How to Road Trip! 48 States in 110 days | Going There

How to Road Trip! 48 States in 110 days | Going There

– Mm, tasty and nutritious. As it turns out, that stuff
isn’t very nutritious, which would explain the
15 pounds I’ve put on. Dang it Ramen. Anyways, my name is Oscar. This is Alexa and we’re on a road trip all over America having conversations with people about Life’s Big Questions. And we already covered
love, God, identity, and the people we met. So now let’s look at everything we did when we weren’t talking to people. And what 110 days on the road looks like. (upbeat guitar music) Okay, so our goal was to hit 48 states and meet the people in them. Anytime we weren’t doing that, we tried to entertain
ourselves for as free or as close to free as possible. As for sleeping, we stayed in people’s homes
for like 90% of the trip. Like family, friends of friends, or a distant 3rd cousin of
someone’s aunt in Buffalo. And if that wasn’t an option, we did Airbnb or a hotel. And if we couldn’t afford that, we slept in the car which was actually pretty comfortable. But all right, let’s get into it. We started right here, San Diego. We first hit Los Angeles. Then Oxnard, and then San Francisco. Then a long drive to Oregon. Which was very exciting for Alexa. – [Alexa] Oh my God. In Portland we went to the
world’s largest bookstore, a super old mansion with great views, fancy stuff, and creepy toys. – [Oscar] After that, Seattle. There we visited the first Starbucks that featured the original logo. I can see why they’ve
updated it since then. (cartoony honking) – [Alexa] Then headed east
and stopped for some exercise. – [Oscar] Climb was a little
higher than we anticipated. Come on Alexa. – [Alexa] And Coeur d’Alene was beautiful. There I had the best pizza of my life, hiked Tubbs Hill, and hit the roller rink. From there down to Livingston, Montanna, which had incredible skies
but not a whole lot to do. (squeaking) – [Oscar] Just below that was Yellowstone. (lively guitar music) After that hit Mount Rushmore. Then up to Williston, North Dakota, followed by Fargo, North Dakota, and then down to Sioux Falls. – [Alexa] In Omaha we got some work done and I found this
masterpiece in the bathroom. (clearing throat) “SpongeBob is the best. “I don’t care about the rest. “Krusty Krab Pizza.” Thank you. (clapping) – [Oscar] Then over to Iowa. There we found a swing, and these sculptures. We weren’t sure what this one was for. Does it look cool? – [Alexa] Not really. (yelling) After that went up to Minneapolis to the Mall of America, where we touched a bunch of crayons and colored a picture. – [Oscar] Then on to Milwaukee. Took a tour of a brewery and tried every kind of cheese. Later regretted it. In Chicago saw the big bean and made it just in time for
the Cubs win celebration. – [Alexa] And then over
to Stevensville, Michigan where we picked a bunch of apples, climbed a hill, watched a sunset, and then made an apple pie. Next through Indiana and onto Ohio to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame which came equipped with a giant hotdog. After that, Truck World. Then up to Niagara Falls. – [Oscar] Then headed for Vermont. We stopped for the beauties along the way and tried skipping rocks. It went over there? There we went on a little date, got some books, some music, and watched the leaves fall, which was also happening in New Hampshire. – [Alexa] In Maine we saw more water and got a little chubbier. In Boston we explored the city and then dipped into Rhode Island and saw like four people
in the whole state. – [Oscar] It’s very cold
today in Rhode Island. (clucking) (camera clicking) – [Alexa] Next day, Mystic, Connecticut. A cute little town. – [Oscar] That’s also where
Alexa worked on her Spanish. (singing in foreign language) Then shot down to
Virginia for Thanksgiving with Alexa’s grandparents. There was an oversized tree house, feedings, motor vehicles, catching loose chickens, and sports ball. – [Alexa] After the festivities, went back up to New York and Oscar almost got a stomach ulcer driving through Manhattan. (rock music) – [Oscar] We took the wrong subway. Next we hit Jersey to check out the backside of Lady Liberty. (whistling) Sat in some traffic, saw a hole in the sky, got a little fatter, then arrived in Philly. In Phoenixville, we went to a festival where they build a giant
bird and then burn it. There we danced with hippies, saw some shows, and paraded the town. – [Alexa] Next we stopped
in Delaware for a hot second to play on these. (ringing) And down to Maryland and DC. We didn’t do a whole lot in West Virginia besides get some work done and look at the Blue Ridge Mountains. – [Oscar] In North Carolina
we went to the beach, and then through South
Carolina and onto Florida where Alexa’s favorite Aunt was and where we had a race. (plopping) And Florida was beautiful. But in the end, Alexa’s
cousin stole the show. (mumbling in sing-song) – [Alexa] Next was Atlanta. Then Birmingham where
we found a sweet tunnel and got our jive on. (funky music) Then up to Nashville to
see the Man In Black. And then further north to Kentucky and then west to St. Louis ’cause we heard there was
a giant eyeball there. – [Oscar] Wow. And finally down to
Memphis to see The King. In Arkansas, we took a quick pause to fly home and do Christmas. Then we came back and
had our own Christmas. – [Alexa] There we went to a show and on to Jackson, Mississippi. Then we hit New Orleans
just in time for New Years. – [Oscar] After that, Texas. We hung out at Hermann Park, jumped in a giant ball, had that famous barbecue, and then up to Oklahoma. Then came across this. We don’t know if it’s art or if it’s a kind of accident. – [Alexa] Then on to Kansas where we added to the
biggest ball of twine. Also went to the center of America and found this enormous church. After that went further
west to Greeley, Colorado and then Boulder where this guy was. (scatting) The drive to Albuquerque was beautiful. There we saw Walter White’s house, then on to the Four Corners. – [Oscar] She’s over there in Utah. I am way over here in New Mexico. And the on our way to
Provo, we got a flat. So Ruby had to be taken in. And then I had to be taken in because my appendix didn’t
want to be in my body anymore. So we didn’t really get to explore Utah ’cause I had to do a lot of this. But after all that, hit Vegas, then Phoenix, back to California, and that’s the end. (thumping) So, after all that traveling and all those conversations
we had with people from all over, what did we learn? About each other, about ourselves, about life? We’ll get to that next time. – [Alexa] Hey guys, thanks for watching. If you have any questions for us about the journey, the videos, the people, literally anything, leave them in the comments below and we’ll answer them
in the next next video. Like the one after the next one. So not the one coming up but the one. ♫ Soul Pancacke (techno music)

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  3. Erin, if you like scenery, pick a section of the country, and look up the national parks. No offense to other countries intended, but there are some pretty spectacular ones here. My suggestion for 1-of-a-kind parks in the world would be out west. Also, please realize that the 48 contiguous states are huge in comparison to the UK. N to S, it's 1650 mi./2655k, and E to W it's 3000/4825. So, don't think you can fly into NYC, and take a short drive to Chicago on the way to Disney World, Florida, in a week. Lots of foreign visitors get caught off guard by that.

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  5. I have similar experience like you. I traveled part of Mexico, Canada, and 40 states of 48 lower states. It took 53 days to finish 15600 miles. My car went from 4X4 wheels into 4X2 wheels. I did this for protesting California DMV trying to suspend my driver licence. I do not this will work or not.

  6. This video was so enlightening! I LOVE IT! i want to do this very badly and am trying to come up with a structured, yet spontaneous plan! I have questions!!!! like how much do you think in total it cost you guys to do this trip? In gas? food? hotel stay, or just camping! i would love to hear back soon! Thank ya'll for this!!!

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