Jeju Island Vacation Travel Video Guide

Jeju Island Vacation Travel Video Guide

about a hundred kilometres of South Korea's southern coast and lapped by the waves of the East China Sea is an island of the gods Jeju Island an extraordinary holiday paradise on a volcanic island with temples waterfalls tea plantations and several leisure facilities in the middle of the north coast is Jeju see the islands capital city the first thing that catches the eye is yung Duong rock that is situated on the city's western periphery an unusual lava formation that resembles a dragon's head Oh the national museum features the islands history and culture including the clothing of the first settlers and the boats that brought them here early handicrafts and diving also feature the indigenous population were once farmers and hunters until tourism arrived and changed their way of life the Sam Hangang open-air museum highlights the first-century of the islands habitation when the kingdom of Silla gave way to the rule of the Goryeo dynasty round Hut's built from the volcanic landscape were covered with horizontal reed roofs in order to withstand the region's powerful storms close to Jeju see a windmill denotes one of the islands many horse breeding farms riding has a long tradition here and is also popular with holidaymakers in 1276 the Mongols came here along with their horses which remained on the island and soon settled into the volcanic landscape at the center of the eastern part of the island is the Sangam buddha crater one of 360 of the islands volcanoes with a diameter that measures 2 kilometers it's an impressive sight at first the volcano is hard to make are due to the abundance of green vegetation that for thousands of years is encroached upon it's lava fields and walls today neat pathways of lava sand across this large area that originated from a molten mass deep within the bowels of the earth on our journey to the East Coast we stopped at the village of C onkeyup while ruled by King Sejong in 14:23 this was the island centre of government today the islands peace-loving inhabitants still live in their traditional read covered stone houses that are surrounded by high walls of lava the government of South Korea subsidizes the maintenance of this cultural treasure as it is an important feature of the local tourist industry the governor's large residence has been well preserved he ruled from here until 1914 the massive fortified walls were there watchtowers and gates a reminiscence of more belligerent times finally we reach the islands east coast that is dominated by the sea on Shan Ichiban an extinct volcano just off the coast seen from the adil ik bay the volcano's crater is picture postcard perfect the bay attracts many sightseers the village of Siong sanpo which means mountain fortress harbour was sighted here as it offered good shelter from the elements it's here that we encounter one of the islands famous female divers who is cleaning freshly caught seojun's before offering them for sale on the beach and there are horses too both day and night fishermen and their small boats catch fish in the surf that breaks around the volcanic mountain a few kilometers south along the coast to see up Chico gee a tiny romantic looking church stands isolated on a cliff at first it looks totally authentic it attracts hordes of sightseers but soon the truth is revealed this was the sit on which a highly popular TV series was filmed and the church and other buildings were used as backdrops perhaps the lighthouse is also an illusion at the side of the road fishermen hang their catch out to dry mix to their boats entertainment is popular on Jeju Island thus there are several circus buildings in which performances take place each day the Chinese circus is particularly popular with the mainland Korean and Japanese spectators who watch the shows with great enthusiasm this dreamland performance features highly skilled acts that are among the finest in the world and executed seamlessly some of the acts are not performed beyond these shores horses also feature and the daring performances of the writers are a reminder of the origin of this artform the amazing horseman of Mongolia in happy Tom the shows also begin amazing Chinese circus entertainment incredible acrobatics performed both in the air and on the ground however the highlight of the show is the motorcyclist who ride round within a ball of steel wire now we've arrived at the south coast and visit one of the islands largest and most beautiful Buddhist temples were Prien dong it has been beautifully renovated along with Christianity Confucianism and shamanism Buddhism is one of the main doctrines of Korean culture Buddhist doctrine has been transformed several times since it was first introduced here in 370 ad Seon better known as Zen is its most well-known form Buddhists are extremely tolerant and frequently share their places of worship with believers of the Shaymin doctrine the deities placed side by side with the Buddha figures still on the southern coast we visit the only waterfowl in Asia that flows directly into the sea 23 meter high yawn ban waterfowl to get closer to the waterfall it's necessary to negotiate the rocky terrain quite precarious it is too this place is famous due to the seeable legend he was a delegate of the Chinese emperor who sought a wife here this location is very popular with tourists and gets rather busy the Jew sangala de rock that dominates the coastline is 2 kilometres long a truly spectacular section of the coast south of hallasan Park deep below the surface the strangely shaped volcanic rock that is like a group of pillars these strange shapes were formed by the rapid cooling and shrinking of lava a little distance from the coast is a modern building complex that contains the biggest botanical garden in Asia GOG here one of the largest greenhouses in the world contains around 2,000 rare plants and more than 1,700 seed plants that blossom magnificently as well as many varieties of cacti the large park also features an Italian garden with ponds and colorful water lilies the Japanese garden contains a number of shining red bridges as well as several beautiful trees a tranquil paradise for the senses and now another attraction Pacific land here there's a modern theater with large water tanks situated in front of the stage a few cute monkeys show off their comical tricks necks it's the turn of the seals both in and out of the water they perform several times a day with their mouths they throw the ball into a basketball hoop and hold swimming races NIC's the highlight of the show dolphins demonstrate why they are among the most intelligent mammals known to man they're synchronized performances go well and they're huge side-by-side leaks into the air also impress the excited spectators from each corner of the island the landscape constantly rises towards the slopes of the hallow volcano at a height of nineteen hundred and fifty meters it dominates the island sub tropical humidity accumulates on its slopes and creates the perfect climate for the cultivation of tea that has been grown here since the third century the plantations are open to the public and visitors are able to observe the machines that harvest the islands green tea although harvesting methods have changed with the times the islands tea has retained its original quality and the plantation is a wonderfully romantic location the Western section of the south coast is called the Jean Marie coast and is only accessible on foot with more steep weather-beaten cliffs within the rocky walls of mini caves walking along the steep cliffs high above the sea is quite an adventure the bay features a replica of a Dutch trading ship that in 1653 was travelling towards Japan when it ran ashore here chipwrecked semen were taken to seoul with her imprisoned for 13 years until they eventually escaped the nearby fishing village of high ned boasts a special attraction it's the home of the island's famous female divers for generations these courageous women have dived for shells and seaweed and they do this without breathing apparatus after working for several hours they returned by boat they dive to a depth of 20 meters and go for 2 minutes who are breathing next they clean their working tools and prepare for the next dive their tools consist of an empty good for resting between the dives and a net in which to secure the results of their Labour's tired but content and attire than their black diving suits the female divers returned home an admirable age-old tradition the cheonjiyeon waterfall is also located on the south coast this to be found at the end of a tree covered Canyon or after heavy rainfall cascades of water plunge down from a cliff into a pool below from there the water flows through the canyon towards the sea a group photo in front of the waterfall is an absolute must on the western heights of the south coast is the song axe and crater again it's not a first apparent that it's an extinct volcano as its slopes are covered with green vegetation the Seacoast and Rocky Bay indicate that powerful eruptions once took place here and perhaps the volcano's benign appearance may only be a momentary lapse in the geological history of the island commercial fishing on large boats is very much a part of the south of jeju island's economy during the day the boats lay at anchor while the nets and machinery are prepared for the night's work various boat trips are available nearby they travel to many of the areas tiny islands we leave the harbor pass the fish stalls and sturdy Harbor defenses that have to withstand the region's savage storms after about 30 minutes the first islands come into view along some caves that were once used as hiding places the dark holes stir the imagination of the sightseers and many attempt to take a snapshot with one of the caves in the background soon the boat turns round and everyone is relieved to be heading back to the security of the harbor the captain skillfully steers the boat past the sea defenses and into the harbor entrance soon the passengers set foot on solid ground and another experience awaits a submarine trip on a tiny submarine a boat transports and brave tourists from the harbour just off a small island as a jetty in which the submarine can be boarded submarines slowly descends 30 metres at its passengers are able to experience a strange new world shoals of fish pass close to the portals colourful coral is also another splendid site next the submarine slowly rises to the surface and returns to the jetty from where the boats travels back to the harbor from a distance the submarine looks tiny after its final dive of the day it's taken back to the harbor the underwater adventure is over and the courageous explorers of the deeper return to try land in 2002 the city of siog repo hosted the football World Cup and a stadium for forty two thousand spectators was built that looks like a volcanic crater a devastating typhoon demolished some sections of the roof but fortunately no one was injured since then several dollar uu bands of guard of the stadium these huge stone grandfathers of a symbol of Jesu here there are several luxurious hotels and fine holiday resorts the Lotte Hotel is typical of the area's quality accommodation due to its subtropical climate Jeju Island has become a popular honeymoon destination for both Koreans and Japanese alike for those who don't wish to explore the islands many attractions the hotel complexes have several of their own holiday resorts such as this are ideal for casting aside the routine of everyday life despite the many tourists here these huge hotel complexes are a haven of leisure and relaxation numerous canals cross the huge park that surrounds the various hotel buildings and three picturesque windmills stand within a small link no wonder that a television series was filmed here in the evening many holidaymakers take photos using the illuminated windmills as a romantic backdrop another the climax of our tour Las Vegas meets South Korea it's the volcano fountain show with fire water and the gods a fantastic multimedia spectacular features the islands origins and the Battle of the laser gods volcanoes erupted with great explosions of light and glowing lava creates an island between foaming masses of water finally a fiery dragon appears to protect jeju-do for all eternity you

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  3. Hi , is Jeju island one area that can cover all these attractions by foot ? like a mountain trail ? or these attractions are miles away and need to travel to reach each attractions ?

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