Inside Carnival Horizon: Dr. Seuss WaterWorks | Onboard Activities | Carnival Cruise Line

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  1. I went last summer with my family on a carnival cruise. BE CARFUL. The time we spent at the water park was disappointing only because they had half of the deck where the water park is closed off. You had these middle eastern workers resurfacing the wood on the deck, but what bothered me the most was that they were checking out little girls as young as 5 in thier swimsuits which really botherd me .I reported this to customer service desk which they did nothing about. I will never ever go on another Carnival Cruise in my life and the name of the ship was the inspiration. Parents: please watch your kids at all time on these cruises because they are full of pedophiles.

  2. I booked my first cruise for the Carnival Magic in July 2017. It's set to sail on 12/16/2018. They messed up on our flights, sending my son with a chronic illness on the 10:36pm flight on 12/14, and us (his parents) on the 10:36 flight on 12/13!!! Now they are charging me $1332.08 to correct it. I have NO CHOICE but to correct the flights to keep my son on our flight with us! This was THEIR mistake! CARNIVAL booked it and won't right their wrong. They REFUSE to waive the charges. They have no integrity! Please be aware before booking a cruise with this cruise line!

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