Kid President & Star Trek Cast Surprise Hardworking Hotel Staff!

Kid President & Star Trek Cast Surprise Hardworking Hotel Staff!

Hello people of the world! I mean– actually, life forms around the galaxy. *presidential music* It’s like, you guys didn’t know this, but we’re filming in a hotel. *record scratch* You can zoom out and then you’ll see everything. There’s a mic there. The floor is red. So we heard about these nine awesome people who work right here in this hotel. Art department! These people are bringing joy everyday and they deserve to be celebrated. I see your smiling faces! So we’re going to make today awesome for them. *air guitar* Here’s the thing they have no idea that we’re throwing this party for them We got to be stealthy. *knocking at the door* Off camera: Kid President! Open up! That’s my crew! Not just any crew, the cast from Star Trek Beyond. Hey man! Hey! How are you? Nice to meet you! *happy laughter* We’re about to celebrate! But first, I gotta hand out these invitations. *music* *knock knock knock* You must be Julien! I am! haha What is it? I got it. I totally have it. I’m going to make a bouquet. I’ve never actually made a bouquet of flowers before in my life. There’s no helium. *intense music* This is– it’s like an operation. It’s a thing here. It’s a very coordinated effort we have going on here, the root beer float station. *intense music* I guess I got to take matters into my own hands. or mouth. These– uh– they don’t smell like anything. I got– I got the hang of this. This is– This is– fine. This is fine. Sorry *intense music* Where are the confetti canons? Off camera: Get ready. They’re about to walk in. Surprise! Here’s some flowers! We heard you guys are some of the most awesome people in this hotel. So me, and the cast of Star Trek, wanted to do something for you. You guys all work really hard. But beyond that, you bring so much awesomeness and happiness. Thank you for being awesome people. Let’s party! *cheering* I didn’t expect it, and it was really really nice. Confetti was flying, and smiles all around, everybody was laughing. Oh no, you got me there! I’m sorry if I cried but I’m so very sentimental. Guys! That was out of this world awesome. We were able to spread joy and happiness in warp speed time. You know what they always say, live long and prosper. and also, dance! *party music*

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  1. Dear kid president
    Hello please can you say a big hello to mr Taylor and all of 6T because he was a great teacher and I'm very sad to be leaving Harewood juniors and I want to wish the future class of 6T the best of luck and if it wasn't for mr Taylor I wouldn't be watching soul-pancake right now
    From quaverwivfear

  2. my first reaction: KID PRESIDENT GREW UP!! (for all those sarcasm people, of course I knew the moment would come)

  3. Hey Kid President!
    You have really Grown; and such a Handsome Young man.
    How old are You now?😇
    Peace & Blessings!
    ~Add Love!™

  4. ther are people that died whith out eat'ing… and you give food to people that have a job??? 😡😡👎👎👎👎 that's not cool do a real nice thing and help poor people then I whould support it ….. don't take it the wrong way…I also help people by give'ing to the poor not people whith a job

  5. hey you are very sweet and if you want to hear what I'm gonna say next then click it but I love what you do kid pres
    Read more

  6. This undoubtedly goes to prove no matter what age, gender and such you have the power to make someone's day. You just have to take the initiative to do so! This extremely kind of both Kid President and the Star Trek Reboot Cast. From a believer and a huge Trekkie "Dif tor heh smusma." [Live Long and Prosper in Vulcan.]

  7. CHRIS PINE'S LEGS ARE SO LONG. lol. ahahaha. (im short okay. just let me admire tall people's legs while I wait for puberty to hit me like how many years late)

  8. Dear kid president, you inspired me soo much you helped me make friends and actally be nice I realy appreciate you mde me #BRAVE thank you so much 10 year old, kylie . thanks again please notice this

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