Insider Secrets - Tips For Your Next Cruise Vacation

Insider Secrets – Tips For Your Next Cruise Vacation

over the past 10 years Mike and I have been on eight Royal Caribbean cruises together Adventure of the Seas Freedom of the Seas and Oasis of the Seas all twice and now Liberty of the Seas and we'd like to share with you some insider secrets for your next cruise vacation not to brag but they named the scooter bar after me we like to cover four different areas with you today staterooms entertainment alcohol and food we have experienced interior promenade and balcony cabins and their benefits to each of them the benefit of an interior room is the price you don't know when it's daylight you don't know when it's Dale it's kind of like a casino which there also are on on the ship so you could either be in your room or in the casino and you don't know whether it's day or night one insider secret is if you request the Ben & Jerry's room and the promenade all you can see are the butts of the cows that are standing on top of the ice cream shop and if you request that room and you get it you get free ice cream from Ben & Jerry's for the week benefit of a Malcon e is pretty obvious it gives the illusion that the room is much bigger you have a place a private place to read you can dry your clothes out there when you get back from the pool or the beach the benefit of the buffet is that it's quick and it's easy but in the dining room it's a little bit more formal on the food's a little bit better plus every night they are in the main dining room you have the same servers so they really get to know you and they're pretty funny they're pretty funny you don't forget the whole ship is all-you-can-eat don't be afraid or even a second mobster informally although food is included for free all-you-can-eat for the price of your cruise drinks are not and that includes alcohol and soda they do have packages for both the soda package is how much a day like for seven or eight dollars a day which if you drink a lot of soda could be worth it the alcohol package is $55 a day which unless you plan on drinking five or more drinks a day that doesn't it's not really worth it prices for drinks are about average your beers pretty expensive at around $6 a bottle cocktails are you know seven to nine dollars and wine is anywhere from seven dollars and much much more our favorite would be the Long Beach iced tea which is around nine dollars we can both share during a show or at dinner another way to save money on drinks is ro equipment actually allows you to bring two bottles of wine per cabin on board when you check-in you can request wine glasses in your room and save a little money that way for the harder liquors if you'd like to bring your own on the boat unfortunately you can't unless you purchase a specialty item called a rum runner so we're not saying that they work but if that's what you want it shouldn't be a problem save money on internet coughs you can bring your own iPad or laptop and use the Wi-Fi from your room connect to the internet to load your emails and then disconnect compose your replies offline and then finally reconnect just long enough to send your emails alright that's about it we have accommodations food entertainment and alcohol if you have any questions please leave a comment and we'll try to answer below making thanks for watching finally I don't like it one more time how about I say it ok 1 2 3 thanks for watching thanks for watching thanks for watching that's stupid

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  1. Firstly, you guys look great together. I'm based in uk and cruise mainly Europe And Iceland. In your opinion best cabin for best views?

  2. That is so funny about the cow. I'm hoping to one day go on one of the Freedom class ships.  Very tempting to ask for that room but I love my ocean view but free icecream.  Oh that's something to think long and hard about. Awesome tip. My husband and I drink lots of soda. First time out we only got one soda package and they gave us that cool cup you can use on all the machines. We loved mixing the sodas up. But we didn't like sharing all the time and food and drink is the only thing we're opposite on.  So next time we both got the cups and were very happy. Paid itself off the first day for both of us.

  3. We are going on the Royal Caribbean Allure.  Your internet wifi tip – – can we use wifi in our rooms or do we have to pay for that service.  You make it look so easy from my ipad that it will connect and then disconnect etc.   I thought we had to pay for wifi service.  thanks you for some great tips!

  4. Nicely done 🙂 short and sweet. With 60 plus cruises under pour belts still can learn, FREE Ben and Jerry's for the week? Honest???  Great looking couple fun video.

    Happy cruising George in NY

  5. That looked like freedom of the seas, we are booked for it in mid august 2014 from port canaveral orlando eastern cruise. 1st time on a cruise and we are really thrilled to bits, we are flying from england to get onboard, its a long way to come but every one is saying its well worth it.
    One thing that confused me is my tour operator has asked the cruise liner caribbean cruises on our behalf how much alcohol can you bring onboard and the official reply we got back is 2 bottles per adult person of either wine or champagne each on embarkment, we have 3 adults and one child in our party in a big state room so that means we can bring 6 bottles onboard, also we have been told we can bring some drink from the island stop offs but i cant remember how much .
    Anyway great tips thank you

  6. Why do you have to write your emails offline and reconnect only long enough to send them? Is there a time limit or something of how long you can use the wifi?

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