Hypnotic Sleep Story (with Auditory ASMR triggers) INTERGALACTIC SPACE TRAVEL

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  1. That does it I'm gonna stop my iron supplements. It's cool to find an AMSR without having to see a woman's titties popping out to help sell her whispers.

  2. This is what halps me fall asleep the most im so glad it exists,it literally punches my anxiety and my inmsonia

  3. I have no idea how this ends…I've never made it past picking the color palette. Please please please make more of these. I will gladly donate/pay to support these. Its magic!

  4. Please dont ever remove this. I use this every night. I have insomnia and anxiety. Thank you so much for this. It has been a true blessing for me.

  5. So i got borderline personality disorder and a lot of anxiety and read : NOT SUITABLE FOR PERSONS WITH SEVERE MENTAL ILLNESS.

    Clicks anyway cause im tough like that

  6. Lina you haaaave to keep making more like this. No doubt it'll make the difference between yours and other channels and will bring people here.

    And they don't all have to be space, any kind of first person story will be absolutely loved.

    Just write short stories with the listener as the main character basically.

    Thanks for all you do! And I'm glad to see your back!!

  7. I LOVE this video! Great voice, just the right amount of sound effects. I've listened for the past two nights, and I'll be listening again tonight; usually I toss and turn for hours, but this puts me out before the story is over.

  8. I love it Lina. Thank you. I have made a short story too: The Storm Passes: https://youtu.be/oQU4P_xE4vQ

    I hope you like it.

    I played and composed the piano music and I wrote the story and narrated it.

  9. This is very soothing when you’re talking but why are there so many giant stretches of nothing? There’s almost 20 minutes of silence at the end….why not just end the video there?

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