Good morning guys, welcome to this new video I’m sure you’re asking yourself what I’m doing here… She is my travel mate We did together 5000 km in America partly with a bike and the rest with a car During this experience we made some videos That will be published every Sunday starting from now It’s gonna be like a TV series, and we have our intro Are you ready? Here it is Since we talked about a road did we travel? Multistrada 1260 s You’re wondering where we’re putting all the clothes? Two Givi bags, 37 litres I’m not sure I can manage to put all my stuff in there Look at his face..He doesn’t seem very confident What about the Camera? We have a bag in the front for our objects The navigator? Martina can do it.. I don’t think so.. We have a support for thephone I’m not taking the jacket and the helmet with me the all day This one saved our lives It’s a metal wire and we use it to block the jackets and the helmets Our helmets for the trip: X-lite in collaboration with Ducati Now I show you the bags inside What is this one? Martina’s stuff Redbull always with us Marti of course we need to wear protections Andre it’s gonna be super hot We use the jackets from Hevik completely breathable Hevik jeans with protections And Garmont shoes Let’s go! First step? Santa Monica We are now at Venice Beach Searching for the famous fitness’ zone You can teach them how to do the skater The strongest punch you can Great job Andre, almost there Let’s ask suggestions to the panda True American lunch: hotdog Rodeo Drive is a very famous street, with luxury shops Supercars all around Before I saw a Rolls all in orange Now an I8 yellow fluorescent Martina is going to tell me the names of the cars.. Not on holidays.. Also an American break.. Redbull pacman edition We are at the Walk of Fame We’re looking for the AP22 star New challenge: to get up there to have a shot with the Hollywood sign behind She was so scared that she stopped filming It was actually dangerous.. Mission completed, with the Multi at Hollywood We made the post for instagram Crazy shot I went up there I had to be very careful or.. Next Episode Destination: Malibu They are addicted with the gym here Little bride, hoping it doesn’t fall Bikers’ paradise Here it is: The Snake

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  1. Mi é piaciuto molto come primo episodio ! Un po' corto, dovresti colmare un pochino con le riprese della strada che percorri secondo me… poi lo so che é molto lavoro di editing, ma secondo me ne vale la pena…

  2. Se questa serie dura 5 minuti, e da spararsi…per non dire che li fai da 5 minuti x avere visualizzazioni x ogni video…

  3. grande andrea, beato te che sei riuscito a trovare la persona che sta sempre al tuo fianco e che segue insieme a te le tue passioni

  4. ancheio ho la REd BULL edizione Pac-Man ahahhaha basta avere i fornitori (per il bar) esteri ahahahaha, come la coca-cola alla vaniglia ( che ormai si trova) … ora come red bull c'è Toni Cairoli…. ……. bella andreeeee … a Miami pensami, è il mio sogno ….cmq piacere mi chiamo Andrea e ti invidio ahahahahahah se mi fai un salutino da Miami ti stimerò ancor a di più :):) . ps: 5 min di video sono pochi…. vorrei sognare di più…..:)

  5. La cosa che più mi fa tra virgolette incazzare è che io a 21 anni, lavoro anche 10 ore al giorno pur di mantenermi la mia motina e faccio i salti mortali per fare una vita normalissima. Poi vedo tipi del genere, ragazzi come me con Ferrari Mercedes Amg e tutte le moto che vogliono, non fare grandissimi sforzi o sacrifici ed avere tutto lo stesso
    Non ti invidio la vita, sia chiaro, ma la grana. Se avessi i tuoi soldi lavorerei lo stesso 10 ore al giorno, perché per permettersi certe cose secondo me ci vuole il sudore e la fatica

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