Instagram Decides My NORTH WALES Trip 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿

Instagram Decides My NORTH WALES Trip 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿

I’m in Wales. I’m so excited! Today’s my
first day of exploring and everywhere I’m going is some place that has been
recommended to me on Instagram Technically, it was recommended to Lena
Dunham because she was shooting something here and she asked her
followers for recommendations and honestly this trip snuck up on me and I
hadn’t had time to prepare, so I screenshotted those recommendations and will be following them myself. My first stop is this village called Portmeirion. I’ve unintentionally come to what seems
to be the Welsh equivalent of the Disney like fake village, Celebration Village,
wherever it is that Angela in The Office wants to move with Andy. “And one day, we’re going to move to Disney’s Celebration Village in Florida and leave all of this behind.” “I would very much like that.” This seems like
it’s the welsh equivalent to that. This is very pretty but i’m not sure this was designed with me in mind. I’m the youngest person here by about twenty
years. I met some couples who have been here at least twice. Some came here on
their honeymoon years and years ago. It doesn’t seem like it’s an attraction
that is meant for younger people. Yeah… just being honest! One of the interesting things about exploring North Wales based solely on Instagram
recommendations from strangers that I have in no way researched is that I
really don’t know what I’m going to get. I will say that if I had done my
research I probably wouldn’t have chosen Portmeirion to visit just because it
cost 12 euros to enter and I’d rather see a traditional Welsh village rather
than one that has been manufactured if I had actually done my own research but
since I didn’t and I’m just taking other people’s advice I saw something I
wouldn’t have seen otherwise. It was very lovely. There were lots of happy older
British couples for me to make friends with along the way. I basically have plotted
out on an offline map of different spots that people have recommended and close
to here are two other villages that were mentioned and so I’m going to
navigate there next and hopefully it’s more of the traditional Welsh village
vibe that I was really kind of searching for. It is currently: oh gosh it’s one
o’clock. I need to hurry up. Okay, off we go. I made it to my first castle of the day
and it’s so cool. I’m at the top of the highest tower in
the castle and the views are just phenomenal Also, how lucky am i that the sun came
out? This is so wonderful, I would highly recommend it with these great views and
they have little museum areas as well so you can learn about British history and
also about their Welsh military history. I think you get a lot of thing for your
back here I got a little treat from the castle
gift shop I’m going to have some chocolate chip shortbread on the road
and I tried to have the shopkeeper teach me how to pronounce the name of the
castle and I still don’t think I’ve got it but it’s something like Caernarfon
Castle maybe that’s it I have one more castle to see today. I don’t think I’m going to pay to go
into this one. I’m spending like $25 on castles in one day seems like a bit
extravagant to me but it’s free to walk along the castle walls so that’s what I’m
doing right now just to get a feel for it literally figuratively, you know. it’s almost the summer solstice and so
it’s staying light really really late here. Right now it’s 8 p.m. and it’s still so
light outside but because I’m here so late it also means I’m the only one here That was such a lovely day. Thank you to
all the strangers who gave recommendations on Instagram to Lena
Dunham. Almost everywhere I went today I would call five out of five. I’m almost
back to my Airbnb now which is also lovely not recommended by lena Dunham’s
followers but just wonderful. I’ll tell you more about that tomorrow
but I’m almost back there now. I’ve got this new vlogging injury. My drone
freaked out and chopped my hand and that hurt a lot but that’s okay.
Otherwise an awesome day. I will say though that I already know I definitely
need to come back to Wales because I’ve just barely scratched the surface and
there were a ton of recommendations on that Instagram post for these awesome
places in southern Wales as well and I’m just not gonna be able to get there this
trip so hopefully fingers crossed I’ll be back soon.

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  1. Leigh Anne , there's a museum called the big pit there. It's a coal mine that's decommissioned but they take you down the mine to the coal face , unusual one but well worth a visit. Just thought you might try something different and of course Wales is famous for coal mining and choral singing. Greetings again from Ireland X.

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