KTM 790 ADVENTURE R – Test & Recensione da possessore

KTM 790 ADVENTURE R – Test & Recensione da possessore

Good morning guys we are with our 790 adventure r usually I review and try bikes that are not mine, in this case instead I decided to bring the review of my bike as it was a new bike since I got it among the first releases, and we have done about 8000 km at the moment so I would say that we started to test it, maybe less interesting video for those who follow me daily most interesting video for those interested in the bike and maybe a possible purchase. let’s start by saying what’s not standard so you can understand what I did with it let’s start from the front I would say high windshield of the standard of the standard version which should have a low off-road windshield which, however, practically does not protect anything this is also not a windshield of the very protective ones, so I would define it intermediate if you want something more protective you have to opt for the aftermarket graphics that have just arrived from wob design that I thank, really very nice and I have taken over the original design because I liked it a lot adding some finishing touches changing the graphics a bit in some places by adding the graphics on the mudguard that as standard is lacking, changing the tubulars provided by outback motor tech the originals are simply plastic in my opinion not much resistant in the sense that from a slip they cover, from strong blows in off-road I don’t know while these tubulars are more resistant I mounted the hooks for the bags in aluminum of sv motek, but this may interest you less, always plate of sv motek for their trio of suitcases and adjustable mirrors for off road. I would switch to instrumentation, and here we come to the first defect indeed, the first is almost the only defect that I have found in recent months with the cold this condensation has just formed five minutes ago I was on the bike, however, it wasn’t there after a while traveling in the cold the instrumentation probably heats up and does this light indeed not so light condensation on the sides I have already talked to ktm and it is a problem that they found, on which they are working precisely with the new equipment that will be supplied to customers the only thing that maybe I didn’t like very much, the fact that this instrumentation is also mounted on the duke 125 duke 390 bike of 5-6 thousand euros while here we are talking about a motorcycle that costs free dealer 14.190 so maybe a little more quality equipment I would have expected it similar to that of the 1290 adventure we have the standard ktm my ride, chance of connecting the phone both for the slightly stylized navigation and for intercom calls rally mode that on the basic version there is not, practically we have the possibility to set the mode rally that is little more responsive and the ability to set traction control from a level of 1 to 9 but exiting the rally mode we have four engine maps starting from the ergonomics and the position in the saddle I immediately tell you about the height is a fairly high bike because we are talking about 88 cm high while 83 for the standard version given the suspension with less excursion, however, I must say that I was not at all bad, at first glance it seems very high if I put on both feet consider that I am 175 I can touch with both toes pretty well let’s say this way here if you put both feet but we all know that we are more or less a bit on one side and as you see I touch very well with the whole sole let’s say I’m at the limit if it were a little higher it would start to put me in difficulty the positive thing is the weight because it is a bike that weighs 189 kg but the very low center of gravity also given by the tank that aesthetically, some do not like it, however, it lowers the center of gravity and also a nice cover for the legs when traveling especially with this nice cool I tested the bike in many conditions, from travel to fun on the road, today we will do a little off road just to have a little fun but I will tell you about everything I have tried The driving position is really really comfortable, the handlebar is at the right height, it does not bring us with the back forward, it is very close very similar to driving a motard or a real enduro therefore a position very very comfortable very easy the position of the footboards in my opinion is perfect, neither too far nor too far back so we can keep the angle of the knee around 90 degrees so very comfortable position even for when we travel, we now give some gas As you can see the drift is really well controlled both for its delivery and for its ease of driving Even when standing, the bike holds itself well between the legs, perhaps there is a little bit of this plastic that annoys a little for when we squeeze it, now I don’t have a technical suit so holding it between my legs is a little more difficult Suspensions that work really well in all conditions I found myself well on both asphalt and off road I have not done complicated stuff yet more than anything else because I have to find the right company since alone in very complicated places I don’t want to get stuck in, suspensions they have 240 mm of travel both front and rear fully adjustable in compression extension and preload the engine is a two-cylinder front-wheel drive 95 horses, which are by no means few, the bike has a particular output so in the first part we say from 2000 to 6,000 rpm it is quite an easy bike while above you feel the real power so let’s say that it can be used in two ways, in my opinion it is very convenient for the trip for which we can decide to keep a quiet pace with a motorcycle really smooth, hear here how it runs well or we can stay revved up to have a bike Pissed off. while precisely if we open at low revs we hear a first part where the bike is more soft, and then it starts to take power, hear this While as regards the elasticity we say that in the second we manage to go down quietly under 2,000 rpm and resume without too many shaking from the third up for example we are now in the fourth little at 2000 shakes up to practically 3000 where the bike becomes much more smooth but it is a little in style ktm the shaking and the bike a little more rough, when I spoke to you about the ergonomics I forgot to tell you about the saddle which is the fundamental part it is not a saddle that I would put among the soft ones but not even rigid because I have traveled on it I also spent four hours on the highway in a row, and I must say that it was ok I think it’s a good middle ground, let’s say for those who do a little off-roading and therefore need a rigid saddle where it transmits more sensations and a saddle to be used also for short travel, that of the standard is instead very hard so in my opinion to change immediately bridge, let’s jump, let’s see if we can it was pretty ok a little crooked, I wanted to try to get up here, I don’t know if it’s very slippery today, so I don’t know if it’s worth it but I would try anyway too much it’s slippery but as you saw the bike by breaking up a lot we managed to keep it under control right traction I do not have completely off-road tires, these are Mitas E07 50 percent road 50 percent off-road, but I like them very well because you can do a little of both, they really hold on the road well, so already the fact that you can make a good off-road is really good its originals were perhaps a little more suitable for off-roading but guys on the road really tended to unload you every time you opened the gas when exiting corners Motorcycle electronics really work well, but we have this traction control setting which I think is cool because sometimes the traction control is a little invasive we struggle because with the traction control active which is safer we have an intervention that bothers us when we want to have fun while maybe if it’s off we go to risk a little more while this control on nine levels is really fantastic, I don’t deactivate it anymore because I keep it on the middle that allows you to do that wheelie drifting a bit, you have to learn to live with electronics because it helps us so much, ABS is also really a bomb, which helps us even in the curve, ABS cornering, we are in the fold after a blind curve even maintaining good speed there was a car parked an accident we go to brake with the front still a little leaning the ABS intervenes in an excellent way even when folded now I don’t remember if over there the situation is a bit complicated But we will make do, the weight a little behind we touch the rear brake so as not to take too much speed that there is a nice curve there, ice also appears on the grass some mud That makes us slide a little left and right I would say that we have found the limit of these tires, the mud You practically don’t move with the wheel spinning But precisely this is due more to the tires than to the bike I’ll take you to see a nice place That’s why off road is nice When I told you there was some mud I was not kidding so let’s say that, for such tires, we got away with it Let’s go via the complicated part, come on I does nothing the 790, I went to Trentino on my trip made about 1,700 km in pairs about 400 km of highway and then fun between the curves 400 km go go, and 400 to return of course and the bike behaved really good really low average consumption, we speak of – wait here is a little bit I was saying, average consumption of 24 per liter I did on the go, obviously going slower because you always go a little more calm pace I hope you do it too On the highway you can not expect a lot because it is not an engine – it is not a 1200 – so let’s say that if you want to keep consumption low and go calmly The 130 it can really do them at low revs for those who want to maintain higher speeds, perhaps the bike acquires a little more vibrations a little more high revs, consumption a little higher, but we say that up to 150 in my opinion is a motorcycle with which you can safely travel and maintain that cruising speed above becomes complicated One thing that I haven’t talked about yet is the braking system we have a double 320mm disc at the front a single disc from 260 mm at the rear I would say it is a very modular braking, this means that it can also be used well in off-road and I must say that it brakes a lot in my opinion there is a small difference in quality compared to those by brembo because I had it on the 690 smc not because of braking because the braking is really good but as for a little screeching a little whistling these tend to do it a little more easily while the brembo I have to say that they were much quieter these, even when new, did a little whistle , so let’s say. another last thing we notice on the road is the great autonomy of this bike that may seem like bullshit but not having to stop every 200 kilometers to get fuel is really comfortable because you can put gas in the morning before going for a ride make your trip, and maybe you will stop again, not because you don’t like stopping for petrol but because you don’t know the area you take a mountain pass you don’t know when the next gas station will be, if you know you still have 2-300 km you are more relaxed compared to always having those 100 km counted, and having to stop for petrol often. the bike behaves really good, even in the fun between the curves I noticed it both as a couple when I went on a trip, and when I went for short trips,, for those who are interested and want to learn more can you can find on my channel both the video of the trip and other videos in which we had a bit of fun among the curves guys, I didn’t start giving you all the technical data of the bike because obviously you can see them very well in any technical data sheet then if you have any questions you can ask me in the comments I am here more to tell you the driving sensations and what I felt in my opinion, I tell you quite frankly, this is the perfect bike for dual sport for those who like to travel and tackle all terrains for those who travel like those in morocco or tunisia Saudi Arabia in so many places this is the bike really perfect to do everything you don’t go in the mule tracks even if someone like chris from ktm does it, but we are not him, so let’s say that if we don’t go on mule tracks, however, you can manage to do practically all the terrains you have to change the tire accordingly beware that otherwise we go long here, be careful that downhill you brake very little nice jump not the best to find the municipal in these places where you give gas, the test we did together with hp corse which is a company that makes exhausts, it was doing a completely open race exhaust the result in my opinion was excellent much more responsiveness at low revs where usually you have a little more momentum for this bike, less difference between practically the lower part and the upper part of the tachometer I leave you in the description various links so you can see the videos that may interest you more about this bike I leave you mainly the video of the trip, the video in which I enjoy the curves, so you also see how it behaves on the road and video of the motorcycle with the exhaust open which is truly a bomb. I leave you these three videos in description so you find them easily. we have come to the end of this test ride, which I hope you enjoyed I think I have more or less said all the topics that could interest you but surely I forgot something if you have any questions, write it in the comments too, I will be very happy to answer you I also hope that you like the graphics that made wob design and see you in the next video.

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  2. Mi piace davvero molto la versione R, la normale è orribile, sarebbe bello anche un test con la tenerè 700 e magari un confronto

  3. Gran moto, valutata dal sottoscritto fino a poco tempo fa per la sua versatilità, per la sua ciclistica e soprattutto per il suo utilizzo , poi ho optato per l'Africa Twin 1100 praticamente allo stesso prezzo, nella versione standard , che per me è e rimane di un altra categoria ( ho provato entrambe le moto) , brava KTM che è una casa che apprezzo molto e che da sempre mi affascina con le sue moto.

  4. Ciao Forno … un po' seguendoti un po' perchè ho provato bene la 790 … nel mio caso la adv … il 13 luglio ho preso la mia Ktm … ad oggi ho percorso 8600 km … problemi zero … tranne un malfuzionamento della luce stop. Sono soddisfatto … 25 con un litro circa anche stiracchaindola … io tanta strada e poco off dove con la mappa ofroad mi sono trovato benissimo … è cattiva e super divertente … si guida bene in tutte le condizioni … si l'autostrada non è il suo terreno d'elezione . Difetti ? scalda e in modo fastidioso sopra i 25 gradi soprattutto se vai piano … sella assurdamente dura… già rifatta ma che ora cambierò … della strumentazione io ho avuto pochi problemi di condensa pur avendo viaggiato in tutte le condizioni compreso freddo e un diluvio universale… trovo che le cifre delle varie informazioni di sx siano piccole e troppe in poco spazio … la mappatura rain non mi piace sembra che il motore sia rotto … la mia autonomia è stata sempre attorno ai 400 km … anche se entra in riserva a volte con 4 litri di riserva altre con 3 … il consumo l'ho calcolato da pieno a pieno … motore e ciclistica goduriosi non l'ho ancora provata in due … ma io sono alto 185 cm. e sono un 3xl … quindi è come fossimo quasi in due … ah ah ah ah . La vorrei con una strumentazione più grande e leggibile… che scaldi di meno … una sella degna di questo nome e il cavalletto centrale di serie … sorvolo su come piazzare la borsa sul serbatoio … restituito al mittente quell'obrobrio di attacco che ho visto tu hai tenuto … ho due borse che aggancio coi lacci …una vecchia voyager givi grande e una piccola kappa … per ora ho un bauletto della kappa da 52 l. che va benissimo … la consiglierei ? si … compratela subito prima che inizino a vendere quelle made in cina … la ricomprerei ? si … anche se ha difetti … è troppo divertente … dimenticavo la mia ha il cambio elettronico che nella guida tutto relax … dimentico di usare ma che stiracchiando un po' è davvero la ciliegia sulla torta … per la cronaca ho 64 anni e sono 54 anni che vado in giro su due ruote a motore … buona strada a tutti

  5. Nice review! Had a 690 smc in the past and I was thinking about this 790r (now riding a 500excf). How does it wheelie compared to the 690? Does it feel a lot heavier? Does it vibrate as much? Thank you!

  6. Minuto 8:31 io sono un endurista… ma non vi lamentate quando i contadini si incazzanno…
    Passate sopra il frumento mi sembra una cosa un po' ovvia…

  7. Domenica cave di botticino vieni con noi??? #tassellomonello. Hai detto tu che ti manca la compagnia per certi posti. Io ho le Karoo originali quindi non esagero

  8. Caro Forno…l'unico difetto, anche nella mia e il display con umidità…e un problema conosciuto. Non sanno ancora il motivo. Ma viene sostituito in garanzia. Ho la versione standart con parafango alto e sella power parts…come te avevo la 790 duke….e dopo Suzuki, Kawasaki, Guzzi, Honda e Triumph, devo dire che le KTM sono ignoranti e divertenti…chi ci sale su capisce e difficile che dopo le lascia…..

  9. Solo tu potevi trovare la municipale lì 😂.. Gran bella moto la 790 adv r e bella la recensione! Hai detto cose che i tester come moto.it ecc.. Non dicono, ad esempio il problema del display. È un difetto di tutte le moto che hanno quel display?

  10. se hai bisogno di un gruppo per andare a fare dei giri sia in on che in off road puoi iscriverti su facebook a 6% in moto tutto l’anno e la vinoica (sono gruppi che organizzano giri per la toscana ma esiste anche il 6% italia)

  11. Ciao, bel video 👍 la mia dovrebbe arrivare a giorni. Mi hai un po' spaventato con il commento sulle gomme originali 🤐 ti quanti km ci hai fatto? Grazie 👍

  12. innanzitutto grande forno e buon anno!!
    aspetto un bel test ride con tanto di comparativa con la yamaha teneré 700

  13. Ciao, volevo chiederti cosa non ti soddisfi della s,che per l uso stradale ho trovato ottima, giustamente tarata di sospensioni e dotata di una buona protezione,con le sella a 830 e cupolino al massimo,e di un motore dolce e nel contempo cattivo.
    Poi mi piacerebbe un confronto serio col tenere' 700,che reputo una buona moto,ma che non ho sentito nessuno inquadrare nella giusta categoria,quindi un bel po' sotto al 790 per componentistica tecnica e versatilità.

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