How to Prepare for a Road Trip

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  1. whats the purpose of cooking cookies on your dashboard? why are cookies essential to road trips, and if they are, buy some that are already made

  2. I dont get the 'cooking food on the engine" part. She puts it on the engine and shuts the hood, then drives with the food still on? What if you take a sharp turn? And 'baking' cookies on the dashboard is just a foolish and unpractical thing to do.

  3. @MorgenBum Ellen would be a road hazard if she wanted to dance in the car. I don't imagine anyone would get very far without crashing.

  4. The Howcast channel is made 4 retards ? or people that have mental problems ?
    beacouse those tips are fucking lame : "After u shit dont forget to wipe youre ass" <= Tip

  5. plugging your exhaust pipe with marshmallows is a good idea for a snack when your car breaks down from your chicken-filled engine

  6. HAHAHAHH, I thought I clicked on How to have better seks… After watching 1:09 of the vid I realize it is not about seks xD

  7. Bullshit! Most of that stuff is already in my car. Besides the best road trips are planned within the hour of departure.

  8. alright guys road trip to cali from new york in a 1993 3000gt vr4 with 3 other people…..LIMITED SPACE it is a sports car and it is the only car i have besides a jeep but the jeep would eat threw gas i figure we stop at a hotel for 1 night a few times for breaks n food but i dont think i would need all this stuff in this video….water and snacks yes…brand new tires and extra..check….1500 cash…flashlight..jumper cables etc…but food to bake on the engine and outside sleeping gear wtf?

  9. Wow this tips are awesome!I really like this video its very useful and informative! Before planning to have an road trip make sure your vehicle is in a good shape! Take your car to the nearest mechanics and let them check it.

  10. excellent vid. I've been a commercial driver for 30 years and generally we follow these simple tips
    the most.important tip is for the driver to being water, super important….However you forgot one very crucial that could for be a and death, have your driver always carry a mobile telephone and a extra battery….Otherwise excellent tip…

  11. Sleeping (with your head on the door) in a car while driving is no longer allowed, according to most manufacturers, unless you sit up properly while sleeping. Otherwise, the airbags along the roof can't inflate, and you will be injured or die. When is a motor vehicle, you must always sit properly.

  12. 2019 Update
    1. A Car
    2. A smartphone with GPS capabilities or a car with GPS capabilities '
    3. A phone charger
    4. A filled gasoline tank

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