Intelligence Report:: Terran Task Force Space Weapons!! Star Trek Online

Intelligence Report:: Terran Task Force Space Weapons!! Star Trek Online

what's up guys tubalove here and i'm joined by my good buddy dark blade and our birth it's late at night I'm letting it slide whatever all right we're once again here for another Intel Intel report and today's intelligence report is on the Terran task force weapon systems we just did the space set so now we're actually gonna do the weapons which this is one of those sets I'm gonna go ahead and preface it it's a damn good weapon set I mean blade can't argue with me on this one it's it's one of those reputations that has really good space weapons nope I could argue with you but then I would be wrong yeah he would be so I'm gonna go ahead and start this time we're gonna start with the console mark twelve console fair fluid hydraulic assembly now to me it's a decent console it's not a standout super awesome console you're starting off with nine point nine percent max hit points plus three two weapon and aux power and a point five percent shared torpedo recharge time reduction which really for most builds unless you're running multiple torpedoes if you're if you're building like I do normally you've only got one torpedo in the build which means that shared cooldown recharge is not gonna hit it off at all because you've only got one it's not gonna do it for one you'd have to have two torpedoes at least in the build for it to actually you get that cooldown reduction so when I look at it I'm looking at max hull and I'm looking at weapon and aux power so for me with how I build it's not doing a stand-up console it's something that if I can easily afford at the budget to mid-range level I might slot it because the hit points will help for a survival weapon and aux power depending on how I'm building can help my weapons get hotter and if I'm running an on ox to bat setup the extra three auxiliary power helps my temporal disentitlement suite for the crit chance and severe how's my healing helps the new car offensive and defensive traits from using those it's just it's an okay console to me it's not hitting a lot that I would want but it is better than some of the options that we've seen in the past as far as tanking with this basic mark 12 console blade is this something you would consider for a tank build or is it one of those in it to me this is one of the ones that really and truthfully unless I'm I just need something to fill a slot this is what I'm probably gonna pass over because it's another one of those cases for me of you know the way I build I don't usually run more than one torque anyway so that's not gonna help me in that aspect the power or a little bits of power that it gives through nice sure I'm not gonna sneeze at that but again not that great of an amount then you have the maximum hit points which would be the reason I would use the console if I used it more than likely but again if I'm using it for the maximum hit points there's a lot better consoles that will give a lot better bonus than strictly this so for me it's one of those ones that I'm kind of gonna pass on unless I just need something to fill the slot yeah I can kind of agree with you on that one now we're gonna go with the beam array now you have the phaser option and you can see that in my inventory you have the phaser option but you have to unlock tier six to get that and basically whatever I say about the beam array will count for the phaser because they're equal on this terran task force disruptor now even at mark 12 this is a damn good beam we're talking about it's got a decent disrupter damage it's got crit D and damages it's mods its damage dealt increases the target health of decreases so it's as you're decreasing the target's health you're getting more and more damage towards that target and then you've also got withering radiation proc so on top of it doing more day as the health decreases on your enemy you've also got a chance for withering radiation that can stack five times so you're burning the target with ready withering radiation and I'm gonna go ahead and say like the moment you can get this beam even on a budget disruptor bill I don't put these on the budgets that I do because I try to limit as much as possible what you're using in my budget builds but the moment I have access to this beam on a disruptor build I put it on there it's to me it's an instant upgrade with what it does this is a phenomenal disruptor beam and as you can see if you worry about leveling up the reputation first and then getting the weapons it's got the 2% bonus all damage which means it's going to hit even harder than what it would have when you first picked it up at I believe tier 4 so I always recommend if you're doing a disruptor build you find a place for the disruptor beam array or the dual heavy cannons which I also have right here in my inventory just because it's a good weapon set and the same goes for the phasers so if you've got a budget phaser cannon build or budget phaser beam array bill you've got the resources go ahead and pick it up because you're gonna want to upgrade that beam to epic and keep it on the build that's just how good they are I still use both of these beams on my beam boats they probably will not go anywhere when it comes to tanking though blade where you're running disruptors or phasers is this one of your go-to beams or because of because have how you build differently than I do is this one that it's a situational weapon this is one that for me it's a great beam it's definitely going to be an upgrade versus all the standard beams that I'm gonna pick up at the budget end but it's one that I can do great with it and can do great without it too it's not one that I absolutely have to have but it does translate into better threat Jen so if you can get it and you can use it then absolutely throw it on there but me you know I'm a big fan of spirals above all else but again I'm I'm just one of those weirdos I guess but yeah if you're looking for a good disruptor beam for a tank then this is one you're gonna want to consider so for me I'm saying definitely get it he's going maybe maybe not this is why we do these things we like to fight on camera well it's not really fighting no it's not really I call it bantering yeah that kind of thing all right but you got the phaser option so if you've got phaser builds you're considering this is reputation you want to keep an eye on because you're gonna have just as good you have for the disruptor variant is gonna be for the phaser variant so that's always something to consider then you've got the Terran task force photon torpedo and it comes with a crit D mod now for me it's going to take me a moment to explain this one you get the two bonus damage for it it's a good kinetic torpedo that does the same thing as the beam arrays so if you're hitting the targets when they're low on health with this torpedo it's going to hit phenomenal and it's got the 33% chance for withering radiation I go back and forth on this torpedo because I have used it and situationally this is actually a really good torpedo but you're also because of how torpedos interact for me I prefer if I'm running a disruptor or phaser build I prefer the energy variance because it's more consistent damage whether the targets at 100% health on their hull or 20% I can always guarantee it's hitting hard now if I can guarantee get the shields down I'm getting their hull rapidly down kind of let's say the advanced content then this is gonna probably work out just as well because with all the different boosts I can do this with kinetic damage and the new traits that have come out I could debuff and increase my damage to the point where this could probably hit maybe almost as hard as an energy torpedo let's get the withering radiation but it's a little bit situational I'm basically placing this torpedo and in the category that I've got that's just below energy types so I've got my na skin in my agony torpedo for destructor and phaser builds I would use this one for the destructor builds and in the same category as this torpedo I'm honestly putting what came out for me very recently for you guys watching this is a while down the road the prolonged engagement photon so I've been putting this torpedo right around the prolonged engagement which is right below energy and that's a close second because those two kinetic weapons are actually doing really well in testing especially when you're using with set bonuses so if you don't have access to let's say the a gimme torpedo since that was a reputation not a reputation and event torpedo I believe it was crystalline it was either crystalline or mirror you invasion if you don't have access to the agony energy torpedo I would go with either your prolonged engagement photon or I would go with taran task force those doing your next best that are gonna hit probably just as hard maybe like a one or two percent difference but they're gonna hit almost as hard as an agony torpedo and they're not getting boosted by energy consoles and you can work around that easily enough so I would keep this as a back pocket option if you don't want to use a energy torpedo you just want to stick with kinetics because you're a stickler for kinetic torpedoes on a starship this is what I would always consider know about you blade after that long spiel that I just put out there would you use this as a tank I mean I would say if I'm looking for a good tour I might use this but again it's one of those things for the way I like to build I think it's gonna come down to there's gonna be better set bonuses for me the way I like to build it's not to say that this is a bad torpedo by any means it's an absolutely phenomenal weapon it's just for my personal style I would prefer something like the energy torps that I can guarantee are a bit more consistent which means a bit more consistent threat gin for me or perhaps some type of other weapon that could lend do my healing I'd say maybe a colony weapon as a hypothetical or pretty much anything that'll let me slow the enemy down and don't get me wrong the radiation is good for threat because you know hits free damage which is gonna be free threat gen but me it's one of those cases again of why just have a one benefit when I can have you know two or more because I don't really go out of my way to build for radiation damage so it's not gonna be the greatest amount of damage to start with it's still gonna be damaged it's still gonna be threatened short weight I don't know it's just to me it's not one that really calls out to me that much breaked or if you like torts but again that's just I guess my personal taste in weapons and nothing against the weapon itself that's completely understandable now the reason I was saying that about the torpedo is the set bonuses which we're going to get into right now so for me if I was running set bonus from this from this particular weapon set I'd be running the beam array in the torpedo because the console does really not speak to me at all so running the beam of the torpedo I'm getting a 13.3% projectile weapon damage boost now that's a category one but still I'm making up for a little bit of the damage that I don't get from those technical consoles as far as energy boosting I'm getting into the torpedo because it's getting its own damage boosted and there's like I said there's ways around that as far as your skill tree or maybe you use one of the traits since this particular reputation has a category to torpedo damage boost as one of these space reputation boosts so you've got ways around it you even have projectile training which is a five-percent category to projectile bonus and as a personal space straight you get when you create your toon they can be upgraded to 7.5% if you get the k13 upgrade so there's ways that you can build where you can get this torpedo to hit just as hard as a energy type maybe I'd say 90% of time if not better and that that's mainly on how you're building it and how the build was doing versus what targets you're facing there's probably you know it just differs based on that I mean we've all seen that on budget builds that I've done for example and one run it might do 35k and no death the other one might do two deaths and it's 20k just depends but that's the big one of the big reasons why I like this torpedo is a secondary option if you're running it with a beam you get projectile damage and it already is a very good torpedo anyway so this is helping it further now if you're able to find room for the console you get secondary torpedo launchers so when you activate it and it's it's little clicky right here for 20 seconds you launch a torpedo it launches an additional basic torpedo of similar type upon impact and then if it's a destructible of device or destructible trope you know it takes two seconds and it fires it again so we're looking at a fire off the Terran Task Force Photon the moment it hits the target it's gonna fire off a second one without me having to do anything if I'm reading that correctly so fire four torpedo it hits the target it fires off another torpedo that is extra and then I can fire my next or pedo so for 20 seconds I'm getting a little extra kinetic damage there which could be nice whereas if I'm running like hyper plasma targetable in this build because I'm running two torpedoes then it fires off another hybrid plasma two seconds after launch so it's just gonna be part of that volley of torpedoes going through the target so if one gets shot down there's one to supplement it so it's good if you like to use a lot of torpedoes in your build because it's gonna give another dimension to it is it something that I'm looking at going yay for how I build my ships no and that's just because in order to do this I'd have to run a console that would probably hurt the build some rather than help it so for me it's kind of an aim but it definitely run it for the two-piece that's without question but blade you're looking at these set bonuses and what do they speak to you for as a tank well in terms of set bonuses the two-piece I mean pretty much self-explanatory hey free projectile damage which can translate to free threat gen so if I'm running the torpedo and like you I probably run the torpedo in the bane I wanted this at bonus oh that's gonna mean you know hey free projectile damage absolutely great nice to have now the three set is one that again I just I don't see myself using I don't see myself running because again in part because of the console but because I don't really run ohrp's that often I don't really run and when I do run at or I don't run more than just the one of them and it's usually because beset bonus or because it's you know an energy tort or something along those lines that I can guarantee a bit more consistent damage out of again that's not knocking this torpedo it's absolutely phenomenal but launching an additional torpedo that I mean it can be nice sure but like you I would end up hurting myself more than I would help myself by actually having to run that torpedo and as for is here a pussycat at my door oh yeah my cat is he's a night Prowler in case y'all are wondering but that's yeah what I'm saying before I was interrupted by four furry little feet is but these particular torpedoes I mean yeah it's nice to have that little bit extra but to me it's situation it's way too situational of a three-set if you're somebody that likes a lot of kinetic damage dirt has its uses but for me it's just I'm not with the way I build I'm not gonna be able to bring this set to the full potential that it could have I guess is what I'm trying to say out of this so to me an extra torpedo like that once in a while and having to run a console that I don't really care about ya know what I mean yeah absolutely so we've got a hit and miss on set bonuses for how medium build ultimately it's gonna come up to how you guys build with this set as far as whether it's worth it for the three-piece or just the two-piece or just an individual piece of gear and like I was saying like you could just be running the disruptor cannons or the phaser cannons or you'd be running just one of the beams so it just depends well let's go ahead we're gonna cut our cam for a second and upgrade these weapons so we can show them an epic and we'll be right back alright we're back ready to go over at the high end what everything looks like so we're gonna start off with a console again now for me you're noticing that the bonuses are not that big of a deal going from mark 12 very rare to mark 15 epic you're looking at an extra point 9 – the power level settings and you went from nine point nine percent max hold a 13% max hull and the shared cooldown shared repeater cooldown reduction stay exactly the same from me I mean it's an it's an okay place holder of a console at mark 12 but I would not upgrade the console as soon as I had a replacement unless I was trying to for whatever reason invest in the 3-piece bonus how I build this would be a placeholder at mark 12 I'd replace it with something better when I could it would never see this gold upgrade because I just I could not warrant the amount of resources that it would take to eat it to gold potentially for this minor of a boost at the high end especially when there's so many different ways to get power levels at the high end I mean quite honestly I get more packing I almost double this on power levels using a plasmatic leech and that console is out of date for most builds but if it was about power level I can't get it here max hit points I mean you really don't need super-high hull and this is a very minor boost to your hull I'll show you if I take the console off we go from 68 to 63 so I'm losing about 5k hull but if you know how to keep the hull resistances up when it comes to polarize hull you've built some decent resists in your starship specially because a lot of t6 starships they come with the resists in them but if you're dealing enough when it comes to shield and hull resists you won't miss it and it's time recording now that we have personal endeavor systems you're building into resists in space there anyway it kind of makes makes it worth this console it's coming one that you just look at you're like it maybe one day and that's just me blade what do you think about this thing happen oh I kind of have to echo some of the thoughts that you had for me I'm disappointed at how little of a bonus we got on upgrading this thing especially when you compare it to the amount of resources that you have to invest in order to actually get it to this point because you're going from mark 12 very rare to mark 15 epic you expect that it's gonna be a decent sized bonus and I just I don't see that here I don't see enough of a bonus to warrant actually goading this out now if I just had to lithium I didn't care to blow okay maybe I might consider it then but it's just as far as the main thing at the high end I don't see myself ever using this you're talking an additional four percent maximum hole and an additional one point eight power that's that's nothing I can sneeze that with other consoles and get better the only way like you said I would consider using this as if whatever reason I wanted to go for that three-piece bonus and I can't see a reason as to why I would want that at least for the way I build and to me it's just there's too many other consoles that outperform it like you said even the leech outperforms this cuz I don't see that tiny little bit of like 1.8 power I don't see that is making or breaking my build I don't really see that helping my build and like you said as far as the miniscule bonus but it gives I'm gonna take mine off I go from 62 down to about 57 and a half Oh roughly the same as you did not really it's not really a lot it's not I don't see that making or breaking anything or helping me so this is one that again at the high end I'm gonna pass yeah one of the things that the tank is telling you he doesn't mean that hit point bonus yeah you want to listen so let's go to the beams beams and cannons so an extra crits the very mod on there of course the ACT damage I'm just go ahead and say yeah when you're building your high end phaser earth disruptor build in today's game whether it's be memories or cannons you want to find a place for it this beam the beams and the cannons do phenomenally well at the high end when you're building around phaser disruptors it's one of those ones that I'll always recommend it's you pick it up you epic it out over time it's going to be worth it if we can ever reroll these beams to maybe make the mods a little bit more desirable even if it's just the epic mod so you know just depending I'd still say it like these are phenomenal beaming cannon weapons and I can't say enough about right now my vengeance is running the my phaser build currently it's running the Terran Task Force phaser my honesty's got the destructor built and it's got the tarantass force disruptor on it so I'm I'm not seeing anything bad whatsoever about this I love using these beams some people have said arguably this is the best single beam in the game I'm not gonna get into that argument I'm just gonna say if you're running phaser a disruptor you want these in the build just hands down but when it comes to your tanking builds at the high end is this a make-or-break beam for your build when it comes to threat gin I don't know that I would say make or break but at the high end it definitely gets my attention a lot more than it did at the budget end reason being is because it's just a lot stronger got pretty decent mods on it anyway like he said I would hope at some point we do get to re-roll in because I'd like to roll that to something a bit more consistent for what I like to use but if you're looking for a good in beam with what this is gonna give you then yeah you've got you've got some good options here you've got some good stuff with this beam it'll just I don't think I can oversell this beam I don't really think I can at the high end at least for disruptors it's a great beam and if you're looking to tank with it you won't be sorry this is one that I would absolutely recommend having in the build at the high end if you're wanting to tank with disruptors so to me it starts out as kind of okay and then once you ramp it up to the high end it gets a lot better gets a lot more potent and something that I actually do have one one or two with my disruptor builds on holodeck concurrently I think that says it all right there now listen to the photon torpedo lastly now it gets an extra crispy ready mod and I was talking about this to Darkblade off-camera I was doing some number crunching and right now you're seeing that it's got an eight thousand six hundred and ninety-four kinetic damage well when you boost that up to two hundred percent of 25 percent hull you've got basically a growing damage high-end torpedo that is gonna end up at roughly I want to say in my head seventeen point three K kinetic damage when it hits and that's a standard torpedo we're not counting what it does under the effects of spread and all that but what I'm looking at is combination of powers here first off I'm gonna show you I'm gonna show you the trait that I was talking about in reputation so I come all the way down here to torpedo damage this is the tarrant rate torpedo pre-fire sequence right – 15.6 bonus torpedo damage when I activate this that torpedo went from 86 to 98 so that's one way you can make up for that loss of damage when it comes to energy torpedoes versus kinetics you can just boost it damage but the other thing is there's been a lot of traits that help when it comes to D buffing or accentuating damage I'll say biggest ones right now superior area-denial where you're basically that's from your mirror escort carrier when you're doing Canon scatter volley or being fire at will you're basically adding a minus 30 I'll damage resistance debuff to any targets you're hitting almost like an attack pattern beta so you can debuff your targets right before those torpedoes hit the other big one that I see pairing the very well this torpedo on how its mechanics are it comes from the at the time of this recording the new sticks mirror dreadnought Cruiser in it straight vaulting ambitions will the moment with that trait the moment your foes are at 20% health your crit severity versus those foes go to 175 percent increase so let's say you're running in a hundred and thirty percent credit severity standard in your build the moment that foe let's say it's attack you wanna elite as a rough estimate once it hits 20 percent your crit severity gets that target went from a base of 130 now it's at 305 well also at that 20% hit Hall rating for that target this torpedo is at double damage 200 percent so it's a double damage and then you've just got a huge crit severity spike so those torpedoes crit on its new higher base damage and with that extra crit severity this is where I can see this torpedo competing with energy torpedoes now it's not gonna be as consistent in the beginning because it's having to do with shields and all that but if you're dealing with let's say an is a for example I can definitely see this torpedo potentially without the new trait but definitely with the new trait meeting up with where energy type torpedoes are at maybe even eking out above them by a few percent and I don't talk about much but actually outperforming in certain scenarios in energy type torpedo because of how things could stack in a run and that's just gonna be situational at best but if you don't like running energy jump videos there's a lot of situations where this one will be comparable enough to one where you'll want to run it and considering if you're running it with a beam you get extra projectile damage anyway in the two-piece this can be a very very nasty photon torpedo especially considering you've only got a six second recharge timer on it you're able to fire this thing off at a relatively nice pace you definitely want to look at it for your build and if you're trying to limit what you're spending because I know a lot of people don't want to spend a whole lot on lockbox traits or keys or anything like this even without some of the stuff that you would get from lock boxes and low B and all that it's still good enough for pedo with what you can do with a lot cheaper substitutes where this can definitely make an impact without having to really worry about spending a lot out of pocket or heavy grinding it's gonna be one of those torpedoes you want to keep your eyes on and you want to definitely try out an upgrade it might not have performed the energy type the first time but there might be times it is on par with its energy type equivalent which I would say for these builds is not akin or agony especially considering the agony as we roll about there are there is potential there and it's something that now that I've actually thought about it now that we're doing this Intel report I'm going to be testing out so you might see this test either before or after this Intel report is released because I'm liking what I'm seeing on paper for this torpedo and it's one that quite honestly not a whole lot of people talk about because it's all about the energy types now so definitely look for more on my channel about this torpedo by itself where I'm doing more testing because it can be definitely interesting but enough of me ranting and raving and going off on a tangent Darkblade what do you think about this torpedo for tanking is it something that you can see getting actual viable use or something you might pass up oh I think we are both guilty of the rant categories JEP just saying you don't help it sometimes let you say I do it too so I'm sure people out there would agree you know feel free to not agree I mean well but in seriousness and everything for this particular torpedo at the high end it's definitely one that if I wanted to use a tort especially if I'm using disruptors anyway I'm gonna consider this because like you're saying the fact that it's gonna scale up as the enemy gets lower in health that's a pretty big draw that means more damage which in turn translates to more threat gen but for this particular Torp like you're saying you've got some of the new traits now that's gonna be a huge deal that could be a very nice as the fights winding down I can guarantee that no matter what if i play my cards are it with this torpedo that it's one gonna be a good finisher for me in terms of damage and number two it's gonna be that nice little kick in the pants to guarantee that they're gonna keep their attention focused on me and away from everybody else though at the high end it is what I'm gonna consider as far as torpedoes I don't know that it's gonna replace any of my energy type towards because like like I say I just I think at least for the way I do they are a bit more consistent for me but this is it's one that's gonna be hard to pass up on if I'm looking for just a straight kinetic torp this is gonna be a very high contender on the list and we say that after doing prolonged engagement photon torpedo tests when it came out and that's another kinetic torpedo that's actually doing very well and they change its mechanics after we did our initial tests with it but it's still performing well so just because it's a kinetic type and everybody's going for energy types tear task force photon and prolong engagement photon are two that we can say keep your eye on them they have unique abilities where they can be pretty damn good especially if you don't like energy types so they're always always been the lookout for those let's all this how we got we've done enough ranting and raving hopefully we haven't bored you to death but we want to just try and give you all the facts how we're thinking because sometimes it's not enough to just go over the gear we want to be able to give you some ideas on how we're thinking and theory crafting with this stuff because it might help you never know and maybe you guys will point out something in the comments that we didn't think of and we're always open for that that's all the time we got until next time this is timber wolf in dark blade and we are signing off

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  1. I use torps, but they need to fly faster, most of the time the target is destroyed by someone else, and my torps just freeball

  2. the 3 piece torp clickie is super fun with torp builds, especially with rapid fire torps like the kentari, it nearly doubles your damage for 20 seconds…

  3. I consider that console a must have for torpedo boats. With the 3 pc activated you can rapid fire piles of torps for 2 rediculously good strafing runs. Lots of fun!

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