How To Use Chase Ultimate Rewards For Travel

How To Use Chase Ultimate Rewards For Travel

what’s going on everybody David here
today we’re going to talk about how to use Ultimate war points for travel but
first off on this channel we talk about inspiring people to travel more using
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future updates on my videos okay so we’re gonna separate this into four
different little sections the first thing we’re going to talk about is the
travel portals or the Ultima wars travel portal we’re also going to talk about
transfer partners and then we’re going to talk about how to transfer cash back
over two points that you can use for travel and then I’ll also talk about my
favorite point Redemption or my favorite partners that I use and you’re gonna
want to wait to the end because I provide a link to a video where I walk
you through step by step how to book a flight
I do the they stop overs and all the stuff we’re going to talk about right
now I provide in this video so wait till the end I’ll post that link okay so the
first thing I want to talk about is travel portal so travel portals travel
portals are good if you do not have any flexibility because all you need to do
is go over to the chase website type in the information when you want to fly out
and they will give you that information back and tell you how many points that
you need to use to redeem that flight so if you don’t have flexibility going with
the travel portal is a better option but it’s usually not the best option for
Redemption as far as value so I can use less points if I go with it go another
route but if you’re going with a travel reporter you’re probably going to use a
little bit more points but you’re paying for convenience really because they they
provide you a lot of different options where as a transfer partners and that
might not provide you the same options so the next thing we want to talk about
is is the transfer partner so transfer partners that’s what I use for the most
part and I really enjoy using transfer partners because I can fly business
class first class however the biggest con to transfer partners you have to be
flexible if you’re not if you’re not flexible it’s gonna be hard for you to
redeem those points because you might have to pick a different day to fly out
so you might want to fly I just booked a flight to to Columbia and I wanted to I
wanted to get there on a Friday but I had to get there now on a Thursday
because Friday wasn’t available so that stuff will happen so you do have to have
some flexibility when it comes down to transfer partners but the value that you
get out of these flights you like I said you can fly business class first class
and that experience in itself is worth it
too worth getting their day earlier worth getting their day late in my in my
opinion so just something to think about and I use transfer partners all the time
I really enjoy using those so basically what you’re doing is you’re taking your
points and you’re transferring them directly over to whatever airline you
want to fly on and once you do that then you use those points to book your flight
so you just go on to the airline website put in all your information and then you
have the points in the account and then you just use those points to book your
flight so that’s how that works now the next thing I want to talk about
is cashback so changing your cashback points into travel points so Chase has a
unique system and where if you have let’s say the Chase Freedom Card it’s a
cashback card but you also have the Chase Sapphire Reserve the Chase
Sapphire Preferred or the chase ink business preferred you have one of those
three cards you can transfer those cashback points up to one of those cards
and use those points for travel so it’s really really a valuable thing so it
allows you to have different chase cards earn points on all those different chase
cards and then use those points however you want to use those points and so what
I what I commonly do I have the chase ink cash card I take those points with
the chasing cash card I also have the chasing unlimited card I take points
from that from that card and I transfer those points up and use those points to
travel I do it all the time okay so now let’s talk about my favorite partner so
there are two partners that I use most often the first one is hi it so I really
like using the hi program because I can transfer my points directly over to
height and if you stay in a category one hotel let’s say a Hyatt Place and in
Hyatt has eight different categories so category one a category a category eight
being the nicest hotels so I will I will usually seek out these category 1 or
category 2 hotels a category 1 Hotel 5,000 points all you need is 5,000
points so I think it’s a really valuable option so if I have chase Ultima war
points let’s say I want to stay five nights I transfer 25,000 points over to
height i book those five nights and it really really works out well so that’s
that’s one partner that I really liked using the other part that I like using
is United the main reason I like using the united is because i can fly on the
star alliance partners and you can do a stopover
and an open job and this is really really valuable because it will allow
you get some extra flights out of your out of your trip so I do it all the time
I just booked a flight recently and I used I used to stopover now I explained
all this information in the video that I did a few weeks ago so the link is right
here go to that video I will take you step-by-step on how I booked a flight
and how I use a stopover and how to use open jaws and how to transfer your
points over to these different partners how to take cashback points and transfer
them over to the Chase Sapphire reserve the Chase Sapphire Preferred or the
chase Inc business preferred I show you all those steps in this video so check
that video out if you guys have any questions please post them down below
but my question for you guys is how do you redeem your chase points please post
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  1. Only redeemed through travel portal so far. With my family travel plans it makes more sense to sacrifice higher value from transfer partners for a better schedule from the flexibility of the portal.

  2. i just looked on the Chase portal yesterday to book a trip to Paris, no package (air and Hotel) available. You have to book air and Hotel separately. AMEX gives you a package discount.

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