HYDERABAD – HOGENAKKAL FALLS (Road Trip) || One Plus 7t || Ft.Anil Singh

HYDERABAD – HOGENAKKAL FALLS (Road Trip) || One Plus 7t || Ft.Anil Singh

hey guysss! what’s up ?? how you’re doing this is
your Boi Anil blaze and this is Vivek singh we are up with another video here we have got another video here and that is a vlog because we are going on a tour From Hyderabad to kerala and kerala to Kanyakumari and this will be a trip for four to five days everyday I will be vlogging and if you want any
updates or from where we are going and how we are traveling make sure you
follow us on the social media apps linked below(description) to get updates and also we are increasing (growing) now yeah let’s party let’s enjoy guys we are here in Dmart without any
slippers because we didn’t get any slippers from home we only bought some pair of shoe, we are gonna buy
some slippers Heyoo Anil blaze keep it all there what rey you arranging laughs….. you’re looking like a Sales man Yanna rascala ! i know tamil , do you speak tamil? ahhh Mind it! so guys the words are spoken in tamil so we are in tamil nadu now we have crossed Bangalore and coimbatore ,direct we came here it was a long journey and there is a place called hogenakkal place here
I didn’t know and I didn’t visit it yet we’re gonna go early in the morning tomorrow at 7:30 AM we’re gonna leave from here because the time is now 5:30 PM so it will be closed now, won’t allow us now will be going in the
morning will show that in the morning and let us take some cinematic shots TAMIL : Idly is very Tasty here, come will Eat Sit DA Sit sit Lets go DA Tamil DAAA Mind it! Subscribe make sure you like the
video guys we are keeping much efforts in making this video so make sure you like it Make sure you like the video share it The place where we are standing is karnataka the other side of waterfall is Tamil Nadu The waterfall is the border of karnataka and tamil nadu So we’re done with the crazy waterfall bath and we are going now… 🙁

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