INDIAN VEG TOURIST IN KYRGYZSTAN: First-day challenge on Camera

How can they add meat in the water! This is my tasteless food I’m having tomato soup, potatoes and local dish I am paying 65, he is paying 100 Vegetarian food is cheap They call it ‘Liyoshka’ in Russian & ‘Naan’ in the Kyrgyz language I am going out of the airport No I am in Bishkek I am going to Osh Bazar I have bought SIM from Megacom i paid 80 som She’s been to India in 2018 Minibus fare is 10 som Big bus fare is 8 som I have just paid the fare here, you have to pay while getting off the bus Thanks for helping me out, Ajar Now I am going to tell you how I met Ajar When I was in Megacom store

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