Just Ship It! The Journey, Episode 1

Just Ship It! The Journey, Episode 1

(ENERGETIC DRUM MUSIC) – [Michael Stelzner] Welcome to The Journey. This is a story about entrepreneurship
and marketing. And hopefully as you watch this show, you’ll see yourself as the central character. Our crazy, audacious goal is to
get 5,000 people to Social Media Marketing World this year. We had 3,100 people here last year. We wanna get to 10,000 by 2019,
which is our ultimate goal. The reality is that right now,
we’re at about 1,655 people. And I ran the numbers and
I started freaking out. We’re driving so much traffic to
the sales page right now, and we’ve been running these experiments
in Google Optimize, and I’m not a conversion rate
optimization expert. So, my idea is to hire somebody,
maybe Chris Dayley who is speaking at our conference, to help us figure out how we can increase
the likelihood that someone, who visits the sales page, actually
turns into a customer. Because, one of the problems we don’t have, is driving people there. Our challenge is getting them to
actually turn into a customer. If we can figure this stuff out now, out now, it has a crazy compounding effect right. – [Jen Ballard] Right. – Not just in the next few months, but for years as we continue to grow with confidence. (RING TONE) Super good to see you again man,
it’s been too long. Um, I think I’m at the point where I might need to become a customer of you. Um, because I’m convinced that you might be
able to help us materially improve our conversions for
Social Media Marketing World. So, I thought, what better guy
to call than Chris. – [Chris Dayley] Awesome! – So that’s, that’s where I’m at. – My only fear is that, is any
potential damage to our, to our personal relationship? Which I, I don’t think that would be a concern? – I don’t think so at all. I mean in reality, it would
strengthen it because… – I agree. ..we’d be working together even more and
you’d get to know a side, you’d get to know a different side of me. And frankly watching you is
also going to be something that’s going to empower me, um to try to do
more experiments. – Right. – But it will also empower me to
better evangelize you, ’cause I’m just dabblin’ I don’t know
what the heck I’m doin’. – I’ll send you over a contract and just have a month to month arrangement. – Exciting news, I just got
off the phone with Chris… – Ok. – ..and he wants to work with us
and he’s super stoked about working with us. – Ok. – So my hypothesis is that, if he is able
to help us to increase the conversion rate, even just a little bit… – Yeah, that would help a lot. – ..it could, it could be a huge return on
investment. We could spend the same amount
of money on advertising, and get maybe one or two sales. – Right. – Or we could spend, instead, money
on getting the people that come to the site to actually turn into customers. Contracts are underway right now
and hopefully, as early as next week, we will get that fixed. – Ok. – So, by the way I uh, accidentally
took the website down today. Lesson! When you go into WordPress and
you see the little checkbox that you never had checked before,
don’t check it. Welcome to our world. Ok, got my drink. We are super excited, we’ve got
some amazing news. We are going to be starting
our own television show…yes! We’re going to be starting
our own television show and the best way to describe this is, we’re going to be doing an episodic show
called, ‘The Journey.’ The people that are the stars of the show, are essentially the staff here
at Social Media Examiner. So, if you guys notice that I am on
speakerphone sometimes, when I’m not normally or I say,
“Hey can we get on video skype?” Or I walk into your office and
Mitch is behind me, now you’ll understand why. Because we’re super excited
that we’re going to be launching this brand new show. One of the struggles that we face
with puttin’ on a show is – that’s a weekly show – is that my cameraman
Mitch is a perfectionist. He’s exceptionally good at what he does. But the problem is that
when you put on a show, you gotta film for a couple of days, and then you gotta rap the film in, and then you gotta edit it and then you
gotta move onto the next week. And you have to ship it, and it can’t be perfect or there would be no show. So, the lesson that I think
applies to any entrepreneur or any marketer that’s listening
right now is that, sometimes we get caught up
in the future vision, instead of focusing on what needs to be done to get to the future vision. I kinda say, it’s like, we literally
have to build the bridge as we’re crossing it. Which is not away a lot of us like to operate. A lot of us like to plan out the bridge,
get the schematics, buy all the supplies. But guess what? We’re never gonna succeed
if we do it that way. My hope is that you can be
patient with imperfection, as you’re watching this show, because that’s what makes
this show more real. So hopefully, those of you that are watching, will forgive us that it’s not television quality, but will appreciate the fact that
we’re actually shipping it anyways. Two, three…Ship it! – Ship it! – Ship it! – Wait, at the same time. At the same time, you ready? Ok Ship it! Ship it! What the ship is this? (ENERGETIC DRUM MUSIC) – [Michael Stelzner] Please join me on,
‘The Journey.’ Subscribe now on YouTube
by visiting journey.show. For extra special appreciation,
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  1. Wow, I'm so impressed! Way to put yourself out there and share what's really going on. I could see myself getting hooked on this! Good tip: Build the bridge while crossing it, I am totally with you there 🙂 -Maile Ann

  2. A reality show based on a business with a specific goal to increase significant growth year over year? Heck ya! This is going to be great! #bellsquad

  3. Love it…Thank you for taking us behind the scenes…Looking forward to Social Media Marketing World 2018 (Virtually). Thank you for "Shipping" as it is encouraging me to ship as well.

  4. Thank you for being so transparent. As a small non-profit, it is comforting to see larger, more established businesses have similar struggles. I'm hoping to glean how your company overcomes obstacles and parlay the knowledge into moving our mission forward.

  5. Great job Michael. Love the fact you're putting this out there. I've been in SMMS for a year now and I love to see the behind the scenes and some of the struggles you guys are having too! (something akin to the DailyVee). THANK YOU! BTW, I'm in the 'Bell Squad'

  6. Michael – congrats a bold move – will watch closely & maybe write up a case study (with your permission) & include in my blog, books & my SOSTAC(r) Planning Portal www.SOSTAC.org . Good luck with your 'tube case story' .

  7. It is inspiring to see one of the "Big Guys" feels the same way I do. Sometimes I DO feel like "I'm just dabblin". And I've had that uncomfortable but humorous conversation with my tech lead about accidentally taking down our site.
    Thank you for sharing a bit of your world Michael!
    I only wish I'd waited a couple months before seeing this so I could binge watch the show!

  8. Great stuff, a real peak behind the scenes…real-life challenges we all struggle with! Looking forward to the next episode!

  9. I love the idea of this show. Excited to see the next episode. I would love to attend SMM World but I refuse to fly any more. Would you consider moving SMMW around the US? Boston for instance.

  10. Thank you for documenting this process! I am thinking of assigning the series for my Social Media students and I am attending SMMW for the first time this year —- I registered about a month ago.

  11. What an awesome idea! Thanks for creating this for us a putting it out there!! I'll be at Social Media Marketing World so I'm one of your numbers 🙂

  12. Greetings From Nigeria, honestly this is a great one, one that would eventually be referenced to in terms of solving issues of conversions in the marketing world.

    I am thrillingly interested in the episodes to come and the solutions to come out of it (the ups and down included – as this is inevitable).

    Well thought one to involve Chris Dayley.

    Speaking for Nigerians or Africa at large, who are extremely interested in Digital Marketing as a source of livelihood and passion, we are mostly held back from participating in events like yours due to financial constraints, this is not questioning the affordability of the event it'self (but we all know affordability is relative).

    With this little insight i would suggest you target agencies or agency holding companies in Nigeria and Africa, 'cos they have the financial ability to send in employees as part of their professional training.

    Secondly, in this part of the world certifications is an integral part, create a cult like certifications just as google is doing with its offerings and services – it's psychological for us Nigerians in particular, we can go a long way to achieving that cert (even if it means saving through the nose)

    so think about it, it would be great if Social media examiner comes in mind for every Nigerians and Africans at large when talking about social media marketing and advertising or even digital marketing in general.

    Pardon the long talk

    I just love Social Media Examiner
    Lekan Lawal

  13. This is really interesting for someone who is not (yet!) working with marketing as well – thank you so much for creating this series! Looking forward to the upcoming episodes 🙂

  14. Great idea to share this "journey," Mike. I'm excited for you as I have a feeling you've made a decision that is going to bust your goal wide open. It will be fun to watch. Let me know what I can do to help.

  15. I always get useful takeaways from Social Media Examiner and everything you are connected with. I am confident this will be no different. Looking forward to future episodes. Thanks Michael!

  16. been following the email newsletter for a few years now, you guys are extremely helpful, and this weekly show will be awesome, and you are exactly right about building the bridge while you walk across it, i do 2 weekly YouTube shows and I deal with imperfection with it to reach deadlines, but the more I do it i see some light at the end or beginning of the tunnel. I will be following your show weekly! great idea!

  17. This is really neat. I'm in a really similar position to Michael right now in my small business, and I am really excited to see this continue! Hope to pick up some great tips. Bell Squad joined, subscribed, and liked! Thanks guys

  18. Looking forward to hearing and seeing more on The Journey!! Hopefully pick up a few extra tips and tricks along the way!!

  19. Love the idea for this new video series! I really resonated with what you said about getting too fixated on the future vision than what needs to get done NOW to ship something. I get sucked into perfection stagnation so much! Prolific not perfect is the way forward!!

  20. Hey, Michael… you can get a little extra SEO juice to this video by renaming it, "Social Media Examiner – The Journey: Episode 1" Also, get more traffic to your website by including a link to it in the description under this video!

    Why not include a link to your registration page to "Social Media Marketing World" while you're at it? That's the focus of the video AND you may just get a few more registrations out of it!

    In fact, you can also include links to all your other social pages like Facebook, Twitter, etc. in the description box.

  21. Michael, that was awesome thank you and very inspiring. I try to listen to all of your podcasts and just recently listened to the one with Joel Comm, about 360 video,which was excellent. Joel, mentioned in the interview engagement is essential and I don't think you can truly acheive maximum engagement without some human interaction, people want to see who there spending their money with whether they are purchasing as a business or an individual. Keep up the excellent work all the bestJulian

  22. "When you see a little checkbox that you've never checked before… don't check it!" Sage WordPress advice! I've taken down my own WP sites several times because of similar mistakes.

  23. Love the concept of "we have to build the bridge as we are crossing it!" (4:30) Needed to hear that, as I have found I am not doing what I need to do now, to get to my future vision. 🙂 Keep 'em coming!

  24. Haha wow this looks like the behind the scenes of my business 😛 Feel like I'm "dabbling"? CHECK! Accidentally take down my own website from time to time? CHECK!

  25. The intro has the loudest, most obnoxious, jungle drum music! I hate it every time you bump in during one of the videos I'm watching and I select "skip ad" as fast as I can. Any way that you can reduce the volume or change the music?

  26. Super excited to find this. Thanks Michael for sharing your journey. Will be following you guys closely. And rooting for you.

  27. Mike, You are The Man on social media. I love this idea. Have had a similar one, but failed to pull the trigger on it two years ago. Trigger-pulling starts now. I am a loyal subscriber to the podcasts, and I expect to be one of the 10,000 at SMMW 2019. Keep up the good (GREAT) work. There is no better resource on the broad subject of social media marketing. The Man.

  28. Will be binge watching this now as a result of your show with Chris on YoupreneurFM — great first episode and definitely need to be building the bridge as I cross it in 2019

  29. So i've been listening to the podcast for about 6 months, and I just checked out The Journey and i'll be honest… I thought Micheal was much younger than he appears to be! 🙈 I'm sorry, but anyways… i love it. Thank you Social Media Examiner for all the value you provide.

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