Come, come, come, come, come Hello, everybody. It’s the Vagabrothers and Raya RayaWasHere. Raya IS here. Right now. Guys, in today’s video we’re going to be teaching you how to save money while traveling. So we’ve just filmed a video, and it’s about getting ready for a back-packing trip. This is kind of part two. If you haven’t watched this, watch part one first, which is on Raya’s channel. Let’s get started…. How to save money. My first tip would be to cook in your hostel. If you’re staying in an Airbnb, or at a friend’s house or in a hostel, you’re probably going to have a kitchen. It’s so easy to quickly make cheap food because food can rack up. If you go to a restaurant for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, that’s a lot of money. Pasta is the easiest thing. You can eat that all day long. Don’t underestimate the power of scavenging People leave stuff. So you’re the guy who steals the other person’s juice? No, but if something is left there, It’s a refrigerator …that’s where you leave stuff. You put your name on it and your check-out date If you buy a big bowl, a big thing of pasta, you’ll only use half of it and then you’ll leave the rest, and Marko can use it. Then Marko will eat it. On the food note, if you are staying in a hotel or a hostel, some of them have breakfast included, a continental breakfast. Eat a big, solid breakfast because you’re going to need that energy when you’re out exploring and then also if they have fruit, take as much as you can. Take the fruit. Take the bread. Make sandwiches. Take fruit. Stuff it all in your backpack, and that will hold you over through lunch then you can have dinner. If you skip a meal, you save 15 or 20 bucks. They say, “Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and dinner like a pauper.” My tip would be to use the sharing economy. You’ve got to use Airbnb or couch surfing, especially. I’m a big, big, believer in couch surfing. It’s free. You can stay with other people. is the website where you can basically find a stranger’s home to stay in for a little while. It’s cool though. It’s really cool. It sounds kind of scary. Obviously, people are worried about security sometimes, but people are super cool. You can read through someone’s profile. There’s a lot of reviews. Have you done it? I haven’t done it. I’ve always wanted to, but my girlfriends have always been terrified of it. I think girls do have a legitimate security concern about it. There are people who try to pull a fast one. But if you’re in a group or with your boyfriend or if you’re staying with a girl. Yeah, that’s true. If you’re staying with locals. But with both with Airbnb and couch surfing, you can find the best places to go and see because these people know. And if you really want to get immersed, try wwoofing; world wide organization of organic farms You can stay on a farm for two weeks and work in exchange for food and shelter. All right, Raya. My next one is to use public transportation or walk everywhere. Number 1: you get to see the city. Don’t just get in a cab or you’ll miss everything around Number 2: it’s cheap/ free…… and good exercise. Again Uber and taxis can add up so quickly. I just generally don’t trust taxi drivers in foreign countries. As soon as they hear your accent, they’re like..we can charge them 3 times extra. And then they say, ” Please, please. Put all your stuff in the trunk.” So that I can hold you ransom. Never put your stuff in the trunk. Never put your bags in the back of the trunk. Always carry them so that if you have to… if you get in an argument and they try to up the price on you, or pull a fast one, you can just get out. My second tip would be in the party- sphere. A lot of you guys are going to be going on this adventure You might be in Europe. You might be in Asia, whatever it is, buy your booze at the supermarket because you’re going to save a lot of money. Pre-party in the streets, if it’s legal because buying a bottle of wine and taking it down to the edge of the River Seine in Paris is A: a better place than a bar. And B; just a really good way to save money because a bottle of wine in a supermarket in Europe is literally a Euro or two. A Euro is not going to be good, but 3 Euros, now you’re talking a decent wine, mix it with some Coca Cola and you’re in business. My next tip is to wander around cities as opposed to seeing the sites. You have to ask yourself, “Is it better to go inside the Taj Mahal and pay the entry fee or to look at it from a distance. Usually, these nice monuments are good to look at from far away. When you’re standing right next to them, you can’t even see them because they are just right in front of you You lose all perspective, and you’ve paid money and there are tourist everywhere. I would have to disagree. If I were to make it all the way to the Taj Mahal, I would have to go inside and explore it. Why not just walk around and find a cute little cafe`? Yeah, that’s the way to do it. That’s how you feel a city. I guess what I’m saying is I think sometimes people feel obliged to do certain things, but it’s not necessary. My last tip would be to bring only carry-on. I actually always travel with only carry-on. You guys too? Yeah. Number 1: especially if you’re in Europe and traveling around, a lot of the cheap flights you don’t get to check a bag. You get to the airport and they want another 50 Euros for the bag, please. Ryan Air. Lying Air. Sleezey Jet Slanderous, but hey! Sorry. But also if you just have a back pack or something, you don’t have to be paying for cabs to get from the airport to your hotel. You’re just more free to walk places and get cheap flights and get easily on trains. And I promise you…. you think you need more things than you actually need. If we can all live out of carry-ons, you can go on a three-week trip with just a carry-on. On the subject of cash: My next tip is to get a credit card that earns you air mileage. Every time you spend a dollar, or pound, or Euro, they match that with an airline mile. Choose the airline that you feel most attached to that you fly with the most, especially in Europe and North America where credit cards are accepted a lot more than in other places. Instead of taking out money and getting charged bank fees, you’re literally just charging and getting airline miles. Get a loyalty program. Get your airline miles because it will make your next trip that much more doable. I’d say if you’re going somewhere where it’s a more cash-friendly place, take it all out at once so you only get charged once. And it’s a great way to budget yourself because you literally only have that much cash. But you definitely do not need traveler’s checks. They are super old school. So don’t listen to Mom and Dad. Don’t bring traveler’s checks. To wrap it up, my last tip is to stay out of touristic areas. Even if you’re in an Airbnb or couch surfing, stay in the suburbs, where people live. Most city centers are densely packed. A lot of them are only for tourists. The prices are super inflated. That will save you a ton of money. What you want to avoid is eating your meal in the main square. You can literally walk one or two blocks and it will be half price. If I’m walking in the street, I will go up to someone who is doing construction or manual labor, and I’ll ask them where do you get a meal? because they’ll be wanting food that will give them energy and not be super expensive. All right guys. Well if you enjoyed that video, you know what to do, thumbs-up share it with your friends, and subscribe if you haven’t already. And please go subscribe to Raya. She’s awesome. Check out the video we did on her channel. There’s a link in the description box. All right, as always, stay curious, keep exploring, and we’ll see you guys on the road. Bye. I like London. London’s good The Tube is great! But it’s not 24 hours After living there for three years, that is like…killer. But they have night buses. I think the tube is lovely because it’s literally silent. It’s British culture at its finest.

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  1. Very useful! Most of the points were already well known to me, but the thing about asking people who do manual labour or something outdoorsy is a great idea to find good spots to eat! 🙂

  2. You guys must seriously pay some bucks and visit Taj. It is seriously mesmerising and jaw dropping. You won't feel to leave the place. It is surrounded by walls from most of the sides which won't let you experience the beauty

  3. In place of traveler's checks I use the American Express gift, have it embossed with my name, and have a portion of my payroll check directly deposited to it. This really helped me when traveling in Europe as well as the Caribbean because my bank would freeze my account and decline my purchases as fraudulent. It's also a lot easier than opening and account in Europe without a permanent address there. AE gift cards saved me a lot of embarrassment and heartache.

  4. Another tip (for europe): if you really want or have to eat out, go for street food or quick take out places. The food is amazing and very affordable! Europeans mostly go to restaurants for special occasions, and the prices are accordingly high. Also, drinks and sides (like bread) can be quite expensive, and at all costs, stay away from freshly squeezed juices, they charge you at least 5 euro per drink, since it counts as an "alcohol free cocktail".

  5. These tips about Couchsurfing being a way to save money are exactly why couchsurfing has changed from what it used to be. So many people are leaving couchsurfing because they're sick of being used by people for a free place to stay. Now far less events in cities are being planned because of cheap travellers posting lazy adds on communities looking for a free nights sleep.

  6. Wild. That island on the Seine in Paris you showed at 3:41 is where I slept when I was 18, and woke up in the morning and my backpack was stolen. Why was I sleeping out on the streets of Paris?? To save money! Ha ha. That might have been a little too extreme.

  7. I have to disagree with Marko on the Taj Mahal (it's exquisite and worth paying the $15, and you can't see it very well from outside). But I agree with the overall point. Pay for skydiving, or walk around a town and explore for free? Etc., etc. An interesting day can be had in a foreign place just cruising around aimlessly and seeing what you come across, rather than paying for the high-priced attractions. Another good tip: buy a bicycle. I just bought one for 60 euros here in Athens, Greece and am now headed for the islands where I'll be biking around for free. Oh and I got a tent too so that I can camp for free.

  8. Yay loved filming with you guys, can't believe it took us so long! Many more travels/videos to come hopefully 🙂

  9. Can you do a video of all the times you were scammed or do a vid that exposes scams that happen in different countries?

  10. Hi ! Thanks for the video it's really helping me for my coming trip in Europe! I have a question about Interrail, do we really need to do reservations when they say that this is mandatory or we can find alternatives on the moment to go from a country to an other?

  11. Do you guys have any tips for carrying camera gear in more dangerous areas? Like in terms of hiding it? ahah I know that's pretty random, but I will be going to my hometown where I know it is a bit more dangerous, and don't really know how to go about filming…

  12. Can't wait to find out how to save money while traveling with Raya.

    Is the answer 'get her to pay for everything'??!

  13. Can we all praise Ryanair though for the cheap flights in the first place. Bringing no checked luggage is better for the environment and you actually realise how little you need these days, compared to the huge bags we used to use years ago. Great video btw cool ideas thanks

  14. 2 questions:
    Would you recommend taking out some "emergency money" just in case your cards get stolen or something? If so how much do you take out?
    Also, when you guys are abroad, do you get a local SIM card, have a wifi hotspot device, or do you just go with using wifi wherever you can find it? I'm going to Berlin and London in a couple months and I'm just curious about the two! Loved the video, super helpful!!

  15. Another great video!! Can y'all please do a video about choosing a hostel or maybe advice or recommendations on hostels you've stay at before? Ive been planning a trip to Europe and picking a hostel or hotel has been the most challenging part in my opinion. Or even how you pick an Air BnB or even couch surfing? Any info would be great thanks guys!!! #snapsquad

  16. Love the tip on the credit card loyalty points… 2 months ago I did this. Just got back from Europe, and used those points to upgrade to business class both ways!

  17. Thanks for the tips!  I think the best one is to find places outside of the main strips.  Not only cheaper but often more authentic and tastier.

  18. OMG, yeees, beer by the riverside! I'm so in love with Náplavka (Riverside) here in Prague, so much better than hanging out in pubs, the super chilled atmosphere is the best. Plus, various events happen there, like farmers markets where you can try local food, events/parties, or even free dancing lessons (there are free swing lessons each Tuesday over the whole summer at Náplavka).
    Tip: Big cities now usually have FB pages like Prague for free, London for free etc. and you can find sooo much to do there like various food festivals, museum nights etc. (also, some sights/museums have free days like national museum days etc. where the entry is free of charge).

  19. I just got back from Amsterdam. In a day, got some pastries from my free breakfast at the hotel (in addition to some snack bars I had) and this served as my lunch. Did a free tour (3hrs, 3 miles) and just spent tip money. But had a really expensive fresh orange (never again 4 euros for a tiny cup!). Had Ice cream and dinner for less than $15 (trip advisor rated both this placed at top places). And ended the day with a couple of beers. Ended the day well under 50 euros! And it could have been much less. You just need to pick and choose what to do. I occasionally enter museums and really touristy places, but most of the time i like walking and exploring from outside.

    Loved the video.. very informative! Btw I've been creating some videos of my own, feel free to check them out!


  21. Would you suggest paying for things on your trip (food, tickets, souvenirs, etc.) with cash, debit card or credit card?

  22. Love watching all your travel segments! Hopefully one day you can film an adventure across Siberia, I've always been interested! And a complete road trip across all American States would be cool (I live in Canada and have always wanted to see what each state has to offer)

  23. I had this problem with ryanair while I was travelling from Brussels to Berlin ! Actually, it was only 3 days but I don't know how, we ended up with 2 carry-ons and one suitcase (for 3 persons) ! Anyway, the flight was 10€ so never mind.
    Also, if you're travelling with a low cost company in Europe, be sure you get enough room to sit down normally especially if you're having a "long" flight. Plane could be really small and we only see it when we try to put our legs under the seat in front of us 🙂 It's more safe to put 5€ in a better seat than spending the whole trip with pain 🙂

  24. I also think that minimizing the amount of souvenir purchases will help.
    For once, on a trip I just got back from this weekend, I came out ahead by $600 because I used cash instead of card (it's harder to give away the money than just swiping a piece of plastic) and lived like a local as much as possible.
    Oh my gosh, easyjet totally ripped my boyfriend and I from $100 on our way to London.

    Always love these videos, thanks guys.

  25. Question about getting to places that require a car and therefore needing to rent a car which will cost $50+ a day mostly and then in the US with me being 23 charged $20 extra per day.

    Specifically, I'll be in Seattle early July for four nights and want to go to Olympic National Park but can only get around the park with a car (I've driven before in 2014 from San Jose down to San Diego). Though now I'm thinking of saving Olympic for my world trip in two years time and take a day bus trip to Mt Rainier instead.

  26. I always snag that free fruit at breakfast– not only is it free but it's a healthy snack which are often hard to find when you're out and about. Great video guys!

  27. I don't think it's stealig, when you just find bunch of random food and the place seem empty. I hope! 😀 Couch surfing is a no no for me (solo traveller) – campings – yes! Bunks – yes! Farms?! Awesome! There is so much to learn! thank you, guys !

  28. I have question. Do you guys use the carry on overhead section for clothing, and the personal item under the seat for camera gear? Or do you do it the other way around?

  29. one tip i was told for traveling was when you get a taxi from the airport to buy a local newspaper, so they don't try and con you into going to further more touristic route .

  30. Free Walking Tours in cities saved me so much money on my last trip. They're technically not 'free' but they're a hell of a lot cheaper and more informed than the paid ones. I agree to the cooking in a hostel tip to some extent but for me, travelling was a lot about trying the local food so we ate out pretty much every night and did it for cheap. You can find good cheap places away from the touristy areas and with a good search on trip advisor 🙂

  31. Not sure if anyone mentioned getting a Charles Schwab bank account?? That was the only debit card I carried besides my points earning CC. I transfered a chunk of from my regular bank account and used my Schwab card at ATMs everywhere with no fees and if I was charged they were refunded at the end of the month. Only downside is that you have to plan ahead as it can take 4-5 business days before a new transfer goes through in case you run through all your cash.

  32. Yes, you got to enter from the giant gates of Taj Mahal to see and take pics however you can do also see it Yamuna river and it would be great if you do.

  33. Tell us more about Ryan Air and easy jet. I mean the price are super cheap and its super tempting. Yeah the baggage is the problem. 60L Backpack even though its light Im not to confident about that. 50Euro is like $77 SGD…Hellllll noooooooo

  34. What airline do you guys fly/get miles with? I really enjoy your guys' videos and I know they are going to help when I leave tomorrow for study abroad in Prague!

  35. I'm currently in Portugal for 2 years for work. Looking forward to travelling Europe with your tips! Thanks for the EURail video too btw, that was super helpful.

  36. Yeeaaaah plane can be soooo cheap in Europe! Last month I flew from Toulouse to Berlin for 5 euros with Ryanair!
    Still don't know how it happened, but I ended up doing an unexpected trip to Berlin and I freakin loved it 😀

  37. Hey, guys. Congrats on the video again!
    I have to say that, although the couch surfing idea is to give ppl a free sofa while u have them over, some ppl r charging money stating on their profiles that they don't want "freeloaders" because they "have to pay for the electricity", etc.

    So, things are changing, 🙁

  38. Going backpacking in May this year. Starting in Rome then working my way around France, the Netherlands, and Bosnia. How much would a typical one way train ticket be when on the Eurorail?

  39. In Serbia it is legal to drink alcohol in public. We also have a tradition to drink it in front of the store. Here is some rewiews of this kind of stores that you can drink in front of it.
    text is in Serbian so use some translation machine on the web.

  40. Ugh. I ran into that taxi problem when I was in Ireland with my mom. We had taken the ferry back to Dublin from Wales and were staying near the airport for our flight back to the US the next morning. The driver put all our bags in his boot – 2 big suitcases and 2 carry-ons and then when we got to our hotel, he charged us 25 euros! I barely had any Euros left (because we had spent the previous week in the UK), so I wound up paying him all in change, which really pissed him off (so I kind of got back at him!)…and then he had the nerve to hold out his hand for a tip!!. But ugh. Now I know better. However, I also have learned that at least in the UK, if you pre-book your taxi, the fare you are quoted will include your bags.

  41. Hey- I love your videos! I have something i want to send you that helps you save money and has the potential to earn you $$$ as you travel too- where would I send this?

  42. Agreed on not trusting taxi drivers! Even in my own country! I rather take public transportation like Bus or Train at night than hitting some taxi. Yeah. I do have a big trust issue for taxi drivers.

  43. did she just say '' my girlfriend'' ? Dreams just shuttered …

  44. Hi ya, just an update on this vlog. London now has a night tube service on 5 lines and in Dec 2018 there will be a new rail system underneath the current tube system called Crossrail.

  45. I feel like these tips are evidently from people who have already seen and been in the tourist attractions. Yeah there might be lines and it might be disgustingly busy but for most people it's going to be their first and maybe last time in these places so sometimes you just got to bite the bullet! NOTE: sometimes haha. do you guys have any tips of what IS worth the hype, money and navigation through the tourist pool? haha

  46. don't use the exchange windows unless you really really have to, some banks don't charge withdrawal fees and you'll always get the max exchange rate.
    If you have a Starbucks card, in case of Canada travel (hopefully more countries will join the US Starbucks system) deposit your left over cash into your Starbucks card, instead of exchanging it at an exchange window.

  47. Hi guys! I was wondering if only carry on is still so great, espacially in the USA, since you are not allowed to bring your laptop on the airplain anymore. How are you dealing with that?

  48. You can go to the Taj Mahal but if you really want to go inside go on a weekday and please not on holidays.

  49. i used to take stuff at breakfast like that, like fruit, bread and ham for sandwiches etc. Never use taxis either, especially in Europe where its full of scams

  50. I always watch or ask taxi/tuktuk drivers where they eat. They usually know all the cheapest tastiest joints.😊

  51. Tube in London is everything but silent, and traveling by Bakerloo line can pop your ear drums. Maybe people do not talk a lot but it is far from silent. 🙂

  52. Suggestions – in Madrid no matter what I made, the next day someone stole my dinner leftovers that I wanted to eat for lunch. Bastards! I think it was the hostel keepers because they probably saw me making the food and just picked it up when I went to bed.

  53. Travelling around a country in Europe use BlaBlaCar. So the idea is people are doing a journey you join them and chat. So in my case free Spanish practice and I got to my destination, funny and awkward.
    I know it’s in France, Germany and Spain but I think it’s most of Europe.

  54. I am a backpacker and I find every word from you guys to be super useful.thank you and love you guys. Keep trotting globe!!

  55. In Copenhagen, there's a park / famous semetery, people bring thier picnic Basket + wine to Spend the afternoon Next to the tomb stones on the weekend. I was there May 2015, all the flowers were blooming, sunset @ 8. 30PM. It was weird & Cool. 😊

  56. Really helpful tips, we use a CC with no FX fee so we get the best exchange all the time no fees, works well all through Europe where we are travelling right now.

  57. Nice vid!Thanks for the great advice. Going up to construction guys to ask where too eat was hilarious marko 😂.

  58. Hey, thanks for video. I travel almost all year long and save about 100 euros a month by not using credit cards from ordinary banks. I use few cards from modern online banks (Revolut, N26, Monese) which dont take any money for ATM withdrawals and use good exchange rate. They also give bonus money (about €15) if you open account using referal link. Like this)!a13214

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