"It's been a long journey for me...I'm just so happy"

"It's been a long journey for me…I'm just so happy"

when I first got here that was before my first or my second surgery so I was I got here I didn't like my physical they saw I needed a lot of stuff worked on so I got my surgery then after that I couldn't touch the court for a few months and that was torture for me so I was really just watching everybody else work out but I was just sitting twiddling my thumbs doing nothing and that was tough so now I'm on the court doing everything they got me playing different positions on the floor you know going up and down and everything so I have no restrictions anymore than that feels great it's such a blessing just to be able to be out there with no pain and just back to playing the game I love to play you know it's been a it's been a long journey for me back to this point but it's just I'm just so happy because it was boring so I didn't really know like when I get back to my full self and this and then you just got to think positive and hope God takes care of the rest so that's what I had to do just stay patient trust uh you know the training the training staff and uh you know Here I am so I'm just ready for some early ready to get it going in the back of my head I knew that I would be back here because my God has given me such a like a talent and such a like a natural gift and a passion for this game so I knew it's what I'm supposed to be doing because really I don't know what I what I would do if I wasn't hooping so I knew I would I would get back to to playing eventually but it was just those thoughts were just kind of like depressing in a way because it was just like I mean this is all I want to do and I can't do it right now so I just I think was just a waiting period for me I had to grow up a little bit as a man I'm just really trying to show a player that's gonna fit in with this team because we already got a really good thing going I'm not gonna go out there try to do too much you know four shots I just want to play my teammates win games and just show that I'm a complete player that can help the Nuggets win

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  1. This dude is going to be special.  Murray, Harris, Porter Jr. Jokic, and Bol Bol future is bright.  Just surprised Bol Bol isn't getting time in Summer League.

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