INSIDE AFGHANISTAN 2019 (Extreme Travel Afghanistan)

INSIDE AFGHANISTAN 2019 (Extreme Travel Afghanistan)

Type Afghanistan into Google
and see what you find. Bombings. The explosion ripped through a wedding
in Kabul, Afghanistan, killing dozens of people in… War. Crisis… These are normally the pictures that come
to mind when you hear the name Afghanistan. But are these tragic events
really that common? Yes. Tragedy strikes Afghanistan
on a daily basis. A country at war for 40 years. But is there another side to
Afghanistan that is rarely covered? Let’s find out. The world’s
deadliest conflict. The war should end
in Afghanistan. Hi, how are you? We will smile towards life
because life is worth smiling, Not a day without
violence… We were sure that’s resilience… We will not allow people to know
that we have weakened. Our families shed blood
for this country. ♪♪♪ Indigo Traveler
Inside Afghanistan Episode 1 That is not Afghanistan,
that is Dubai. I’m in an airport hotel right now,
I’m about to head to the terminal… Get a flight to Kabul,
Afghanistan, the capital. Gonna be exploring Kabul
for a day in a bit, and then exploring different
areas of Afghanistan… But I’ll explain more
when we get there. we’re gonna be seeing some pretty heavy scenes
along with, hopefully, some good scenes… Let’s get on that plane
and then fly to Kabul. I’m excited and…
You know, equally nervous. ♪♪♪ You can see a lot of the cooking’s down
on the wood and open stoves and so to eat… So we’ve arrived in Kabul,
this is my house here. I’m actually in the side of
the United Nations compound here. Why am I in
the United Nations compound? If you followed my Venezuela series, we did a bit
of fundraising there, UNICEF saw that, and they wanted to know
if I wanted to work with them. Many months later of planning
logistics, and here we are. Been given a bulletproof vests, the vehicle
that we came in the airport from was an armored vehicle with bulletproof
glass, security is quite tight here. So tomorrow morning
we’re gonna go to the markets, then we’re going to see
some other things around Kabul. That’s going to be in this video
so I’ll see you in… 3, 2, 1… That’s a bulletproof
vest and helmets, personal protective
equipment, and we jump in the car,
hit to the market… Hopefully see some locals. Extremely tight security here…
It’s intense. ♪♪♪ So we’ve come
to the bazaar, you can see some very interesting
sights on the way here. Extremely heavy military presence
is what I’ve seen but we come to try and meet some local,
we come to this meat shop here, so I’m gonna go in
and ask some questions. So this is Iriam, and he’s going
to be kinda of translating and showing me around while
I’m here in Afghanistan. Hello guys! And so what do we up to now?
Where are we exactly? So we are at the street where we have
mostly the Shamwari kebab. In Karai these are mostly made from lamb,
very famous and very frequented by a ones here. Salaam alaikum… That’s the cooler… -He is going to prepare…
-Salaam alaikum… You order any pieces that you want, if you want
two, three, four, whatever… That’s up to you! Okey. And then
they chopped it out. -So, my name is Mohammed Youssef.
-Nice to meet you, I’m Nick. -Nick?
-Yeah. So, we made a lot
of things from meat. We have a knife, and another kind of knife
which is just only for cutting the bones. And this is only for
a simple meat, soft meat. Did you study? Where did you
learn such good English? Actually, I’m about to finishing the BCS
Computer Science in the Kardan University. So you think that, maybe later in life,
you work in a university or…? Yes, of course. -Right!
-Actually… I’m a student of the university, I am
finishing BCS from the University of Kardan We have a problem so for this reason
I starting this business but this business
is a very popular business, and here a lot of people of Afghanistan
are eating these kind of foods, and are very popular because they are soft,
they are clean and they are fresh. Do you like living
in Afghanistan? Yeah, of course! It’s our own…
How do you say? It’s our own country
so we must be here because if you go other countries you
just be treated as a refugee. -Do you feel safe living here?
-Yeah, of course! But every country have
a lot of dangers, but actually these countries are
suffering almost 35 years fighting. Yeah, of course!
It’s very dangerous. But we will hope
that it will be solved, and it will take almost…
Maybe take a time but we hope that it will be solve
in five, four or three years. -So things are improving, do you think?
-Yeah, of course! Yeah! Before if you,
just imagine, 20 years back if you came here there was
no college, no university, no schools, no people here, every fighting…
A lot of fighting here. So maybe, nowadays after 18 years we
have a schools, colleges, universitys, a lot of people… We have a problem
but it will be solved maybe in the future. Ok. Well, I hope that’s the case.
Good luck! And thanks Mohammad. -Thank you!
-Take care. ♪♪♪ -So is this like a roadside mechanic?
-The roadside mechanic… And this guy, he fixes the motorbikes, changes their fuel or oil. //Speaking native language// -Samira is 20 years old.
-Okay. He’s a mechanic of motorbikes,
and he has open his shop on the roadside because he doesn’t have
to pay any rent. -Right!
-And because he shop here, in this locality, charges up to 500 to
700 Afgani per month for rent. So the government doesn’t
care that he does this? At times they bother him
to pick up his things and leave, but most of the time he can work here,
and he used to provide bread for eight members family. -Eight family members?
-Eight family members. So, on a good day he makes 500 Afgani
with one motorbike when he looks at the engine, he changes the fuel, he changes
the motor oil, so he makes 400, 500 Afgani which is about
$ 10. And did he have the prior training or did he just
learn by playing around with motorbikes? //Speaking in native language// He worked as a apprentice here
for almost 12 years, and that shop there… But then the ownership
shifted this place, but because he knew
some of the people here, he stayed here and now those people
coming to him too, so he had a 12 years of being
a student at that workshop. And how long has he been
running his own business for? //Speaking in native language// Five years since
he started by his own. And does he enjoy it? //Speaking in native language// Yes, I’m happy because it’s up to me
to come to work or not. -Okay.
-That’s the luxury of it. One last question, does he enjoy living in
Afghanistan? And does he feel secure? //Speaking in native language// It’s not just my story,
it’s the story of the rest of Afghans, you come out early in the morning,
you don’t know if you go home back. You don’t know if you go back home because
of the uncertainty about security situation and the blasts and everything…
But yes, I’m happy in Afghanistan. I know people here,
this is my place, I’ve grown up, all the surrounding is so I’m really
quaint with. So yes, I’m happy here. Okay! //Speaking in native language// -So, this is a public park?
-This is a public part. The oldest park
in Kabul. And has there been turbulent events here
in the past or is reasonably safe? So this is… No, inside this park
we haven’t had any security incidents. Here people play chess, we would go
to the other side where people playing cricket. ♪♪♪ They spend the day here
and by the evening they go back home, because most of them
are unemployed. Okay! And so they just come here rather,
spend some good time with friends chat a bit, go around,
sit in the shade of the trees, watch other people play basketball,
volleyball, cricket, these games, and then
go back home. You can see that the market is quite
shrinking in terms of job… -Opportunity?
-Job opportunities. People don’t get them. Most people… That guy is
now cooking there. He’s a university
graduate but he has no other option
but to come here and make barbecue. -Did you speak English?
-Yeah. Of course. -Did you study?
-Yeah. -What do you study?
-In Kardan… It’s here. And what’s
your profession? -I’m a commander
-Commander… Yeah! He’s working in
the army. -Yeah! The army.
-The army? Okay! So, this gentleman that
we’re approaching. What’s he selling? It’s a vendor. He sells pomegranates
and also grapes. Okay. //Speaking in native language// He has 57 years old. For 23 years he’s been on this spot,
in this spot selling. Has he seen a lot of different
changes in Kabul in that time? ♪♪♪ Everything changes,
you see these tall buildings, you see people now traveling
by armored vehicles, but I don’t see
a difference in my own life. For generations we have served
the government of Afghanistan. We have been in
the army for generations. I’ve lost seventeen members
of my family serving Afghanistan Myself, I have huge wounds
in my abdomen, in my foot. Must been 23 years that I’m just here in
every day’s getting tougher to feed my family. It’s getting tougher to
feed my family. And most reason
why it’s getting tougher? //Speaking native language// Depends on our
leaders. Our leaders are not
showing us the right path, if they lead us to the right path
none of us would be… With the money that is coming in,
with the life of the involvement of other countries, we should not be in this state anymore,
but it’s lower leaders. Really change it… You’re never able
to hit straight. -I have tried so many times
-It’s on an angle. Yeah! -So you pay money and they let you…
-Yeah! Yeah! You keep shooting, you cannot hit it
but if you hit you’re not pay, so you can
never hit. Is it not dangerous that you
might miss and fire? Is small, small… //Speaking native language// You got you just tried to give him
a little bit of money and he just find it? Just to help them…
Yeah! But he say: “No, you guess it”. -So the Afghan culture is really built on…
-Hospitality. Hospitality and welcoming foreigners and
guests from other places, right? It’s quite beautiful, isn’t it? Yeah! That’s
the beautiful part. They’re friendly,
they want to know you. I mean, I’ve been only walking
around the streets for a little while and I’ve noticed
how hospitable the people are. -It’s amaizing!
-Exacly! When you go to Mazar
you’d be amazed. People are just waiting for you
and accommodate you. And that’s tomorrow
we’re heading to Mazar, so I will see… Yeah! You will have
a good time. Cool! Nice singing! ♪♪♪ Those doors are so heavy
with that reinforced steel. So we just got a report about
20 caves away from here, there was a ID bomb
that blew up a police trucks. So it is very real
the danger here. We’ve just come to
a hospital here, we’re going to see
what they do with malnutrition and get a feel for
the scene. Yeah! So this hospital is actually call
Indra Gandhi Hospital, was founded by India. India and Afghanistan
have reasonably strong ties, so we’re gonna have a bit of
a walk to explore and hopefully meet
some people, learn a bit more about the malnutrition
and the situation here in Afghanistan. Okay, so we just had a look
around the hospital. This is Sally from UNICEF.
She’s a New Zealand as well. And can you just explain a bit about
malnutrition in Afghanistan? It’s pretty died
for so many kids here, and 1 in 18 children died before
their first visiting… And it’s so hard to see! We saw a mom today with twins
and they were so fail, but UNICEF we’re able
to supply therapeutic milk. -Right.
-Sorry. Therapeutic milk. -Yeah…
-For these little babies. And bring them back to
the life essentially. If we didn’t have that,
then they won’t be here. So we just filmed a
little interview with one of the mothers and her malnourished
children… So I’ll show you that now. //Speaking native language// Constant turmoil,
mentally and physically, because I don’t know
what’s wrong with my children. It’s my milk that I’m giving them,
is something wrong with that. My husband is a truck driver,
he transports catchers here and there, he doesn’t know,
I don’t know, and that has put me in
a very difficult state because I look at these children
and my heart shivers, but there’s nothing
I can do. I felt very weak. I felt like a shadow
in my body, I felt like I’ve been shaking, and I haven’t felt good myself
since some months. There are 60 people
in her house, and the doctors have told her to eat meat,
and to have fruit and other things, but I don’t think that I would be able to
do that because it’s a huge house. I cannot be treated differently than the rest
of the females, the rest of the mothers there. I want to… For these two girls,
Safari and Marwa, I’m dreaming of educating them
and to learn about life, and how
they can survive. If you put them among any babies
I’ll be able to tell that these are my babies, so I can tell their faces
they’re different to me, to others maybe they’re twins,
but to me they’re different. but my love for
them is equal. I hope wars and
fighting disappears. I hope that we do not hear
of any fighting anymore. What I would be proud
is of the happiness of ones, that would be the idea that I’ll be very
proud to see, everyone happy. ♪♪♪ So, as you can see,
the situation’s… I don’t really need to say… Super intense!
It is a severe situation here I am trying to show the good and the bad,
but it’s important to see this, and I’m gonna be leaving a link below
if you want to donate. money goes to help mothers like this
all over the country, so feel free
to check that out. ♪♪♪ So we just come up
to this lookout point, you can see the huge flag
behind me… It’s gigantic! I just want to point
at these things up here they look like kinda
a big balloon thing. It’s basically a big brother,
so that’s surveillance of the the city, they’ve got cameras up there
looking over the city just to…. You know, police,
the terrorism,etc. Yeah! It’s a beautiful
lookout point. I think we’re gonna head over soon
to another mountaintop. When we’re in that hospital before,
you can see a helicopter there, when we’re
in that hospital before, there was helicopters landing,
dropping off war victims. I mean, the country’s still
rife with war, so… ♪♪♪ We just arrived at this kind
of abandoned plot here, and there’s some kids
playing cricket… So we might go
and chat to them. It’s a really interesting
looking building over here. Cricket is huge in Afghanistan, it’s like the
main sport, and they’re really good at it. -How are you?
-I’m Nick. Nice to meet you! You guys play
cricket well? Yeah! Are you working,
or studying, or…? //Speaking native language// He is working in Changsha television,
he’s working in dubbing, dubbing department, Where they dubbed series
and soap operas. How do you feel living
in Afghanistan? //Speaking native language// It’s very difficult, it’s like… 80% it’s the death
lingering over your head always, it’s 20% hug, 20% happiness, 20% cricket and football,
and other things that we get into. And even we don’t have ground,
so we normally would come here play and then the army would ask us to leave so…
It’s always that but… But we are living this our country,
we have to live here, no matter what
the circumstances. Sorry to interrupt your cricket.
Have a good day. ♪♪♪ We were then kicked out of the cricket
pitch by Afghan Security Forces. So we just come up to this viewpoint
looking over the hill of Kabul, another viewpoint on the other side
of the hill, and it’s… Crazy views! We’ve been told to stay on the roads
because of land mines and things, but there’s some locals up here
partying and stuff. Check this out! ♪♪♪ So I’m back
at the UN compound. Incredible first full day
in Afghanistan. Overwhelming a bit, in the hospital,
to see the kids in such a state some seven months old,
and their legs were very skinny. So lots of help
needed in this country. I’ll mention again, if you want to send a dollar
or two, or whatever you want I’ll leave the link down below
to the UNICEF page. I’m not getting paid at all by UNICEF for this trip,
they are covering the costs, just to be transparent with you, guys.
But it’s a win-win situation. You know, we get to raise
some money for people in need. It’s a big honor for me to be working with
United Nations and UNICEF. Without UNICEF being here it would
be quite tricky traveling around, is possible, but just having the resources
of the UN and the security… Today we were driving around
there was a car bomb in the streets. These things are lurking around every corner,
and they’re not rare, they’re very common. But you did see
the people are very nice. It’s just a country in a terrible
never-ending situation. It seems like…
I mean, you know, 40 years of war. What that does to
our places? Intense! In the next video, getting up
super early, heading to the airport. We’re getting a flight to the north
of Afghanistan to see some more areas. I haven’t got my passport back here,
they took it at the airport, and we haven’t been
given our passports back, so… Hopefully in the next video
we can get our passports back, because being in Afghanistan without a passport
it’s not the best feeling in the world. Anyway! In case
I don’t see you… Good afternoon,
good evening and good night. See you
in the next video! ♪♪♪

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