Kea's Scoliosis Journey

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  1. I too have scoliosis…. I have targeted body donation as life's first goal…. Which has removed all my negativity and encouraged me to come out of the hell like waste burden I was carrying along with…. So please try it out… Be Positive…. It's your body…. Do emphasis on 'your'…. All the best

  2. Thank you Kea, my girlfriend had the surgery last year. It definitely is insightful,the video.

  3. I have scoliosis aswell. im at 52 Degrees and im a dancer. Im getting surgery at the end of summer at a place 1 and a half hours away from where i live. i got diagnosed with Scoliosis last november.

  4. You are so nice and positive.. I cried for two days straight.. Can I check with you.. Your scoliosis is 40 degrees immediately or at what age you realised is at 40 degrees or it is mild first??

  5. I'm 13 and on my 13th b day I found out my brace wasn't working in fact my back had gotten worse from 45 to 55 degrees and this means I have to get the surgery I'm so nervous and scared

  6. I had scoliosis so I had to get a mri which then I had to get a back brace but then a few weeks ago I had to get surgery but I am doing great

  7. My scoliosis is over 48 degrees and I have the brace. Originally I was told to get the surgery but since I’m still young they let me have the brace. As I grow and wear my brace and go to a lot of physical therapy my spine is supposed to correct on it’s own. This video made me confident that even if I have to get the surgery it won’t be so bad

  8. I had scoliosis too I had to have emergency surgery or I would of died.. I had a 75% curve the surgery saved my life my surgeon was dr champion at UNC HOSPITAL IN CHAPEL HILL NORTH CAROLINA

  9. Omg this video literally had me crying 😭its a blessing how people cares about you ! THANK YOU GOD ! You are blessed!!!

  10. I’m lucky I’m only at 11 degrees. But I haven’t seen a doctor yet and I don’t want to because I have ASD and hate being touched.

  11. Aww this is so sad I love doing track and I have scoliosis and have 2 rods in my back and I’m still fighting this! I hope we can fight it together! 💪🏻

  12. Omg this video is so sad almost had me in tears 😩😩❣️I’m Going in surgery April 26th I’m so scared 😩😩my scoliosis is bad & I have lots a back pain😩

  13. I have that as well I have 52° sense in only 11 and I have alot to grow they are letting me slide but if it goes more than 55° then I have to get surgery should I be scared or proud?

  14. I'm on my mum's account, I'm called Alice-rose, I'm ten and I'm getting my first S surgery tomorrow and I'm ten! (Btw don't tell me not to worry because I'm fine thx!)

  15. Its like 21.1 to be considered scoliosis and im at 45.5 and idk where i was going with this its nice to know i am not alone

  16. What you had to stay in the hospital for 4 days when I had surgery they let me go home the next day but mine was ear surgery and I had to stay in my bed for 2 weeks but I was ok with that because Hannah Montana my favorite show was on

  17. I have scoliosis and I'm 9….I got diagnosed with scoliosis 3 days ago and I started crying today cause I saw a picture of a 50 degree angle of a spine and saw my spine in a picture and it was the same…..and I heard that if you have a 50 degree angle you have to get surgery 😭

  18. Im getting surgery for my two curves and this video made me feel a lot better about it thanks so much

  19. I also have severe scoliosis but I have not done surgery. I hate staying in hospitals as I hate nurses. I am having out patient non surgical treatment by the doctors. I feel well. If I need surgery in hospital, I prefer dead.

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