Jung Haein’s Travel Log I 정해인의 걸어보고서 EP.1 Part.1 [ENG/2020.01.04]

Jung Haein’s Travel Log I 정해인의 걸어보고서 EP.1 Part.1 [ENG/2020.01.04]

(First greeting) Hello, viewers. I’m Jung Haein, an actor. It’s nice to meet you. (The largest city in the U.S.) (Population of Korea, about 51.7 million) (About 65.2 million tourists visit New York) (Everyone dreams about visiting there) This is on my bucket list. I’ve never been to New York. I’ve always wanted to visit New York. It’s one of my wishes. (The fall in New York) Since it’s my dream city, I’ll be happy with everything that I experience there. I will have a blast. (Jung Haein, a melodrama actor) (Will transform into a documentary producer) (This is a travel log) I love the fact that I’ll be traveling by foot. I enjoy walking. I’ll try my best to make it seem like I’m traveling with the viewers. (Central Park is full of romance) (He’ll be rowing a boat) (And receiving a massage) (At the great Niagara Falls) (He’ll be looking ugly for the first time) (He’ll be in a daze) (He’ll also get startled) (And collapse) (He’ll become a college student in New York) (And learn how to act) (He’ll be dancing as well) (This is his 8-day travel log) I’ll ask… The senior of “Backpack Travels” for some advice. (The variety show version of “Backpack Travels”) (He will meet with the producer of that show) (What kind of place is New York?) It’s on my bucket list to visit New York. You’ll be filming there? Yes. I’m going to New York. – You will? / – Yes. New York is on the top of the list of places not to go… – Is it not that great? / – By our producers. – You shouldn’t go there. / – What should we do? Those who go there are either downright newbies or very experienced. They’re experts at taking trips. I’m the former, then. What is the best way to achieve high ratings? That is important. – There needs to be water. / – Water? Water and fire. Such scenes will make them become immersed. We do have water-related scenes. – Really? / – Niagara Falls. Right, something like that. – You should eat tasty dishes. / – I eat a lot. – It’ll be like an eating show. / – Good. I’m confident about that. I need to also consider the screen time. I’ll be spending eight full days there. Right. Will there only be one episode? From what I know, there will be eight. Eight episodes? Will they air 10 minutes per episode? – Is this… / – Well… Is this like a punishment? I spend 2 weeks at a place to get an episode’s worth. (She takes 14 days to make one episode) Will you be alright? It takes 14 days to make one episode? Eight days is almost half of how long we usually go. But you’ll need to make almost 10 episodes’ worth. Right. (He has a headache) I’m a bit concerned. If you were a junior producer, I would’ve dissuaded you. (She would’ve dissuaded him) I’m in trouble. First of all, unlike ours, you’ll be in the show. You need to film yourself often. That’s my tip. – No. / – I think you should listen to me. – The viewers aren’t biased. / – Really? They know what they want. They wouldn’t watch this solely because of me. Things have changed. This feels like an interview with a junior. I feel like I need to pass you. I value the content and what we film. Okay, Producer Jung. Before the trip, I need to exchange money. I heard that doing it online will give you benefits. So I’ll do it right now and then go to the bank to retrieve it. I need to apply. I finished applying. It’s quite simple. I applied to exchange money. I’m here to receive it. You must be going abroad. Yes. I’m going to New York. – You’re going to New York? / – Yes. Here is your money. I’ll also be using a credit card. I’d like to know my options. There is a card that will give you more benefits when used abroad. Let me explain. – Please give me a moment. / – Sure. – Is this a credit card? / – Yes. (He reads through the benefits) Your application is complete. – Thank you. / – Thank you. (He gets a card to use abroad) (At Haein’s house) – Are you filming right now? / – Yes. I see. Why do you look so busy? This will be my first time going to New York. Producer Kim advised that I search things online, so I’m doing that. (He’s using an application) So… (Trying book his ticket and accommodation at once) There will be three men. It’d be nice if the room was big or if we had multiple rooms. I got 3,690 different places. This is Manhattan. It’s really convenient. (He’ll soon be leaving for New York) I’m half-excited and half-worried. I think that best describes my current feeling. I will experience it on my own. (New York, John F. Kennedy International Airport) (The exciting start of the trip) (Everyone is excited) (But among them) (He must be) (The most excited one) (Smiling) (He got all dolled up) Goodbye. – Safe travels. / – Thank you. (The flight will take 14 hours) (Meanwhile, New York is) (A nightless city) (Night falls on the city) (A new day is here, ready to welcome Haein) (When is Producer Jung arriving?) (He’ll be here soon) (Episode 1: I’ll Be Going to New York) (JFK Airport, New York) Wow. (He finally set foot in New York) Everything feels foreign. I could see the city from inside the plane. I found myself smiling. I couldn’t help but smile. (His excitement overpowered the exhaustion) I even received flowers. I even bought some coffee. (It’s his first coffee in New York) I tried to enjoy this vibe. (This is his way of enjoying New York) (He already looks photogenic just drinking coffee) I’m a bit lost here. I need to get a cab first. (He must catch a cab) I need to head to my accommodation. It’s in Manhattan. It’s quite pricey. It’s expensive. It’s $72. (He’s flustered by the amount) It’s pricey. What? I got a cab. I paid with my personal card. What should I do? I just checked what kind of card it was. That’s fine. The driver has high ratings. This is so nice. (He’s just so happy) Right, it’s T5. (He’s busy checking the cab’s number) (And carrying his luggage) – Is it you? / – Yes. I’m Jung Haein. I’m sorry. It’s okay. No problem. I can take it. – I’ll take it. / – Just a moment. – Okay. / – Let me take the flowers. – Flowers? / – Yes, let me take it. (He isn’t fluent) It looks so nice. Goodness. (He’s very content with the cab) Let’s go to the accommodation. (From airport to the accommodation) It’s so hectic. It’s been ages since I’ve gone somewhere alone. I always had my manager or someone else with me. (It feels surreal to be here alone) I feel free. It says, “Welcome to New York.” I’m slowly getting used to this city. Everything feels so surreal. (He’s fascinated) I’m not even there yet. I’m fascinated by this highway as well. (It looks similar to the highways in Korea) (Like a true producer, he observes his surroundings) There are American houses. I’ve only seen them in dramas. Isn’t that yellow vehicle a school bus? I’ve only seen them in dramas. (His second observation) It’s a school bus. I’ve never seen such a thing before. (It feels like he’s in an American drama) (The car drives over a bridge) This is called Robert F. Kennedy Bridge. This is the bridge I’m on. (It connects Manhattan, Queens and the Bronx) What? It’s called “Hell Gate.” It’s called “Hell Gate.” What is this? Are we entering that place? Why did they name it so? I’m flustered. (That’s the name of that bridge) Why is it called so? Look at that. It’s finally starting to look like New York. (He’s getting nearer to the skyscrapers) How nice. It feels like… This song suits this situation. At least, for now. (Producer Jung’s New York Playlist) (The first impression of the city) I thought… I’d be reminded of the song “Empire State of Mind,” but it’s not happening just yet. This song seems to suit this vibe better. (This is his first song choice) This feels great. I’m doing my best to absorb everything. Everything is new for me. (Determined to deliver the same feeling to the viewers) (His New York playlist will continue) I think we’re almost there. (He finally arrives at his accommodation) Sir. Thanks for giving me permission to shoot. – Okay. Thank you very much. / – Thank you. – Have a nice day. / – Okay, thank you so much. Have a nice day. Is this it? (Manhattan, the hub of New York) (Central Park is its heart) (10 minutes from his accommodation to the park) (He picked a house in the middle of a popular area) Wow, this is amazing. (He takes a photo) (He bends his back as much as possible) (After taking a selfie) I’m finally here. (He’s finally here) (Struggling) (He’s straining his back often today) (He checks in by inserting a passcode) Okay. Wow. (How does it look inside?) (A cozy-looking living room welcomes him) (The kitchen looks spacious) (He takes photos of every nook and cranny) (He goes upstairs) This is an American house. (Just the right amount of sunlight enters the room) An American house. This must be the bedroom. (Checking the closet) (Checking the bathroom) (Sitting on the bed) It feels weird to wear my shoes indoors. This is another bedroom. (There’s another room on the third floor) Something smells fragrant. (Across the hallway) There are three bedrooms. (There is another room) This place is perfect. (He’s content) (This is where he’ll be staying in New York) Which one should I pick? All the rooms look wonderful. It’s hard to choose. (There will be a total of 3 people) (He faces his first crisis) (Blinking) Let me check them out once more. (Rushing) I’m going to look at them again. (First room on the second floor) This is on the second floor. (He stops abruptly) Okay. This one’s on the third floor. (Second room is in front of the stairs) (He stops) (He meticulously scans the place) (Third room is across the hallway) (He visits the second room once more) (This isn’t a replay) (This isn’t deja vu) (He’s exhausted) Okay. (Which one will he choose?) I can’t pick. It’s a dilemma. This is driving me crazy. (He doesn’t know what to do) What should I do? (Looking very serious over nothing) My gosh. I think… (Has he made up his mind?) Once Jonggeon and Hyounsoo are here… We’ll need to discuss about it. I’m sure they’ll both feel the same way. This really isn’t easy to do. (He has made up his mind) Alright, then. (He transforms into a producer) In order to walk around the city, I’ll change my shoes and clothes. Shall we? (Chuckling) (Producer Jung is changing now) Ta-da. (Humming the background music himself) Ta-da. I can walk more comfortably in this outfit. And I’m wearing sneakers now. I’ll set out in this comfortable outfit. The weather is awesome here. It’s amazing. I’ll walk around to check out what’s around the accommodation. I’ll take a look around. (He’ll walk around his accommodation first) Go. (His first day as a New Yorker) (Giggling) (Giggling) (Giggling) Other people might think that I’m crazy. I keep smiling while walking. But, I can’t stop myself from smiling. (He can’t stop smiling) I’m just happy. Walking on the street is enough to make me happy. Now, it really feels like I’m in New York. (He takes his steps while feeling excited) Wow. (The fall of New York in the sky) This view is amazing. (Producer Jung’s Encyclopedia of New York) (Picturesque sky in the forest of buildings) Wow. Right now, the weather is great. It’s not that cold. I can see the steam coming from the sewer. That’s so interesting. (Steaming sewer) Wow. Look over there. I can see a yellow cab. That’s a yellow cab, right? I’ve seen them in movies. That’s the yellow cab. (Yellow cabs he often saw in movies) (Jung Hae In’s Travel Log) I’ll get in the yellow cab and go to Rockefeller Center. (His first time getting a yellow cab) (Not available) (Not available) (All the yellow cabs are taken) Getting a cab is harder than I thought. (Moving to the edge of the road as he’s desperate) (Looking sorrowful) Huh? That’s a taxi. Taxi. (Rushing in case he might lose the cab) Hello. Where are you going? – Rockefeller Center. / – What? No, my shift is finished. I’m going uptown. Okay. You are… (Responding at lightning speed) One second. (The driver is suddenly reconsidering) Where do you want to go? I want to go to Rockefeller Center. – Okay, come. No problem. / – Thank you. Alright. I barely managed to get a taxi. I’ll get in now. That was hard. He says he won’t drive us there. – He won’t drive us there. / – No. You can take another one. You can take another taxi. Do we get off here? – Wait, he won’t drive us there? / – No, he won’t. He rejected me. What should we do? Alright. (Really flustered) I’m in New York now, and the first yellow cab I got refused to give us a ride. He won’t drive us there. So I’ll try to get another taxi. I’m kind of hurt. (Heartbroken) I’m sad. Actually, it’s hard to get a cab on the main street in Korea. It’s the same in New York. (He tries to be positive) I’ll be patient and wait. There will be another one. (Zooming by) (I’m so upset) (Diligent and responsible Producer Jung) (He spots an empty yellow cab) (Trying to get a yellow cab for the second time) Hello. Can you drive me to Rockefeller Center? Rockefeller Center. (Will it be another no?) Thank you. I got it. (He manages to get the cab) I got one. Thank you, sir. (Let me get in the cab now) (Heading to Rockefeller Center) He’s kind. That was my first time getting a cab in New York. The first one rejected me. But I feel proud now. (Chuckling) I’m trying to go to… (What’s his itinerary for his first day in New York?) After checking out Rockefeller Center, I heard there’s a Halal Guys food truck around there. I’ve eaten at the Halal Guys in Itaewon. (He has dined there before) It was really good. I love spicy food. I heard that their food is the soul food for New Yorkers. So I’ll go there and try out New Yorkers’ soul food later. I’ll have it from the original truck. (Gulp) I didn’t eat anything after eating the in-flight meal, so I’m starving. (How will their food taste?) I’m glad that the weather is nice. (Very sunny) (The buildings are getting higher) (Dizzying height) (Taking a peek) Wow. This street is full of designer products. People must come here to shop. This street is good for shopping. (The whole street consists of boutiques) (I’ll see you later) (Checking out the fancy streets of New York) This is so fascinating. (Gleaming eyes) It’s so cool. (After driving through the forest of skyscrapers) The street looks impressive. We’ve arrived. (Flags of all nations) Thank you, sir. My gosh, this place looks amazing. This place… Am I at the right place? (Am I at Rockefeller Center?) I see an ice rink. (The first landmark of his first itinerary in New York) (Is he trying to doll himself up?) (His heart is pounding) Wow! (This place calls for photos) This place is so cool. This is amazing. (New York, city within a city) (Rockefeller Center) (Radio City) (NBC Studios) (All of 19 buildings in this area) (Were built by this rich man) (At the main entrance, the statue of Prometheus) (You can experience the ancient and modern times) (Designated as a National Historic Landmark in 1987) (Rockefeller Center) (Producer Jung is already captivated by this place) (This ice rink operates only during this season) I’m so happy. I didn’t do anything, but I’m just happy. I’m just happy to be on the street. (I’m so happy) I kind of want to go ice skating. (Oh, right!) (Taking a video of Rockefeller Center) (How does the video look?) (Moving the camera with the utmost attention) (I should show this to Producer Kim) Over there… I heard that they set up a Christmas tree during the holiday season. (The tree will be behind the statue of Prometheus) (Every year, they set up the Christmas tree) This place was in the movie, “Home Alone 2.” (Rockefeller Center shows up in a lot of movies) This is the place. The height of the Christmas tree is 24m. (This year, it’s 24m tall and weighs 12t) And 40,000 lights go on the tree. (It’ll be decorated with thousands of lights and stars) It’s huge. (Every year, they hold a lighting ceremony) (About 40,000 lights, about 24m tall) (Producer Jung, early Merry Christmas!) It’s sad that I won’t get to see the Christmas tree, but at least I got to see the ice skating rink. Lots of people are here to sightsee just like me. (It’s filled with tourists) (An elderly couple are having a good time) (They are taking a photo) (Let me also take a photo) If I keep taking photos, I’ll look like a tourist. I should do my best to act like a local. I should act natural. But I still need to take photos. Photos always end up being the best souvenirs. (I love the Rockefeller Center) (Anyone could tell that he’s a tourist) (He looks up at the sky) I see the national flag of South Korea. (It’s nice to see our national flag in New York) I’ll take a photo in front of the Korean flag. The Korean flag in front of the Rockefeller Center. I’m a proud and young Korean man. Okay. (Reverent) (I love our national flag even more) I pledge, in front of our proud Korean flag, allegiance to the Republic of Korea for the eternal glory of the country, liberty and freedom to the Republic of Korea. This feels a little weird. (He feels touched as a discharged soldier) (He takes a photo of the Korean flag) (He says goodbye to the Korean flag) (And heads to the next destination) I’m starting to get used to being around Americans. Wow. (New York is so interesting) I heard you can find a lot of people walking dogs in New York city. I’m sure some of them are actual owners of the dog. But I heard some people walk dogs as a part-time job. (Would you like to see my friends?) (Here are some dogs in New York) (That are easy to spot all over the city) (Hey, part-timer, let’s get going already) (I love walks! Me too) (The part-timers feed the dogs) (On behalf of their busy owners) (Would you like a snack? Yes) (And they also take care of their beauty) (We live in New York) (Now, let’s head to the next destination) (Let’s go!) (Producer Jung’s next destination) (If you keep walking from the Rockefeller Center) Wow. This is amazing. Wow. (Producer Jung isn’t used to expressing himself) (What’s the 2nd landmark that made him stare in awe?)

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