bottom hitting it hold on I feel like there's enough nevermind I was gonna say there's no buoyancy here that I feel like it's not gonna oh it's gonna sink oh it's gonna sink big-time Oh what the heck all right you know one thing I need to change real quick to see death let's go and make it really deep that's something a lot of guys have a lot of you guys may complain about that I don't have the see depth up or down far enough that way once the ship starts to go down and carry some speed and momentum once it fills up like it really needs a good crunch when it hits the bottom what hold on hold the phone is it still filling huh look at the waterline nope it did indeed nope it indeed is still filling oh geez could you imagine if I was your captain right now and I was like you know what everybody stay calm we hit a rock go back to your cabins maybe put your life vest on if you're not feeling too comfortable right now enjoy the complimentary glass of free water that should be coming to your cabin here shortly oh no oh this thing's going vertical hold on question is oh it's flexing where would this thing break oh that actually looks epic man I love this model this model looks fantastic uh-huh is it gonna snap or is it just gonna carry down you know what it'd be a heck of a time to be on those back decks right now it was a nice covered awnings I think those are cabins back there I figured what ship it was it was probably about I want to say at least five years ago it was the one that lost some sort of power and it was just off the coast and like everybody was camped out on the back because the sewage was like filling up parts of the ship and I'm pretty sure it was a miserable trip I don't think it was this one but I don't know which one it was if you guys know comment below it happened probably about five years ago because I remember watching the coverage and thinking those poor people this is why I would never go on a cruise liner I'd be afraid of being stuck in there with poo and like no running water and just having a miserable time all right well this thing's gonna eventually speed up you know this would probably be the time I would take advantage of maybe deploying some lifeboats you know I could cut one out but that's just gonna make a bigger hole no you know be cool I'd love to see in the game like maybe a little thing where you detach something and you could actually drop the lifeboats I know it's kind of weird because everything's just based on like a drawing and different materials but that would just be something that they would be kind of cool you know this thing is not really going down the way I thought it would like this thing is just going just vertical out on wait where's the bridge it is the bridge technically I guess it's up here but what is this little thing here is this like some sort of luxurious deck or something maybe it's like a dining hall or something not really sure yeah definitely not yep she's filling up with water quick but it's doing kind of opposite of what I thought it would do I thought maybe it would have been Dena and maybe break but no actually I think we need a bigger ocean hon let's go see dad's okay let's turn that down even further Wow they're gonna go into like just a pure black down here you want even be able to see the ship hit hon let's go back okay where is it okay I'm looking for the bottom look look look look look I'm gonna try not to crash it into the ship I feel like okay I can see the seafloor now haunt a little bit more Singh so finicky come on click up okay there we go all right we want to see it actually a crash into the sea floor even though it's pretty dark down there wait so have we made a bobber right now like oh it is going down still I thought maybe it actually stopped no the sink is sinking so odd I don't think I've ever seen a ship quite do this alright we know I'm gonna let it just do its thing here and we'll see what happens this is the slowest sink I've ever seen like I don't I don't get it with it being an open hole like that I figure this thing was gonna really fill up actually look at this there's water now coming in from right around the lifeboats and they're actually pouring down okay so the speed up now I've never seen a ship do this it's refusing to touch the bottom okay I feel like we need to finish this thing off you know we could just increase gravity alright well since we don't seem to be getting much of a sink here it's been a while I feel like maybe just increasing the gravity would uh maybe eliminate the rest of the ship so let's go ahead and go gravity No okay I've really jacked gravity up it's not doing anything is it because it's partially in water already what the heck is wrong with the ship okay run down on the buoyancy OOP there it goes okay so buoyancy is definitely how you need to get rid of the ship we just cranked it uh we cranked it actually down quite a bit and out there it goes yeah that's what I was wanting to see man that took a while for that one alright well I've got one more thing I want to test out with this ship and then we need to hurry up and move on to the other ones so one more thing I want to try with this let's try rough seas let's see if this thing haunts go wave height up alright so if you guys had to guess where this thing's gonna snap where do you think it's gonna be I want to say the stress points probably somewheres right around not quite the middle because the backs really bulky I'm thinking right around this area here all right well she's uh she's taking it like a champ right now everything's fine let's go ahead let's go wave width up and then we're gonna go height up here there we go you can do it nope it's doing a fine job actually right now let's go a wave height up alright do we see any stress any fractures there's a lot of water getting in from the front here I'm assuming that's gonna be openings on the deck and maybe up towards the bridge same with the old decks on the back it's letting in water but I don't know if that water's really going down into the hole so I just filling up the add to passenger compartments you know I kind of changed my mind I think it's gonna break up here because of the amount of water that's getting in HoN let's go ahead feel like we can go higher oh this looks so epic let's go wave height uh huh it's the same kind of finicky as far as we grabbing it there we go oh holy man it just snapped man that was actually wow that was a lot more violent than I thought it was gonna be I was picturing just like a little break and then it just goes down but I think fully snapped and I look at the rest of it oh you know what let's just go to extreme wave heights now hmm keep going keep going I don't know why you need waves this tall and OH look at the ship oh it's just it's turning to mush it's like mashed potatoes or something look at that oh and it just impacted the bottom oh look it keeps impacting the bottom and it disappears because it blows itself up okay yep Komodo I think you went a little aggressive with the waves just a little bit though let's go turn the wave with down to zero okay we should not have done that maybe we should have done wave height first turn it down a zero then wave with yep this is what's left of the ship no hey there's a big chunk there oh dear yeah we've done it alright let's load up another ship alright I got another ship I want to briefly touch on it's another really detailed like cruise ship this is the queen mary 2 and okay the queen mary 2 apparently has some issues why did it drop like that wait on is this the same kind of design if I punch a hole in is it just gonna fill up the hole bought about I believe it is up yep alright she's already taking on water did you imagine spending all this time say if you actually built this in real life and this is the first thing it did so did you dropped it off in the water it's like wonder if we had a design flaw in this like how did they test this they let the hole float first or they just that confident in their design oh boy okay that is not what I pictured it doing alright well you know what we're gonna play around with a couple things here so let's go ahead and go to let's go to make it really really strong so there we go that way when the sink snaps actually can we prevent it from like falling here alright let's move the ship again okay come up here now stop that falling nonsense Oh does that not drain okay it doesn't drain the water okay here we go whoop that was ten times worse are you serious what if I just set it on the water here okay just set it real light I wish you could turn the ship nope what is up with this this thing is really heavy I guess the front end like yeah is it the cabins maybe I don't understand why this thing's so heavy okay you know what maybe we need to try something else with this we're gonna try a true strength test here so we've cranked up the strength to like a hundred I think it's normally supposed to be on one so what I'm gonna do here I'm gonna actually grab let's go to the ocean or the sea depth here let's see how strong this thing is okay so we're balanced it no no no no you're okay oh that's not what I was wanting to do I was wonder okay well I think we broke this horn if I go shift are can I get it back again so I want to see how strong this is so I had a hundred percent strength like I'm actually not hitting that by the way I just want to see if I drop it from a really tall height will it actually break once it hits the sea floor all right so we're gonna move it up here will it survive this impact by the way the seafloor is actually right there oh you can do it Queen Mary – I believe in you it's like jello okay so strengths at a hundred percent makes an indestructible ship right exactly no effect this thing still takes on water towards the front but we're gonna ignore the fact that it does that because reasons alright let's go ahead and let it float this thing is literally like a bowl of jell-o uh-oh okay that's the thing yeah let's go ahead let's go maybe if I drop it from a little higher up you know really the sky's the limit here you know this turn from sinking simulator to dropping ships from the sky simulator to see if they blow up okay Chrissa dead could you imagine this right this probably wouldn't be very fun you can see the weight balance though you can see that it uh it favors the front a little bit not too much so as its dropping from the sky by the way this is gonna take a while is it actually gonna speed up you know I figured the next thing we should do that looks ridiculous by the way we had a speed up or we're not make gravity a little bit more and just see if we carry it down a lot faster okay so we're gonna see this drop breaks it if this drop doesn't break it we're definitely gonna go with the other theory of just increasing gravity and then keeping the same strength level and seeing what it does it might just pop the ship that I feel like that's what's gonna happen oh this thing is going down nose first pops like a balloon literally is like a balloon it's like you just grab your hands squeezed it or just ran it like into the ground and just it just blows up on you I mean I love how the top cabins you know they're that's pretty prime real estate they're you know if you're in one of those you probably are not alive but you're definitely not as bad as shape as the people in the bottom that exploded oh look at the debris holy man I don't even think I had to turn up gravity there I mean maybe we should do that one last time for science because that's really entertaining for me let's go ahead we're gonna increase gravity okay and now it's at a ridiculous amount here this thing's gonna fall instantly so let's go it shift our let's go and repair it okay did it today um oh no no okay you know it's probably good all right here comes that was more of a splat that time that wasn't a pop like the other times now that's fine we should probably quit torturing the ship let's move on to the next creation all right so I have one more ship in this fact that I wanted to check out this is a obviously it's a cargo ship and it's really really big and I don't know if this is gonna be like the the floating sandbox cargo ship where these uh the actual containers were like individual little areas at held water and actually kept the ship afloat so I'm kind of curious does this one work the same way so say we punch a hole here okay there's definitely not compartments in this one because it's flooding across but well these things here keep the ship above water so let's go and just punch a big hole here and Rigo I don't know what the heck this thing hit but it hits something big we're about to answer the question this thing still wait wait wait no it is yeah those are airtight oh yes see this is something I really liked from floating sandbox with their cargo ship that it did this and that is awesome to see so in theory we could start to slowly cut those cargo containers off and we'll see what it takes to sink that wait nevermind I think the ship's going down regardless would it help it lose weight on its cut one off there we go boom cut that off cut the railing off there we go look it's gonna go up and float because it's obviously it's airtight is this this isn't helping is it maybe we can lose weight in the back we don't need like the superstructure right neck we can cut that off okay cut that cut that off real quick come on cut cut off I'm trying to make it float again we got to save the cargo or just cut the front end we don't need that either no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no separate it completely there we go okay we're gonna get this to float actually the super structures floating now what okay we need to really make this a lot bigger okay let's go come on we need a solid cut we're gonna save the cargo here look at that it's starting to go up and oh I love when you have like little details like that I'm actually really curious about the tower here like is it it's sealed off – is it not I think parts of it is that's kind of cool it is letting a little bit of water here in the back towards the oh ah it might be gone too but you know the important thing is that we saved whatever cargo is in these no telling what it is mates probably everyday household items and whatnot but you know question is are these actually separate it – as far as like say that's three there so if I go okay oh wait what oh each little like individual thing here this is all separated so if I were to punch a hole here nevermind let they were all separated out it seemed like the top one was no okay well at least we saved that cargo here the big superstructure Oh actually their lifeboat here how long to cut that out real quick here we got his that float Andy doesn't float it's full of water right now yeah it's fine I mean Hollis just cut let's cut that there we go you know if all the crew was up here everybody would be just to fine the bottom part of the ship I can't really say the same thing for it but nonetheless I was just really curious about this creation I wanted to see if the actual cargo containers themselves were airtight if they were actually a part of the whole drawing and they would flood too but that answered my question all right so last thing we're gonna try out we got a couple random planes here the first one's a Spitfire and don't want this thing to see views this is not to scale like a lot of the other ships like this thing's massive this thing if it hit a ship it would probably completely destroy it but I'm curious about the model itself does it float close I think I love to tryout with planes it goes and I'm pretty sure it's gonna float is it air or water tight huh nope it indeed is not weight actually is water getting through the little hole oh nevermind that did not work out like I intended you know one thing I would like to see in these games and maybe it'll be added in the future there would be nice it would be nice to be able to have the ships actually travel like say you can move them say they have some sort of engine in it or even the planes if the plane would just go across cuz could you imagine like grabbing a plane like this and flinging it into or having it drive or fly into a tsunami like this I'd be like boom wait I can't I can't do anything with this can I can I chunk it so I think if I release it it doesn't travel so if I go no yep it just stops hey this one yeah this one doesn't float at all does it alright yeah it does no that's not too bad alright let's see if it would survive a fall there she goes she's dropping out of the sky here is he gonna actually start to go nose down or yep it's starting to turn oh this is gonna be a brutal impact do you guys think it's gonna survive the impact with the water or is it gonna blow apart as soon as it hits it I would think that it's gonna blow apart because that is a really really far drop but I could be wrong all right here comes she's going down and whoa that was actually kind of cool all right I was almost thinking that maybe it would dive straight down but definitely once it hit that water it broke it actually the wing was shattered that it's just a bunch of little specks and still breaking apart as it gets deeper that was actually kind of cool again yeah look at the holes that have formed ever since it started to get deeper here oh it's still breaking apart look at that let's see if we can see a hole pop up here yep there's one there that is so awesome looking man it would be really cool also to see explosions in the game that would be epic there's a lot of things to love about both these sinking simulator two and floating sandbox a lot of things that actually keep them unique from each other too but anyways I think it's gonna wrap it up for this episode of stinking simulator 2 hopefully you guys enjoyed this episode be sure to go check out this game I'll have it linked down in the description and thank you guys for watching and we will see you guys next time

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