Jesus Camp (2006) Official Trailer #1 - Documentary Movie HD

Jesus Camp (2006) Official Trailer #1 – Documentary Movie HD

this is a sick old world kid you got to change things boys and girls can change the world absolutely there are two kinds of people in the world people who love Jesus and people who don't where should we be putting our focus I'll tell you where our enemies are putting it they're putting it on the kids how long you been Christian at five I got saved yes I just wanting more of life you're going to Palestine they're taking their kids the camps like we take our kids to Bible camps and they're putting hand grenades in their hands there's an excitement yet there's a peace with it all – it's really cool I really feel that we're a key generation to Jesus coming back and we are a generation that needs to rise up and run with that time how do you want to be those who would give up their lives for Jesus being trained to be God's army beginnings of a movement raise up righteous judges there's a new church like this every two days in America 25% of American population that's about 80 million people if the evangelicals vote they determine the election they've taken over the White House Congress the judiciary for a generation this is just the tip of the iceberg 50 are you a part of it or not

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  1. MEMRI just reported on a Muslim school in Philly where the kids are taught to sing "we will chop off their heads" and praise jihadist "martyrs", otherwise known as Islamic terrorists. Only leftists are more disturbed by "Jesus Camp", because leftists are aligned with Islamic terrorism, and stay silent if not praise Muslims raising their kids to be terrorists in the US.

  2. I was raised in an evangelical Christian Church. Watching this gave me PTSD. I thank the universe every day I actually used my brain and got out.

  3. I’m a Christian and I have no idea what’s happening in this video 😂 this is definitely some type of cult, not Christianity what so ever.

  4. Lol, if those kids are so emotional and sensitive about god at that age, imagine what they’d do to their children (if they have them) when they do something “sinful” or don’t believe in God.

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