Hulikere Pushkarni Hassan Tourism Karnataka Tourism Halebidu Hulikere kalyani Halebeedu Stepwell

Hulikere Pushkarni Hassan Tourism Karnataka Tourism Halebidu Hulikere kalyani Halebeedu Stepwell

now we are Halebidu’s Hoysaleshwara temple Our Halebidu Guide Mr Rangaswamy is with us this is the proof that i have made the halebidu video with his permission as of now, he says, there has been no effect of the video for him in the future if he feels that anything positive or negative impact due to the video of his that i have uploaded, he will inform me based on his feedback i will do what is needed on Youtube a little behind this temple is the Hulikere Tank It is an ancient Kalyani i had done a video of it, quite some years back the link to that video, i will put it above here, as well as in the description box a little information with regard to that Hulikere Tank Sir your name? My name is H M Amaresh, i am ex reporter of Vijaya Karnataka i am guide of Karnataka Tourism department this is a 12th century Kalyani this belonged to Queen Shantala Devi other than the Queen, no one else was permitted to go there since it was forest area there were tiger cubs in this region Due to the presence of Tiger hubs, This place got its name as Hulikere (huli in kannada means tiger, kere means lake) there are 27 small mantapas around this tank there are 27 rain stars around it when there was no rain in the kingdom in those mantaps rain goddesses in that month which rain comes Rohini, Bharani, Krithike such there are 27 rain stars when these rain was worshiped then sufficiently the kingdom would be blessed with rain previously pre independance those statues where taken away by Britishers to London, England, Denmark and so on now it is empty inside there are no statues yet we can see the small magnificent Mantapas In our state of Karnataka, such a beautiful Kalyani cannot be seen, one more important aspect is that even now childless couple offer pooje to this Kalyani they will be blessed with children after the child is born, they come back to offer thanks by offering Bagina or by giving silver cradle as an offering here do the couple do this on their own or with help of poojari? No poojari is needed. people do it on their own this is no a blind belief but a general belief among people since this kalyani is more than 900 years old 100’s of village people come even now come to give the offerings here when the Dwarasamudra Lake is filled with water the kalyani too fills up when it is filled, our two eyes are not sufficient to see its beauty only if dwarasamudra lake is filled, only then the Kalyani gets filled as well since last 12 years it has not filled near by place panchayath development authorities to enhance the beauty of this place are planning to construct a well near by and provision to fill the kalyani with that water since there is water in the lake now the water has come this comes under protection of ASI here very day security and for maintenance of the greenery these have been developed one can go sit there and relax how to reach this place, the details i have given in the description box. along with that i will also put the google map link here in the map you can see Halebidus Hoysaleshwara temple in satellite view you can see how big it is right next to the temple you can see the Dwarasamudra lake the lake is also so big next to it is our Hulikere Kalyani but the name here is kalyani temple tank if it is named such it is difficult for us to come searching so here i am naming it as Hulikere Pushkarni Hulikere Pushkarni, category historical landmark i am sending it to google map for approval on the way to Halebidu is this board near this board if you take right you will reach Hulikere tank now they have laid good roads here the hulikere tank which i am referring to is actually the Hulikere Pushkarni here is another board the have laid this stone to made a monument board but still they have not written the name this is the Hulikere pushkarni now there is absolutely no water in it since the dwarasamudra lake does not have water so here too there is no water since this is a worshiping place we will have to remove our footwear before entering the place these are the mantapas see how big it is,but there are no statues in it the statues have been looted and taken away now only so much is remaining a part of our history only so much is left i have a request with ASI that there is a board here that says that peole who destroy this place will be jailed and fined Rs. 1 lakh that is right, the place should not be destroyed along with that board a board about this places history would be very nice with a warning board if an information board is there then it would be nice this is very near to Halebidu, but many are not aware of the place even i had come here few years back then no location was marked here when we came searching somewhere there when we asked for directions they got us by the lake bed way that drive was very adventurous now at least few people know of this place, due to my video as well as facebook page, posts and instagram photos only a little awareness needs to created this too is built in the form of a temple here is the elephant horse swan, climbers above unable to identify what is on the above row thanks support i am able to identify little at least

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  1. Thank u sir
    No effect will be on guides, in fact we r getting aware about the guides, if I would go to that place I will take ur guide only

  2. Sir one request do hampi visit, and with long guide explanation, it's helps immensely for even student those who are writing competitive exams

  3. Ur xplaining supersir Hage historical videos haktha irri sir. Thank you so much.. Nimge.. 👌👌👌🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

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  5. Very true they should put one history Board about the information.
    About all the our history place. It's just mind blowing. Thank u sir

  6. Bro, very nice location historical place also thanks to the guides for providing us with the history n present day status, saddened that people have taken away the God idols for their personal collections, the guides says they must be in England , Denmark , anyway, let's hop e the government take good care of historical structures 👍

  7. Beautiful temple sir plz add English subtitles am from tanjore Tamilnadu it will more interesting if you add yet i watch completely. Nice video..Thank you for your post. Nandri.

  8. 👌👏👏 we don't know Hz thank full to u to explore such a beautiful architecture and thanks for those who are explained wonderfully…👏👏👏👏👍

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  10. Such wonderful efforts by great kings.i feel sad at the poor information and the successive governments. I don't know.what the theives/invaders get by damaging such architectural monuments thanks sudeep.🙏🙏🙏

  11. The youth today is passing time on things unnecessary! People like you are an example to the soceity who invest their time and energy in the Interest of archeology

  12. sir.. hoysalara moolasthana Angadi gramakke ondhu sala visit maadi sir… Sala huliyannu kondhiruva jaaga sir.. visit maadi ondhu sala..

  13. Sir… Halebidu inda hasana route li adaguru anta ondu village ide illi puratana devalayavide thumba sundaravagide adre idannu halu bittiddare yavde ritiya maintenance illa.. illige bandu swalpa video madi puratatva ilakege tilisbekagi vinanti.

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  15. Thank you sir….for exploring many places in Karnataka. U r helping many people to visit places . This helps to grow tourism also. Thank you again

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