Kim’s Discount (Drive Safe & Save) | State Farm® Commercial

Kim’s Discount (Drive Safe & Save) | State Farm® Commercial

[THEME SOUND] So Kim, you’re going for our big
Drive Safe and Save discount? Yep. Using the app, I’ve
been quite vigilant. [PHONE BUZZING] Sharon says step on it. The meeting’s started. OK. Write her back. “Dear Sharon, don’t
mess with my discount!” Faster mommy! I’ve got to go to the bathroom! I do too, honey, but
we’re going to hold it for mommy’s discount. [EXCLAIMS] Easy, easy. But you’re in labor. Don’t mess with my discount! [CLEARS THROAT] Get a discount up to
30% with Drive Safe and Save from State Farm.

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  1. Scam, run from it. it will never work in your favor. My son was in our driveway not moving when a call came in and he answered it and it deducted him 5 points of safe driving. It will be more for their favor and costing you money. FACT…….run

  2. I so LOVE this stupid commercial. I can’t get enough. Kim is hilarious 🤣😂 I mean when they cut from her in the minivan on the way to give birth to holding the baby 😂🤣🤣 I mean it’s comedy gold.

  3. Can someone tell me who plays Kim in this commercial? She looks so darn familiar. I thought she was actress Jewel Staite but I am pretty sure I am wrong.

  4. What do insurance companies have in common with Lloyd's of London? Everything because they're all communist whom seek to control you in the name of safety. Oh but not your safety… but theirs, protecting their bottom line. See Insurance companies are why we have "Car seats for kids that are half grown", "Safety belts", "Speed limit signs" etcetera ectetera. Now these scum bags want you to place yourself in chains for them in the name of more "SAFETY"! Don't buy into their bullshit people. First it starts of as an offer to get a discount next thing you know they're getting congress to pass another "safety law" taking away even more of your freedom. Don't chain yourself up. Fight back. STOP BUYING INSURANCE!!! Bond yourself you have the right to bond yourself and guess what it cost way less then insurance. Look into what I'm telling you. FREEDOM!!! M.A.G.A.


  6. STATE FARM. GET A NEW AD AGENCY. 🤫Hate this freakin commercial; major turn-off!!! Especially the screaming pregnant woman. I flip the channel when it come on. 👎👎👎

  7. i hope both women in this commercial die in horrible ways. most annoying commercial of all time plays every fucking 2 minutes

  8. These commercials make me laugh so hard everytime esp because she is so dedicated and serious to the acting 😂😂 like straight going for the academy award lol

  9. Wow,she going to named that baby Discount,maybe it will soon become Discount Dracula,waaahhhaaaaaa.Going to Bite your Neck waahhahhahha.

  10. Wait until Kim’s Drive Safe and Save app says it’s applied a $260 discount for the period between Jan. and July. but the actual amount is nowhere near the discount amount. It’s a scam and when you talk to your agent, you get a spiel worthy of a Carnival Barker who’s a Three Cats Monte dealer in the side.

  11. Kim is the most repulsive woman on TV. She seems like such a vile human being. I literally have to change the channel every time this commercial comes on.

  12. This commercial is obnoxious, loud, rude, and frankly puts a bad face on the rest of us "ladies". STOP THIS COMMERCIAL PLEASE!

  13. Ducking hate this commercial turns my stomach and they keep playing it YouTube hulu. Im a little glad is not on Pornhub.

  14. You're in labor!

    Me: Drives like Burt Reynolds in Smokey and the Bandit while playing chase music

  15. Please REMOVE THIS COMMERCIAL!! It's doing State Farm more harm than good. I mute it every time it comes on and therefore do not pay good attention to State Farm only negative attention! This commercial is so ANNOYING! You can do better than this for advertising!!!

  16. This commercial makes me want to shove hot wax in my ears and eyes so I don't have to hear this horrid screeching every again

  17. "I'm going to get my co-workers reprimanded, risk my kid pissing himself in the car, and disregard my health and the health of my crowning baby to save $17 a month."

  18. I don’t think I ever heard such a shrill voice in my life. This commercial is worse than the kid screaming he wants Pokémon from that stupid Pokémon card in cereal commercial.

    Whoever airs this everywhere needs to be fired or have hearing aid because they obviously can’t hear how terrible she sounds.

  19. This commercial is making me really consider shutting my cable off. I can’t mute this fast enough. F yo discount.

  20. Which one is worse, this one or the she shed???
    Because I'm about to drive to State Farms headquarters, find the marketing team that created it, and throw them in a burning she shed!!!

  21. Now you know what State Farm does with the hundreds of millions of dollars paid in by their policy holders.  Pitiful, and shameless….

  22. Worst commercial of all time. Most annoying woman I’ve ever seen on TV. Stupid ass ad I see everywhere. I wish they got in an accident while she was in labor

  23. i know you're suppose to be like, "hahaha she's pregnant, she's the boss and she's saying to focus on her discount!' Yet in reality in that situation i'd be like that's it you're now not responsible enough to make sound decisions since she's prioritizing her discount over a child. Because I wouldn't care at the moment what she has to say since she's messing around MY BABIES LIFE!!!!

  24. thanks for showing us how absolutely fucking strict you are with your insurance policies you republicans! ^^

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