Journey of a Letter

Journey of a Letter

dear hope you have a lovely birthday lots of love Amelia I mean yeah have you ever wondered about the journey of a letter how does it get from you to its final destination I start my collection at one o'clock visit our 100 pillar boxes over free collections when I've collected all my posts from my roots I transport the post to Mount Pleasant for it to be soldiers there are 2000 members of staff here at Mount Pleasant all working to ensure your post is processed and delivered we saw hundreds and thousands of letters and parcels here at Mount Pleasant each day this is the color Fresa custom machine which rejects any item larger than the standard letter or card it's also suppressed the first and second class stamps items the color phaser custom machine processes 22 to 24 thousand items per hour by their cars like a millions can be posted first class one day and we deliver to the recipient the last working day the post now goes across to the intelligent letter sorting machine the machine reads the postcode and prints a bar code on each envelope this bar called holds details of the address the mail is now taken to the compact sequence sorting machine this machine sucks all the mail into the order that it will be delivered in Amelia's card now begins the outward journey towards mineral Hill delivery office I Drive the post to which my Hill delivery office overnight in time for it to be sorted ready to be delivered later that day bundles of letters are sorted into a frame each address has its own slot or Philip once the letters are in order they are delivered on fit by a post person Amelia's card has arrived in time for her grandmother's birthday so when you receive a card on your birthday or any letter in the post just think this is the journey of a letter you

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  1. I do wonder about the journey of a letter especially when it takes 21 f….n days to get from Wollongong to Auckland ,NZ.That is by air-mail and by way it is a 3 hour 15min., flight. so can somebody explain.???

  2. Could you show us where the postmen open Christmas cards, steal any money within, throw the envelope away and repeat, ad infinitum? Tell us how a RM postman is sacked, every single day of every single year, for theft. Tell us why my postman admits he needs glasses but fails to wear them, so he delivers other people's mail to me and God knows where mine goes. Many thanks.

  3. Hello, Great Video, Just wanted to share with the youtube community that USPS tracked packages with electronic delivery confirmation are not being scanned in by the UK and the Royal Mail services. They are stealing our USPS parcels and the english bound American shipped parcels are never being seen again. True store. We have lost dozens of them this year alone and let me point out it's only to the UK , ONLY. Maybe they are mad at us about Trmp and they are taking it out on American sellers. Who know's the reason but It's a true story. Our tracked parcels that we are paying almost 20 dollars each to ship overseas are not being scanned in once they reach the UK. They are being stolen and they are being disappeared.

  4. Can you show the video about the machines braking down and how the letters gets ripped apart in to pieces as the process is very fast and if 1 letter will get stuck at least a hundred will get ripped off, that would be interesting to see.

  5. "As a postman, I'm above the law so I ignore double yellow lines and park wherever I like." (See at 0:59)

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