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  1. I am planning long time to travel from Greece to Japan, mainly for training aikido and kendo. I find it a beautiful country. Thank you for sharing.

  2. I'm studying abroad in August so hopefully I can hitchhike instead of spending a crap ton of money, I'll have to be smart about it but it should cost a lot less than taking the trains or buses! Thanks for the video 🙂

  3. I don't know if anything in the comments asked this but, What does your sign say? Or if anyone in the comments can respond to me please I would appreciate it.

  4. How about you try hitchhiking from the right side of Japan? With tokyo and osaka and yokohama and the other places and maybe try some central places like kyoto or gifu or something. Cause the last 2 times you hitchhiked the left side of Japan mostly

  5. John, greetings from Singapore. Your videos are informative and fun to watch! My 9 year old boy and I traveled extensively in Japan by rail last year and this year. My boy kept telling me "John has done this as well before." or "John had the same seat as ours before.". And we felt extremely happy.

    We took the Sunrise Express twice and my boy insisted taking a shower on the train every time because that's what you did! Quite an experience and we are still wondering why no other passengers chose to use the facilities. 🙂

    We had a foot bath near Sakurajima ferry terminal on a leisure afternoon and talked about how you walked along the trail on the island and bought some oranges from a roadside stall manned by no one.

    We shivered in the freezing cold in Hokkaido and sighed how unbelievable that you jumped into the sea at the further north earlier this year.

    Please keep up your wonderful work of creating fun videos. We look forward to your new updates on Only in Japan.

    Warm regards,

  6. 😍😄😘😀😁 Hi Mr John! We've been missing you and your show! Are you hitchhiking again? 🙂

  7. Hi John, my family and I are planning on visiting Tokyo and we are trying to figure out the best way to learn some Japanese. Love your videos man, keep up the good work.

  8. I always look like a million bucks. I smell like a $3.8 million net worth frat boy. This is probably not for me.

  9. Wow @only in japan you have inspired me to hitchchike in japan, something i've always wanted to do 😀
    what season do you reccomend the most for doing this?

  10. I hitched with my dad across Maine and New Hampshire in the States. It's a bit more complicated when it's two people from each gender. Some women wouldn't stop because of my dad (who was looking rough from hiking). Some people couldn't stop because there were two of us. It definitely made me appreciate anyone who was willing to lend a hand. Hitching is of course dangerous but it also can be humbling and inspiring. It's a bit strange too because the more vulnerable you are the better off you'll be – so long as you're smart and trust your gut. I'd like to try hitching in Japan someday, maybe when my Japanese is better.

  11. Your detailed explanation of your personal rules starting at 9:10 was well done. Your length of residence in Japan comes out strongly when you provide the Japanese influence on you, of hitchhiking, as:
    "I am working hard, with the reward of being picked up".

  12. I don't trust people that pick up hitchhikers. This goes against everything my parents taught me. To each their own tho

  13. Wow that aerial shot of him holding a sign. Was that a drone? People won't wana pick up someone with a fancy expensive drone and think you're jsut a cheapo.

  14. After watching as many of your videos as I have, this video has convinced me I have no excuse not to travel to Japan. Thank you, John!

  15. How’d I miss this video last summer? Anyways I gotta say though, thanks to this adventure we now have the “GO” channel.

  16. ジョンさん、ありがとうございます。ビデオは凄いです。沢山いいな情報があります。



  17. Hi! I loved your videos on hitchhiking, so I decided to try it out myself. I scoped out the spot I would be hitching from a few days in advance, so I thought I was set. On the day of, I started from Kobe Sannomiya and did my best. After 4 hours, I went back home and began thinking of what I could have done differently. I'm going to try again from a different location tomorrow.

  18. こんにちは! 😃 l I'm back here at only in Japan haha 😃 I just realized that I've been watching the only in Japan Go channel, and I missed this one.. 😁 keep it coming john! 😉 ありがとうございます!😁

  19. Thanks for making these videos! In July, I'm taking a two month trip there and I'm hoping to cycle around Hokkaido and urban camp. ☺️🚴‍♀️⛺

  20. How long have you been making videos? I love your story telling style and I am hooked! Will certainly visit Japan 🇯🇵 some day and would love to meet you too. Love from India 🇮🇳

  21. What if I’m diabetic and take insulin?
    How would you suggest I go travel to Japan in that instance but still travel cheap or for free

  22. Misread the title as 'How to travel to Japan for free'
    Was disappointed but still found the video worth watching. I may try hitchhiking once I finally get to Japan.

  23. Hi John! Please help! I am going to Japan in November and I also want to hitchhike from Fukuoka to Tokyo. Do you think it's possible to visit 15 cities in 30 days? I'm so motivated by you because you hitchhiked from one end of Japan to the other in 30 days! Did you have time to stop and relax at the cities you visited, or was it very rushed? Arigatougozaimasu!!

  24. I started watching videos about japan because I am planning a trip next year. Your videos have been my favorite to watch. When I discovered your hitchhiking videos I knew why. I have hitchhiked across America several times and it hadn't occurred to me what it would be like to hitch across Japan. Glad to find out that the people are nice enough to pick you up there. Hitch hiking is a great experience to meet good people.

  25. Is it legal there? In Australia hitch hiking is highly illegal (And very dangerous) Id happily do it in Japan as it is so safe and the people are so amazingly nice but is it legal?

  26. I am so amused with this way of travelling.. were u not scared u might get robbed or what if you don't get a ride? I still don't believe u did all of this alone.

  27. Hi John! Throughout the entire hitchhiking journey, you didn’t sleep in any form of proper lodging at all like a hostel? So you just slept in your tent every night? Would love to try hitchhiking in japan one day!!

  28. is it legal to make tend in japan like that? I mean japan is strict country, you can be arrested by the police anytime because they have cctv everywhere

  29. I am Asian, I am female, I speak perfect Japanese, but I have left japan for years. Next week I am planning to go to japan and do hitchhike there. Wish me good luck!

  30. I just started hitchhiking here 2 days ago, I started in Nagoya and in my first day I met a guy who drove me all the way to Osaka (3 hours ride) and he came back to Nagoya the same day, I highly recommend speaking japanese since he was just giving me a ride to a Service station but since we understood each other he decided driving me to Osaka. Japan is amazing

  31. “I use duct tape to tape my signs to make them look neat”

    “I also use it to tape over the mouths of the people who pick me up so they can’t scream.”


  32. こんにちは!!! i'm New in your chain YouTube videos, I love what the you have in Japan, restaurant, culture, Mangas, etc. ⛩️🍙🍣🍥🍤🍡🍜🍱🏯🎏, it's my favorite country Japan

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