Is Manila safe for tourists? | exploring the most dangerous city in Southeast Asia

Is Manila safe for tourists? | exploring the most dangerous city in Southeast Asia

when I was buying my tickets from Shanghai to Philippines and I found out that there will be a layover in Manila I knew instantly that I could not just miss out on this opportunity operation of the device is indicated on the equipment itself we are about to take our opportunity to see something new everyone I ever talked to said don't go to Manila but none of these people have actually ever been to Manila and I don't really believe that you can judge a place before seeing it first so I decided to give Manila chance because getting drunk and chilling at the beach boracay was fun super fun but life is not all about getting drunk and chilling at the beach I personally think that one of the most fun things in life is exploring the places especially the ones that you really don't get much attention so we flew from Boracay to Manila and at first we couldn't really land because the weather was so bad since Philippines just experienced one of the worst typhoons in 30 years and then we made it to this city which was quite a hassle as well this is a traditional Filipino french fries and burger this is a traditional Filipino dish and very traditional dish also known as pizza near and Chi on adventure in Manila the me and at Christmas Chi in my name tell me he's not going out on the street in Manila is she gonna get a kidnap or is she gonna survive the next day we woke up early to have as much time to explore in Manila as possible everybody very strategic so this is my Western plates and this is an Asian plate I have no idea what that is but something Japanese I think it's like really nice of you actually I mean a parking lot that's cool one of my friends that I used to study with in Shanghai is originally from Manila and she told us everything about the places that we need to visit what areas are safe for us to stay in and she also recommended a driver renting a driver is probably the best way and the easiest way to see Manila since public transportation or taxis are not necessary the safest options for tourists so our driver picked us up early in the morning and we started the day in Makati the financial district of Manila which is really cool clean water and it's a safe place for tourists to just walk around the best thing about having a driver it was that Manila is such a huge city with population of 15 million and getting from one point to another can really take a while so while we were in the car the driver would tell us all these interesting things about the city and Philippines the political situation and the issues the country is dealing with in the sense of this truth I basically had a hard time vlogging in the car because he talks so much but it was cool it was really interesting to listen to him baby some people as soon as we left the business district the streets started to change very quickly and the vibes were completely different you could see that the city can get a little rough at times for me it was still interesting to see that part of the city and the streets were so colorful it was just so different to any city that I've ever been to before we kept saying that it looks like this crazy mix of Asia and Latin America unlike these houses are so colorful all these Manila looks really weird to me it looks like nothing I've ever seen before I thought that it would be like more similar to Bangkok sort of like Bangkok Ho Chi Minh City I know all these like big Southeast Asian cities but this is like really like I don't know like a mix between Asia and like Spanish and I don't know like it reminds me of Mexico or something like in South America then we stopped at Intramuros which is the old city of Manila created during the time when Philippines was a Spanish colony and you can definitely see the Spanish influence in the architecture it was a very beautiful area and we walked around the streets kids would smile and wave with us everyone seemed really friendly no one really made us feel uncomfortable and that was probably also the only place where I'm so honored tourists otherwise you don't really see many toys in Manila so we are at the Sun of boosting Church which is the oldest church and Philippines it says here that it's exactly four hundred thirty-four years old so it is very old and yeah our driver told us that like this part of the so this is the old town this part of the city's like safe for us to walk around so we're gonna walk around for a little bit but he told us to like keep to the Main Street don't go into dark alleys obviously yeah then we continue today we visited talking about it so part this is the famous coconut us me now how do you feel about coconut I bet it is we can't really go inside their cooker let publish it and we finished a day by the manila bay the mold pichia which is apparently the biggest mole of Asia hence the name it's right by dad Marina Bay Marina Bay I keep saying Marina Bay it's not Mar never hits Manila Bay even though sightseeing in Manila it's not the easiest thing and you do have to be careful but I can definitely tell you one thing Manila was great we had such a good experience there and for me that's just like yet another proof in life that it's not always the best idea to listen to what other people say I feel like at the end of the day you always have to just go out there and make up your own mind

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  1. I don’t know! Now on days I don’t even trust my hometown or Mexico even though I am a Spanish speaker!

  2. funny how foreigners make it sound like manila is the only city in the philippines. it gives other cities, like makati and other high end cities a bad image thru mistaken identity. just saying.

  3. Your tittle is misleading. Philippines is beautiful and people can communicate in English. Definitely it’s not perfect but safe enough to go around. Beach, volcanoes, interesting Cities are everywhere.

  4. I went to Manila in March 2019, from landing at airport shacks next to runway. Dirty streets, worst traffic in the world, nobody obey traffic rules. I stayed at the Conrad HILTON in Pasay we had bomb dogs and X-ray machines. All malls had metal detectors at pat searches, which they said was for our safety, but they did a poor job of searching. I’m a retired law enforcement, really it was a joke. Police and politicians are corrupt. The infrastructure was the worst I have ever been in. They loose 3.5 billion a year in income do to there traffic.i It took me 4.5 hours to drive to Angel City. After my girlfriend saw her family, I told her we were leaving going back to Singapore and Bangkok. Just think about this the Philippines had the Americans there after the war and they had a military base there. They had the first light rail system in South Asia in Manila and it still looks the same. Japan we dropped two nuclear bombs on them. Tokyo 35 million people, one of the cleanest safest and best infrastructures I’ve ever seen or used, Singapore cleanest city in the world, freshest air, infrastructure worst than Manila in 1965. Everyone has a home now. Bangkok fastest growing infrastructure needs to get better, traffic is bad, air quality is bad, driving is dangerous lots of accidents, but subway and sky train makes getting around safe and fast, crime is not bad. In all this cities except Manila I can go out a walk in alleys anytime of day and night. Visit the Philippines at your own risk, if you are not street smart, or have common sense. You should not go there it’s like Chicago, and New York not for the weak. I’ll never go back there again it was like old Tijuana Mexico. Also, I have been part of the Filipino community for 40 years, and have kids. They don’t like it there either. They all send money back to family, which is the number one source of income for that country. All the women I have known except for my er wife . All want to go retire there because it’s cheap to live. One of my wealthy friends divorced his wife and came back to the USA. I don’t like living in the USA anymore and I travel and live in other countries.

  5. When a country is lacking good public utilities and infrastructure. It will be deemed as unsafe and dangerous. Its easy to see why, all the citizens is using private car or buses, it create a gloomy impression about the city sociology. Take Singapore and Kuala Lumpur as an example, both country have good infrastructure and tourist are free to explore, affordable, convenience, secure and safe.

  6. Everyone!Its just an opinion.We cant touch someones opinion.That is their thoughts.People might not believe Or they might believe so please understand their opinions or their thoughts.

  7. Mabuhay welcome to the Philippines. The land of slum and poor and the most corrupt in asia. Most people in my country are poor and Low quality of life and Bad education and over confidence we're crazy and stupid with pageant. Yes sure only proud of my country Philippines is pageant. We don’t have anything. Most of the poor Filipinos are poorly educated. We are unemployed. That's why we have free time to talking nonsense . Talk about beauty queen and beauty pageant. Thx so much.

  8. I’m ur big fan in suzhou which close to Shanghai, you can contact me when u came to Suzhou, I’ll show u around.

  9. I'll give this video a little credit. At least they stuck to the safe places for tourists, unlike some other travel vloggers who try to tell you that you can go anywhere with the same safety you would use in your home country. That's not true. There are many places, such as Tondo, that those girls should never ever visit. Manila has some safe places, but it has many dangerous places where extreme poverty breeds extreme crime. If you visit, stay in Makati, BGC, MOA, and Ortigas areas and you'll be ok. Try to go to other parts of the city and you increase your risk of mugging, pickpockets, and even murder. In a nutshell, the Philippines expects foreigners to stay in tourist places and nice hotels and spend money at the malls. Though it isn't guaranteed you'll be attacked outside of those places, it also isn't guaranteed you won't be. Research first, and don't go to any locales without a few Filipinos with you to guide you and deter bad things.

  10. The people are Great so nice but streets around Robinson mall are nasty some places are Beautiful mostly around Provence,s museums in intramuros was lovely place theres a lot of really nice great places to visit in Manila

  11. There is nothing wrong with our beloved MANILA. It's the diversity of the people inhabiting it. So, if you want to survive in this amazing place. One must be tough, smart & intelligent, clever. If you have these attributes then you'll survive. Being lame and lousy has no place here. To us Filipinos, our Metro Manila is an amazing place like no other. Many Europeans and even Americans say negative things about this place but they always keep coming back here. Very silly!

  12. I was subscribed for a hot second then I realized that we got white privilege walking around my motherland and throwing your two cents! This is what really angers me the most about "privilege" – thinking y'all can just come to third world countries and think you're hot stuff + colonize…

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