I watched Star Trek for the first time | #TheGeekAwakens

I watched Star Trek for the first time | #TheGeekAwakens

Greetings, Earthlings, I’m Aly Keves, and
this week, I boldly went where I’ve never gone before: to the new Chipotle on 49th,
it’s great in there. Also, I watched the original “Star Trek”
for the first time, and boy do we have a lot to talk about. It’s The Geek Awakens. This episode of The Geek Awakens is presented
by Ecto Cooler, and Coca-Cola Journey. Computer, play Star Trek, the Original Series
on Netflix. Siri: I’m sorry, I can’t find “Shrek
Eating Chex Mix.” Would you like me to search the web? THE FUTURE IS GARBAGE. I’m watching the first episode of the original
Star Trek. Will I like it as much as Star Wars?There’s only one way to find out. So,
let’s go! Netflix starts with “The Cage” Episode
1 – Pilot. So I’m thinking, I’m gonna start here. And as I’m watching the captain of the Starship
Enterprise, I’m thinkin’ dayyyum, young Shatner is sexy. And then I realized…that’s not him. So I kept waiting for this stand-in captain
to die so Shats can take over, and then the episode ended. Wikipedia says this pilot was unaired because
NBC thought it was “too cerebral.” The whole pilot was re-shot with a new cast
and script. That’s where The Shatinator comes in. But it was aired third in the actual season. So Episode 2 on Netflix is actually Episode
1, and the aired pilot is Episode 4. WTF, Netflix?! After watching that disastrous first pilot,
I decided to watch a few more episodes of Star Trek starting with the first episode
that ever aired which was called “The Man Trap.” Some things that I noticed: the sets are awesome. The locations on Star Trek feel real. You
can reach out and touch them. It made me realize how much we rely on computer
graphics these days. Also, there’s plenty of room for Billy Shatowitz
to do space cardio. And that, ladies and gentlemen, proves my
Master’s Thesis: Everything’s Better With Yakety Sax. Yes, I have an MBA. The intro is either advanced for its time,
or it’s been remastered because it looks amazing. Turns out, CBS remastered the series in 2006
and added CGI. And that’s the version on Netflix. I wanted to see Star Trek as the world saw
it in 1966 for the first time, to see if it holds up. AND YOU’VE GONE AND GEORGE LUCASED IT! I’m sure real geeks know this, but I’m
really disappointing that we can’t have nice things. Both the original pilot and the episode that
I just watched was a little bit more sexual than I thought. There’s a lot of innuendo and suggestive
scenes. “The Man Trap” is about these mysterious
women who seduce male crew members and suck the salt out of their bodies. I’m not complaining about sexy time in space.
Especially with a hunky captain like…what’s his name. My favorite part about this episode is the
Salt Monster itself. You only see it at the very end of the show,
and yes, it’s just a dude dressed as a campy space yeti. But it doesn’t take much to suspend my disbelief. Bad costumes, crappy green screens, and cheesy
sound effects, it doesn’t bother me. I’m all in. And then I watched the episode called “Charlie
X.” That one’s about this sort-of psychic kid who somehow gets on board and is able
to make other people on board vanish suddenly. In this one, they wear some dope ninja leotards. Karate Kid on top, Black Swan on the bottom. Then a shirtless Shatille O’Neal kicks the
crap out of a teen, because I guess there are no child abuse laws in space? To be fair, the kid was a huge douche canoe. This show does have some pretty progressive
themes though. Charlie X sees a guy slap another guy’s
butt, and then he does it to Janice Rand. And she totally shuts down that sexual harassment! The show is known for its female empowerment,
and I was impressed to see how many senior crew members were women. But more importantly… There’s bro-on-bro
butt slapping in space?! You’re telling me that 300 years from now,
a crew of elite scientists are just floating around the Milky Way, grabbing handfuls of
succulent man-booty all day? Siri: OK, here are some videos for “Succulent
Man Booty.” AOh my God, STOP. Hey, it’s George Takei from Facebook! It’s so nice to see social media can lead
to a career in television. Trump: You’re fired. Thank you very much. In conclusion: I really enjoyed Star Trek! The storylines don’t feel weird or dated. And they don’t show a ton of actual technology,
which is probably why it holds up better than most classic sci-fi. I’m still waiting to see what’s up with
Leonard Nimoy’s character. It’s obvious he’s different from the other
crew members, but they haven’t explained why. I tease William Shatenfreude, and even though
he blocked me on Twitter, he’s a great captain on the show. If I had to choose between Star Wars and Star
Trek, I’d have to go with Star Wars. That universe draws me in a bit more, and
I like the characters better. But, I still have a lot more Star Trek to
watch, so I’ll keep you posted on that. For now, thanks for watching The Geek Awakens! If you like the show, subscribe to our channel!
I’ll be back next week with my thoughts on another geeky classic. I’m Aly Keves, and I’ll see you next time.

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  1. Okay, SO, speaking of Star Trek, after you see The Next Generation, go straight to Gargoyles, the Disney cartoon.

  2. Great video! As someone who grew up with Star Trek, it's cool to see the perspective of someone coming to it for the first time in this day and age. My wife and I are re-watching the show right now, and are feeling a lot fo the same things about the shows plusses and minuses as you are.

    You asked about watching more Star Trek? Well, if you want to get an idea about why Leonard Nimoy's character's so beloved, you may want to jump forward to The Naked Time (not as sexy as it sounds), then the second season's Journey To Babel and Amok Time. All classic episodes, and all give a pretty good spotlight to Spock. Oh, and you might want to watch The Doomsday Machine. No reason, other than it's my favorite; made me a Trekkie at 8 years old.

    The Star Trek movies (starting with the second, by conventional wisdom, though I love the first's more 'cerebral' approach πŸ™‚ ) and Star Trek: The Next Generation (starting at the third season, by conventional wisdom) are also good spots to move on to- both have rocky starts, and are very different Star Trek, but both are pretty universally loved.

    (Not that there isn't other good Star Trek, but… those are the only other Star Treks that pretty much everyone can agree on).

    So, playing the stereotypical nerd, a few bullet points on the episodes you watched:

    The episode order is the order they aired in (not counting that first pilot, which didn't air), and it was that way because… well, the special effects, actually. The earlier ones are effects-lite; they got done quicker, so they got shown first. Shows with more special effects (like The Corbomite Manuever) took months longer to finish, so they got scheduled later. They weren't planning on airing the Kirk pilot (Where No man Has Gone Before) at all, but they ran into a week where they'd run out of episodes (the next one's special effects were taking too long), so they threw in the second pilot that they had laying around to fill the gap. :)

    -That whole 'they ditched the pilot because it was too cerebral' is a prevalent urban legend; Gene Roddenberry pitched it (and 'they didn't like the idea of having a woman as second in command!') at conventions to make himself look better (the progressive visionary) and NBC look worse ('Look, they don't like thinking or girls!')
    In actual fact (I've just been reading up on the making-of; hence this info-dump), their main problem was the innuendo and suggestiveness that you pointed out; it was considered too risque for the time. That's basically why they said "Hey, this is a good idea just take a cold shower, write another one that's not so much about sex, and we'll give you a second pilot to prove this idea can work."
    Of course, Roddenberry still kept punching up the sex in a lot of the stories- that was his forte- but he tamed it down enough to get past the censors, apparently.

    -(And that female second-in-command? She was married-Roddenberry's mistress, cast as a lead, which NBC saw as 'not cool.' (Plus, they didn't think she was that great an actress; no objection to having a female second-in-command, just not THAT particular actress). But, hey… Roddenberry became the popular one, and 'history is written by the victors,' so he got to tell the story that made NBC look like neanderthals and himself look like a crusading hero.

    Basically, that's why the episode order, and double-pilots, worked out the way they did.

    …And this is WAAAAAAAAY too long a comment. Sorry. πŸ™‚ I'm off to check out a few more of your vids…

  3. is firefly on thelist? because it's one of the things that i watch whenever i am sad. it's just this rag tag team of han solos cussing in chinese. so wonderful.

  4. What to watch next: 2001. A film I personally have my troubles with, but I would like to know how you see it from the perspective of 2016. Also: Watch ZARDOZ. Please. πŸ™‚ You'll never see Sean Connery the same way. I guarantee it. Plus: WATCH LABYRINTH AND THE DARK CRYSTAL fer chrissake πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  5. In case you're not pumped to watch all 79 TOS episodes, at least check out some of the better ones: The Doomsday Machine, Amok Time, City of the Edge of Forever, This Side of Paradise, The Ultimate Computer, The Devil in the Dark, Mirror Mirror…

  6. CBS had the series remastered especially for digital distribution, to be competitive against newer/current shows. Sometimes the new effects were great, other times not so great.
    Netflix likely was going by the show production number; sometimes it was easier for the studio to schedule episode production regardless of the intended air-date order.
    And yes, Yakety Sax makes everything better!☺

  7. Original 60's series was way ahead of it's time. S1 was probably the best of the 3, though S2 has some of my all-time favs. By S3 – the budget had been cut to the bone as NBC was trying to kill the series – practically from the start. Roddenberry was a genius.

  8. LOL – It's nice to see some Jeffrey Hunter Love – I always liked him too.
    Chris Pike being one of my favourite parts of Star Trek 2009 as well.

    I would have liked to see 'Number One' again – but I guess with her looking like Christine Chapel and Counsellor Troi's Mom that would be sort of impossible – especially since it turned out she's an Immortal (kinda).

    Not going to complain to much though as as much as I was always interested by 'Number One' I am glad Spock got to shine.

    I find re-watching the old show the reaction I have is …
    1) Boy they sure drink a lot of booze
    2) Darn it McCoy turn the biogotry down a few notches.

    Oh and You did realise Jeffery Hunter also played Jesus right ?

  9. I'm so tired of the Star Trek vs. Star Wars … well, war. They are two completely different genres that share only "star" in their title. ST is sci-fi and SW is an action-adventure space western. I grew up watching all the Trek shows and movies and consider myself a true Trekkie. I also saw Star Wars at least 100x in the early days of HBO and all the sequels, prequels and read the original prequel trilogy by Timothy Zahn. I'm a fan of both β€” gasp! β€” and I'm still alive! The ultimate geeks of Big Bang Theory have proven that there is no reason to choose sides.

  10. Hilarious review, young one. I viewed the original Trek as a school kid in its first run. Fun to see it through your eyes. Live long and… well, you know.

  11. Has anyone mentioned Babylon 5 yet? Friggin' unbelievably good series, the first to use CGI in a TV format, and the first to run a true continuing story arc. There's deeply geeky controversy around how much the Trek universe — beginning with Deep Space Nine — was influenced by Babylon 5 in its use of multi-episode story arcs and the space station setting. I believe that Babylon 5 was there first. The sequence to watch in is tricky, though, because there were made-for-TV movies, one of which — "In the Beginning" — seems to be what you'd watch first, but no. (For a convenient flow chart, see http://scifi.stackexchange.com/questions/10009/what-order-should-the-babylon-5-movies-and-series-be-watched-in .)
    There's continuing deep love for Babylon 5 (aka "B5" or "Bab5") online. The slow build of the story over the course of several seasons, from tiny hints you'd never detect in the first viewing to the climactic episodes, is astounding. Highly recommend that you check it out.

  12. Apparently Jeffrey Hunter decided he was too much of a movie star to do TV and stopped doing Star Trek probably a good thing he died not long after he did the pilot. If he had done Star Trek and died while doing it that may have also killed the show and Star Trek would not be where it is today.

  13. I used to like Star Wars until they had to blow up the death star for the third time. That plot line is getting pretty old.

  14. if Styrofoam rocks look more realistic to you… well… I got nothing…. everything looks like a set built by 4th graders to me. I am the biggest geek in the world but the lack of visual realism is too big of a turn-off, no matter how well it's written, I just don't enjoy watching it, it's an audio – visual experience after-all. pls someone tell me which season to start watching to skip to the un-dated versions

  15. Should I watch star trek remastered or original?
    Cause I don't mind if they make the background better and add more color

  16. i watch a lot of big bang theory and they got me to start watching star trek
    ..its pretty deep actually with story lines and talking aboit humanity….i figured i watch in order of release shows and movies

  17. Unlike the remastered Star Wars films, the remaster of TOS was well handled. Many of the 60s effects did not hold up well.

  18. Julie: "I know Pike was good looking, but how could you not find William Shatner attractive?!!! He was so gorgeous as Captain Kirk."

  19. This is such a wonderful video! I'm surprised your channel hasn't gotten more recognition, you have such professional editing/presentation!

  20. Ok, here's your watch list: Season 1: Corbomite Maneuver; Balance of Terror (based on a '50's Robert Mitchum movie, 'The enemy below'; Operation Annihilate; Tomorrow is yesterday; Arena; Space seed (Must see this for later, will explain); City on the edge of forever; Season 2: Amok Time; Journey to babel; Patterns of force; Bread and circuses, Mirror Mirror; Doomsday machine; Ultimate computer; Season 3: Spocks Brain (very campy but the core idea is one that is being discussed by main stream scientists today); Paradise syndrome; For the world is hollow and I have touched the sky. THEN there are the original series cast movies from the 80's. Wrath of Khan (THIS is where Space seed comes in), Search for Spock, The voyage home (Nominated for an Oscar in….something) and the undiscovered country. There ya go. Enjoy! Here is a taste of what all ST fans agree is the best movie of the ST franchise (Next Gen, Reboot included. This is from The Wrath of Khan)


  21. Succulent man booty? YT this: Star Trek Spock Kirk Massage. That's how future progressed they were. Made me laugh a lot.

  22. Please don't compare Star Wars and Star Trek. Star Wars sucks ass, especially today when PC has completely finished ruining it.

  23. The remastered effects are actually delightfully minimal. Just cooler space shots and phasers; they knew when to stop.

  24. She wants the enhanced episodes and not the original versions. So naturally she thinks the said when in reality the original sets felt and looked like a soundstage. The cage and where no man has gone before felt real because they had a high budget for those episodes

  25. You're such a millennial. In my day and my father's day and My Grandfather's Day and my great grandfather's day and so on and so on and so on parents and a all adults we're responsible for teaching kids how to survive in the world. We didn't have this stuffed mamby pansy stop bullying campaign. As a result kids did not try to commit murder or suicide. School shootings were so incredibly rare that the only popped up on the news once every 30 years not once every three or four years as it is today. Teaching a kid how to fight and teaching him how the fall is not child abuse. Throwing a kid half your age onto a mat and teach him how to fall safely was part of every kind of self-defense training imaginable. Also you never took karate lessons or went to karate school when you are a kid did you? The karate instructor often picks a small child and teaches them how to fall just the way Captain Kirk did in this episode of Charlie X. So stop your whining and woman up

  26. Slapping each other on the butt was a sign of respect. It wasn't just limited ra Sports in the 60s. We used to slap each other on the butt punching each other in the arms even slap each other in the face as a sign of affection. It wasn't bullying are fighting. it was the way we bonded and we didn't know any other way and never expected for anything to change. Who knows maybe we'll get lucky and 23rd Century will get back to the old fashioned ways of respecting each other instead of crying every time we see somebody get hit.

  27. You're too wussy for Star Trek. It takes a sense of maturity and intelligence and a nice conservative attitude to enjoy the progressive stories of the 1960s. Go back to brainless Star Wars.

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