JAPAN ROAD TRIP #2 – Bear Territory & Local Japanese Home Invasion! πŸ‡―πŸ‡΅

JAPAN ROAD TRIP #2 – Bear Territory & Local Japanese Home Invasion! πŸ‡―πŸ‡΅

Check for footprints Yeah, now we have this (Japanese) Brown bear Big What makes clear that these guys live here Firstly, Imo just saw something while she was driving And secondly, if we walk up this graveyard That fence back there It’s a big one Made to keep something big inside We’ll continue!
So far ENGLISH SUBTITLED We’re looking for Abandoned building-ish, Powerplant It should be back here But now we have this We kinda gave up already We don’t have the exact location nor route But i thought, you know what It should be here somewhere Imo is too scared because there’s bears around But still I’m willing to investigate Have not seen a carcass yet From some animal Imo is with me this time Maybe that’s the way to the powerplant Do you wanna go that way ? – Absolutely not I thought so If there wouldn’t be any bears around I would do it But now it’s too creepy Since those animals can just kill you Check for footprints Maybe we’ll find some Did you find a footprint ? We chose to Cease the bear search momentarily The track is getting worse Didn’t find any trails And the car is back there so.. We’ll leave the place for now We found an amazing place With a really nice view and we’re quite high in the mountains .. we just found out We’re helping Imo get out of these bushes I don’t understand everything but thats OK It was a good idea to stop here Ladies and gentlemen You’d think the adventure ends here
But no We’re heading back to Tokyo now from Saitama We’re going to It still takes 1.5 hours If we don’t take the toll road that you see here We didn’t take it untill now But first, we’re going to eat That also needs to happen Imo is laughing in the car We’re going to eat here, in the small house If it’s fun enough Such a home invasion we had So far Imogen Yes thats true,
Thats correct See you soon So Far 08:30pm Ladies and gentlemen, back in tokyo What a day It was not easy But we made it
So far How’d it went?
– Good こんばんは
Good evening Yesterday was busier

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