I Found A NEW Cheese Strat With Qiyana (100% Get Fed) - Journey To Challenger | LoL

I Found A NEW Cheese Strat With Qiyana (100% Get Fed) – Journey To Challenger | LoL

hey guys what is happen I welcome each and every one of you to a new episode of my heart's like adventures then this one we're playing Keanu in the midlane and the reason for that is because I want to show you guys two different cheese strats that I've kind of discovered so the first one is gonna be level 3 you can all in almost any champion Medlin and win assuming you don't get some unfortunate thing happened like you know I know some skill shot or something yep yet to avoid it obviously but if you get if you do prep properly you will win almost every single trade which I'll show you guys level 3 you can start the believe you can do it any point after that in the laning phase the other cheese is gonna be to start with this room features market and of course buy items might want to buy some items you go longsword I forgot to buy it you go along start with potion and you get team an early which helps you just get a lot of Lane dominance and pressure which is really good as well and from that you can get kind of troll the laning phase and stuff like that you can get to be like this on earth so you can go get the ice or the water element you can run to other lanes very quickly it just gives a lot of really early cheese control which is powerful stuff so yeah all that being settled on guys let's jump into it playing on our Smurfs because I'm still practicing let's go if the first games on my summer if they came after that and it came after that all right well I get the jungler of this game apparently that actually does load against nice cool sweet Katarina no summoners oh no no I think do I need to even maybe I shouldn't have ignited her now I think about it cuz she was that hundred percent litter you're not living that so maybe I should have saved ignite for the all in later but I can still show you guys the cheese okay here we go so now we can start looking for her so that way you want to do it is you want to get grass first e autocue W to a wall that's obviously you know towards them as well autocue again can you pretty much won every trade like that no go ahead and pot up so I don't die here please i want to live I say I'm a survivor I'm gonna make it oh yes we're survivor boys so that's essentially the cheese obviously was a little bit easier to do because I had a level on her but to be fair she didn't have ignite over me so even with what the ignite Iceland in the pudding and right ignites a lot of damage early game right so that's essentially how the cheese works more or less I say now you back you get the team at and they just start going for essentially basic items you know the founding policy is really good there's two different bills on counter you can go ones that an assassin build which is the 31 is gonna be like a Triforce build which is more bruiser II I'm still not sure which ones better I'm still like practicing her and understanding a little bit more um but yeah I'm not a hundred percent sure of which one is better than one personally I like the ofall they build a little bit more just cuz its assassin II or hits the edge road inside of me wants to be the assassin but and now essentially you can keep doing this cheese every single time it's just a really good way to lane ah it's really good in Lane rather so you always start with grass at their full HP or like really close to fully screen you go with the grass gives you the invisibility so you can decide if you want to continue or not on the trade and then you can either continue on get the earth element to continue or you can still do that regardless maybe not get the kill but you can always look for the fall-off on the trade after with the water element let's go to right that's the sense of the shoes right there that's another example of it right you can do the exact same thing level three exact same thing level three but that's essentially how you want to do it right because you set him up in that scenario because I knew I had kill pressure on her if you know you have kill pressure on them from a full combo you always go water first it's a lot better thus you see essentially guarantees extra damage and gives you time to reset to the earth or the wall element I guess or whatever it is yeah it's really really good okay I mean if she's gonna go on me like that I'm gonna older weights at the wall I was actually looking at that I'm like I wonder if she's gonna take this she took it oh that's lash there's no way the rent doesn't go back on him he'll just die if he does so I'll go ahead and push this in for free I forgot I was really close shuffle the Katarina they want to give any potential comebacks into this game so now where you can do is because we have to learn the center we have two stacks of it I can look I just take this element right here the water one and off the top when we go we have an ultimate so you're not gonna be you know too easy to gank this rack then that's right now at the end of the day I don't fucking get with my shotgun to risk oh alright maybe getting a vitamin late Wow really okay that's unfortunate Oh goodbye world tower was on me know that EVP I think we're knockin guys here anyways don't yeah whatever I get this this that kind of sucks the tower one on me fuck because whoever is thanking tower earlier they left let me know for obvious reasons of course and then one on me after and then I kind of was in the middle of it and I'm like well okay well I guess I'm dead so good unfortunate but it's all good I'm actually really strong now so that was a bit of a miss play ah could've went a little bit better I don't ask Eddie to see the renkins EP coming I just I was sold tunnel vision on the dive that I did not even notice husd ping what is this Tristana doing to my tower okay well I think we'll let him look for now I should know I'm coming after her oh yeah girl oh shit I'm not laughing anymore sorry I go who's who oh my rank are Altman even though he's 0 for like is still scary that shape is just scary man rank are all dishes who that's not something you want to mess around with us I don't as katarina is uh not having fun playing League of Legends today not anymore that's why all right now the court rank are afk and they gg yeah so there you guys have it up a nice little quick demonstration of the early Chiefs tried they'd literally surrendered at fifteen minutes because their anger and pain his meetings in just to control the jungle I mean obviously to help that I have a good jungler that game so just ended up making it even more snowball II but that's just that sealed yarn of how it goes my guy said for this can we're playing as xerath in the mid lane and the reason is because well I can't goes that against a Gallio aftershock sejuani with aftershock at Eric and a Darius yeah bully D is gonna be probably a very bad idea so I thought you know what let's bust up the zeroth once again and get some AP damage in this so we can actually have a chance at winning all that being said and done let's get into this one let's go I'm not someone that has to the prioritizes harass always yes I ask you prioritize chaos over harass don't care about the hearse when I play someone legs are all I care about it is not falling behind it's yes so I usually will use my cues from minions I'll more often then I'll use it to harass yeah get out of here blah what are you doing somebody get cleanse that is why I run cleanse that is literally why right there perfect what are you did this guy this ribbon literally says I'm gonna I went lame by top by the way absolutely getting smashed so uh yeah so I take it he dumped one lane well I'm like a game for me I guess nice good very good and the ballin is just getting absolutely smashed though I'm really sad about that I'll be honest now their ball is gonna rotate to mid that's gonna be a little bit of an issue I mean I think I should be able to just keep clearing cases law I guess we're giving that tower I don't know seems like that yeah okay that's how I kind of sold if I know just our document a society that fuck did this fucking terrible is making this fight these fights really really really really hard like oh my god I don't know what to do by Taric oh it's actually impossible to fight in those kind of situations I mean we're all so hard engaging and I motherfucking Darius that's questionable do we camp out this river it's she's do you have 13 does best ribbon meinen a 13 I'm trying to remain positive here about fuck me man is picking it making it real hard I can't really play a little bit move with the fun way I actually could have moved I was like stuck with a puck what happens in yeah I don't fucking know that's a she I'm lucky I actually I try my best it I really don't know what it's like I've done that game that is like a definition of just I lost coin flip oh that's just that simple last point all right guys so for this game we're gonna be playing a Zed in the mid lane facing a Kassadin I'm gonna cast it in a wall to be complete honest with you but I know that there gin is a auto-filled he is the support main plane engine so engine on top of that is one of the easiest ad carry's to steal so or kill rather so happens almost a big Pike is trolling well there's this flash I guess nice the style sign that are greeting really hard for just I don't know aggressiveness I guess or pressure which is really good I mean send it up throwing a little bit of his lead I should have pretty decent lead I would even say shut down give me that shut down unfortunately the stylist casually had the Karthus old ready to go and I died to the cart de Sol which kind of sucks but gotta shut down wall lane yeah it's pretty good it's pretty good I think we're gonna be some spot honestly I wonder who else kills though who else girl let me never cast him they can cast a negative Silas very strong the solos aya so is part of this and I'm honestly gonna be really strong I think liking good thank God I got the killer oh my god that was really bad if I couldn't get it the pie case would live please oh just barely the gym no Jen oh okay nice that's a big play for us that's a dragon if we can get the dragon ash ash I think we're set Oh God why he's eaten one – Silas he's eight and one did his car this old is stronger than our car this old that's super annoying all right I got to shut down on that wait I didn't know damage to the gin there's a karma shield absorb the full car the soul caulk is there xanthine so that's why we why okay I think imagine night as soon as possible imagine night is gonna be the thing that counters the Silas ultimate taking the cars assault because I'll just edged night it which is perfect but up until then I'm gonna be taking quite a bit of damage from it which is gonna be very very painful and very very unfortunate as I just got a shutdown on the stylus which is really good for the last fight I hope Silas cannot take artists are I really do so I'm gonna go heal just in case the other song is those honest those on his kill colleague oh oh she's with the Malphite what oh my god that was the worst what the hell she missed everything so I should literally miss everything oh my goodness wait that was actually hard to watch wait wait this is I I should pop the fuck off wait how long I got anyways as minimal where's Jenna how much you want to bet he's doing one of the camps gonna find him I can't go castle yet and I did I need black labor so badly but I'm so like I'm not very close to it which is kind of issue Katherine has a pretty stacked up ultimate he can do a lot of damage to me it's not to respect it there are hundreds of me it's fucking [Applause] cute holy said I can't call anyone karma Wow this oh he has a phantom dancer and the Karma shield on top of him so okay I see I see so in other words he's unkillable nice okay and that's a really bad fight for us I don't know what the hell happened that way I don't know why we won Botwin did we lose off of that because I call you can't even TP now I mean Mike is up I'll be up I think we lose on that oh I mean cats is only four five six I still fucked out I threw my lead but this Silas pic I think is real one in the game that's all it actually kind of something I'm lucky I guess [Applause]

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  1. Hey guys i found a new cheese strat, basically you earn xp on champs to UNLOCK OTHER ABILITIES, super op, 100% win no cap. Also hit & kill minions to gain GOLD, use it to get items faster veery op

  2. so the NEW CHEESE ULTRA OP TACTIC is to start LongSword and trade as soon as you hit lvl 3?
    woooow genius

  3. What a clickbait! How is this close to a Cheesestrat?? Thats nothing new or special at all…especially against low elo players. Autsch

  4. i am unsubbing because these clickbait titles popping up in my front page are getting more and more annoying,just give a normal title,people who watch your video would still watch,it's not like you're getting any more than 1.5 mil subscribers being a lol youtuber

  5. This is some of the worst editing I've seen.
    Some clips start half way through a fight. Some clips end way too early.
    And then we have Red walking into the jungle @15:28 saying "where's this Jhin at? … I'm gonna find him", followed by a cut away so we don't even see whether he finds anything.
    Not to mention the fact that we never get to see the amazing 'cheese strat', because of the terrible cuts.

  6. I lowkey feel bad about how many people are pointing out his exaggerated YouTube title name's. I definitely understand, but idk still feel a bit bad for him.

  7. Guys there’s actually a new nexus cheese strat where you hit the nexus to win the game. 100% legit works everytime.

  8. this channel turned into complete horseshit… the clickbait is so bad nowadays that even watching the video is cringy as fuck

  9. So sad to see such clean Xerath play from Red, while he still ends up on the losing side. GG Riven 🙁

  10. Imagine someone who reads this title what is he thinking like some african tutorial how to survive. Joke

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