Istanbul Vacation Travel Video Guide

Istanbul Vacation Travel Video Guide

Istanbul Golden Gateway to the only this city was once the center of the old world and still reflects two and a half centuries of history today this turbulent metropolis on the Bosporus is Europe's connection with Asia may the Turkish capital once had sonorous names such as Constantinople and Byzantium today this gateway between Europe and Asia has more than 15 million inhabitants and is not only Turkey's largest city but also a melting pot of various cultures a Greek colony Roman Imperial City capital of the Osman Empire Istanbul is full of colorful and dramatic history often referred to as the pearl of the Orient today it prefers to be known as a European metropolis this city is worthy of more than a flying visit it must be experienced to the for me it's a fascinating world between oxidant and all and the city's contemporary life manifests itself in progressive attitudes and much prosperity here oriental charm unites with a western lifestyle it's difficult to escape the hustle and bustle the streets the european-style city district on the northern side of the Golden Horn was founded as a trading colony by Genoese traders in 1261 in subsequent centuries the Europeans dominated the appearance and character of this area whose buildings and Main Street indicate the city's splendid pasture the size of nostalgic tramways transfers those who come here to bygone times when the upper classes lived in houses made of stone this medieval tower was once the end of a fortified wall that the Genoese built around their settlement in the middle of the 14th century from a viewing platform there's a wonderful view across the historic splendor of past centuries above the rooftops to the Bosporus with its luxury liners and fairy boots the medieval galata tower has been renovated many times but above the fifth floor it has retained its traditional automatic design on the banks of the Bosporus next to the galata bridge there is a great deal of fresh fish for sale an adventure of both eye and nose one thing is for sure the city's inhabitants appreciate their abundant supply of fresh fish and all the hacking that goes along with it seagulls it expectantly close to the fish stalls waiting for a tasty snack following time on a tradition water cellars in colorful traditional costume offered drinking water for sale hardly anyone buys the water but these colorful characters are a good excuse for a photograph on the opposite side of the galata bridge on the banks of the Golden Horn is the Yemi Carney mosque with a large number of domes and minarets built one on top of the other in front of the mosque there are some friendly shoe blacks who with our large shining boxes skillfully catch the attention of passers-by nearby the European railway line terminates built-in Art Nouveau style the train station was until 1977 the final destination of the legendary Orient Express Grand Bazaar is a city within a city through a large gate there is a labyrinth of corridors that were built over many centuries when you this enclosed market contains more than 4,000 shots within its seemingly endless halls and it's possible to buy almost anything here a vivid world full of the aromas of the Orient originally there was just one market here around which there were valleys and workshops eventually the buildings were expanded and the streets were roofed in until finally the entire complex was encircled by a warm next the bazaar was extended right down to the Bosporus here the city is alive everything revolves around selling and it's a traffic free zone the six slender minarets of the Sultan Ahmed mosque rise up proudly into the sky and dominate Istanbul silhouette a masterpiece of Islamic architecture this building with its step domes and huge proportions as an impressive site a site that is also augmented by a fine courtyard elegant arcade's frame the square in the center of which there is a hexagonal fountain in which the faithful once washed prior to prayer it's more popular named the blue mosque was derived from its covering of 21,000 valuable blue wall tiles from his neck Oh for massive five meter thick columns known as elephant feet support the immense weight of the large central dome eight years in construction the blue mosque was consecrated in 1617 it was then a brand-new religious symbol in Istanbul several Byzantine palaces made way for this building not far away is another of the cities impressive landmarks the Hagia Sophia there are several legends about this building and it's instigate a constant time its dome and walls were once covered with golden mosaics that made the building a unique historical monument in 1453 one of the world's most extraordinary churches was transformed into a mosque our Sultan Ahmed and is today an impressive Museum it's dome is slightly oval and is 30 meters in diameter it is directly in the center of the building and is supported by four huge pillars restored mosaics that depict Jesus are the highlight of each and every sightseeing tour the yarra baton system once provided constantinople with its water supply emperor justinian and this subterranean reservoir built and it holds eighty thousand cubic meters of water a forest of 336 decorated stone columns support the ceiling and it once served as a backdrop for a James Bond film this mighty gate is the entrance to the splendid world of the Turkish sub times top cop performer center of power of the Osman Empire it's like a small town with many exquisite buildings and wonderful parks the amazing wealth of the Osman monarchs is still evident today the third courtly to the honey the living quarters of the women and concubines topkapi palace contains several priceless works of art evidence of the power and influence of the Sultan's a number of earthquakes and fires destroyed many sections of the palace but much of it can still be visited today on the city's third hill and visible from all directions is the soul a man iike me the most beautiful mosque in Istanbul and the city's largest aahs manic building complex Cina the greatest architect of his time referred to this building as his greatest achievement and indeed this work brought him great acclaim its location offers a wonderful view to the Bosporus across the city's rooftops and domes it is thought that Emperor Valens may have been responsible for its construction in the fourth century AD but this aqueduct was most certainly in use prior to the Osman Empire and it is one of the city's most impressive achievements for a thousand years the ancient Theodosian walls saw fended off all those who attacked the city from the Marmara sea to the Golden Horn yeda coolie the castle of seven towers formed part of the city's fortifications it protected the porter area from where an exquisite Street led to the center of the city the fortress and its large inner courtyard was built according to the most up-to-date specifications that the 15th century had to offer of its inner buildings only the remains of a mosque have survived markets are still held in front of the old city wall as in bygone times even the construction of a new Street has not put an end to this traditional attraction later the Byzantine emperors had their palaces built in close proximity to the wall check for sera he is also part of a palace whose walls have been well preserved to the present day Istanbul is synonymous with history but it is also a fascinating modern city and each of its districts have their own intriguing character beyond the city wall at the end of the golden Hall is a destination for Islamic pilgrims the mosque in the picturesque village of a loop contains the grave of the highly revered abu ayyub al-ansari a color bearer of the prophet muhammad only after they have completed the customary washing ceremony are the men allowed to enter this religious place of pilgrimage in 1458 this gray provided the automatic capital with its religious connection to alice prophet precious tile ornaments that date back to the 16th century adorn the entrance to this central burial place that over the years has been made even more beautiful you the adjacent Hill is a city of graves it is a special honor to be buried here with a picturesque view across the Golden Horn the hill is crowned by the charming Pierre loti cafe that is extremely popular thanks to its idyllic location it was in this remote setting that the Globetrotter travel writer and womanizer loti found inspiration the Magnificent banks of the Bosporus the dolmabahçe a palace shines out in all of its ancient splendor solemnly guarded by a clock tower and a contingent of soldiers dolmabahçe ii is the city's third-largest Sultan's palace istanbul z' regal buildings are the most beautiful heritage oz manic architecture abundant decorations and reliefs adorn the huge stone gates marble lions guard the beautiful park in which the Sultan's once spent relaxing in pleasurable hours it is typical of the royal houses of the Occident in the middle of the 19th century it was not considered to be fashionable to reside in the Topkapi Syrah he thus sultan abdülmecid ordered the finest architects to build this new palace the Magnificent spacious entrance hall is similar to the architecture of the Paris Opera House and its large tall rooms indicate the power of the Sultan open arcades frame the large stairway whose Center is crowned by the largest chandelier in the world the beauty and splendor of the rooms as well as the exterior of the building is overwhelming the luxury of a thousand and one nights the palace contains around 200 rooms most of which have excellent views today the palace is part of the Turkish national museum and it's wonderfully decorated facades and unique location on the Bosporus is a truly remarkable site located on the European side of the Bosporus ortaköy has developed into a popular meeting place it has several bars and restaurants the mosque is still the center of this village like city district and it is overshadowed by the structure of the gigantic bridge to Asia that was built in 1973 Sultan abdülmecid had this neo-baroque mosque built close to the water so that he could reach it safely by boat in the 17th century those who lived here appreciated the beauty of the landscape the mild climate in the woodland on both sides of the Bosporus to reside here was the privilege of the elite high above the narrowest section of the Bosporus is the mighty fortified complex of Rome le he sorry the rivers form a military checkpoint but after the fall of Constantinople the fortress lost its strategic significance of today it is a popular tourist attraction Leonardo da Vinci's vision of a bridge across the Bosphorus was for many years only a dream but four hundred and seventy years later the dream became reality at a height of 64 meters two city districts have being united as one two continents being joined and can now experience the contrasting lifestyles of two completely different worlds Asia and Europe are only separated by a channel that connects the Marmara with a Black Sea and spanned by the largest chain bridge in Europe the border between both continents is as seamless as the waters of the Bosporus the face of the city is constantly changing but its contrasts remain it has survived for 2600 years the world's only city that is situated on two continents Istanbul a melting pot of culture and religion with a captivating allure and an atmosphere of mystique a metropolis of the soul Oh

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