If Guy BFFs Traveled Like Girl BFFs

If Guy BFFs Traveled Like Girl BFFs

– Sure, we wanna go to
all the touristy things, but we can’t look like tourists. I gotta pack in outfits, you know? What if we get invited to some VIP event? You think we’ll go on a
picnic while we’re there? – I like that shirt
but you always complain that you look like a carpenter in it. – I’m nervous, you know
I have a fear of flying. – Chris, do you wanna hold my hand? – My travel lotion and
my travel deodorant, and my travel razor… Where’s my Purell? – Oh, I have Purell. – No, my travel Purell. Purell? – Yeah. Do you have any Purell? – I need some more Purell. – If you keep taking selfies we’re not gonna get to
the airport on time. Delete that. I look awful. Chris, you’ve got to roll everything if you want it all to fit. – Should I bring a second suitcase in case we go shopping? – Chris, you’re $4,000 in debt. But I mean, if we see
something you have to have! – We have to get a tie, we’re on vacation. – Okay, one tie. One tie. – Oh my God, what if we, like, both fall in love while we’re there. What if we just moved into that apartment, like, found some wives. – Rich wives. Look at how fat he is! – I told you I want a pug. I don’t think I have enough room for a blow dryer. – Chris, be heavier. At least this is proof you’re not fat. Right? – That’s the nicest thing
you could have said to me. It’s usually freezing there. – Well, everywhere is freezing. I said that you aren’t fat. – I know, you said it, but you made me think about it. (sighs) I think I’m just in a
sensitive place right now. – Oh my God, this place is perfect. – Airplanes make me feel gross, I need to take a shower
and do my hair immediately. – [Keith] There are so many pillows. – I’m gonna bring both of these. – Chris!

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  1. OMG…this is so true that made me think that we girls are freaky.
    FYI, that's our job, guys can just do the guy thing. They're good at it.

  2. "Oh my God what if we like both fall in love while we're there?"
    That's a normal fantasy

    "What if we just moved into that apartment, like, found some wives…"
    "..rich wives"
    😂😂😂😂 You're killing me with this accuracy

  3. I’m actually traveling in Europe with my best friend right now, but this cutesy stuff wore off after like week one, now she just drives me crazy and we get into petty arguments everyday 😂

  4. I went to New York recently and the Purell thing is so true😂😂 everyone kept asking me for some and I had some 😎

  5. Why doing that like girl best friends made them look like a gay couple , while when girls do this they don't look like a lesbian couple ?
    Only me ?

  6. The last bit, where they cuddle-ishly sleep together? That happened to me. 😬 Very awkward. Also, impossible to forget, not with like 500 photos & videos the rest of our friends took. 🙄

  7. Um this is how guys pack. Or atleast how the industrial mechanic guys at my work pack. We had a week long buisness trip/annual team building in Denver, i packed my big ass makeup case, my shop clothes, my office clothes, my fancy clothes, pajamas, all my hair products, chargers, laptop, tools,- ALOT OF STUFF, in a suitcase and a backpack. They all showed up with GIANT suitcases, huge duffle bags, and giant backpacks. They all brought EVERY NICE OUTFIT AND PAIR OF SHOES THEY HAD BECAUSE THEY WANTED TO HAVE OPTIONS WHEN WE WENT OUT TO DINNER😂😂😂 i was laughing the whole time and on our first day there, THEY voted to go to the mall, where we spent 5 HOURS shopping

  8. why could I smell the hand sanitizer from here lmao

    Edit: I'm sorry… how could I smell the "purell" from here lmao

  9. We gotta go to all the touristy things, but not look like tourists.
    The. Most. Accurate. Thing. Ever. 😂 😂 😂

  10. YouTube 2015 : nope
    YouTube 2016: nope
    YouTube 2017: nope
    YouTube 2018: nope
    YouTube 2019 : Yes now we will recommend this x

  11. I didn't know if guys would act like girls they would look so gay! Does that mean we look gay too? Whatever… Not like there's anything wrong with our love.

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