Jon Morley about his VeriSM Journey so far

Jon Morley about his VeriSM Journey so far

Hi I’m here SDI with Jon Morley, Jon hi
hi hello. Jon is one of the first certified and so Jon how’s your VeriSM
journey so far it’s been really interesting you know I started off in
December when I did the trainer training course with Susan van Hove, I did the
foundation course and it’s been really really interesting to learn new things
okay and so how is your VeriSM journey so far
do you have feedback on it positive negative yeah absolutely so I became
aware of VeriSM probably autumn last year the marketing was
very impressive and then I was invited to get involved with the the train the
trainer session and then I think the positive things about it on what was
really good is I learned some new new skills but also how they mesh your blend
the different practices together ITIL TOGAF etc rather than just being one
thing whereas some of the other courses I’ve done in the past have really just
said this is how you do it and you might want to consider various actually says
this is how you blend them together something probably not so new stuff
maybe some of the leadership and the softer skills but again if you haven’t
done that before it’s a great place to start yeah true and what’s your feeling
about the future first what I like about it is the fact that it’s community
driven I think it’s could help certainly with
the digital age that we’re in but I think the fact that it’s it’s not for
profit and it continuously looks to evolve rather than being something
corporate just to make money I think it’s great you know and when the
practitioner comes out I”m looking forward to see what that brings okay thank you for your comment always thank you Jon morley, just so you know

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