KVD — NItro Z21 boat tour, 2019 MLF Bass Pro Tour

KVD — NItro Z21 boat tour, 2019 MLF Bass Pro Tour

hey it's 2019 brand-new year and I've got my new rig here I've got online stuff we're gonna film some stuff today on it so come on in let's check it out this is it right here is my brand-new z21 I've got it fully rigged I'm just getting all my gear put in it and stuff to get ready for the new Bass Pro Tour season a major league fishing can't wait to take you through it and show you all the stuff that I have rigged on it let's start here at the back you know first and foremost one of the things I'm really excited about is the new mercury 250 Pro access four-stroke you know I got one last year midseason and what an incredible engine I mean totally change the game as far as being a top performer it basically outperforms the previous two-stroke Pro XS in every category you know in holeshot and low end and fuel economy it's got a 85 amp alternator top-end it's super smooth it's got a great sound to it and what I like more than anything it is unbelievably reliable so I am so proud to have this thing on the back of the boat it is the most significant improvement in outboard technology in my 30-year career that I've seen it's an amazing engine you know I've got the engine on an Atlas hydraulic jack plate I got a black one this year so it kind of matches the rest of the rig what I love about a hydraulic jack plate like this Atlas is that you know if I'm in real shallow water I can idle get that engine up high you know through the grass and things like that we're starting off on the Kissimmee team and I'm gonna be going through a lot of pads Ksenia grass things like that so being able to idle through that shallow water and then be able to put the boat on plane in that super shallow water is important with this mercury 250 Pro XS it's got an incredible hole shot I can jack that jack plate up pop it out of the hole in literally two foot of water without touching the bottom or anything like that and save a lot of time so it's a great setup definitely enhances your overall top performance – you know I can adjust the height that engine perfect for the weight and balance that you know the load that I'm carrying in my seat you know and I'm gonna get the maximum performance that way it's just a really great setup another thing that mercury has is a feature they call active trim and it's something that I thought you know I know how to run the trim and it's not a big deal but this active trim automatically adjusts the trim to the load of your boat you know to the conditions that you have out there and it's pretty spot-on it's going to give you the best fuel economy the best performance and especially for a first time you know boat user that active trim just takes the guesswork out of knowing how to have your engine trim to take off you know through rough water or in a turn or things like that it's gonna maximize your performance at all levels so it's a really cool feature that I thought I would never be interested in but once I used it I was sold on it you know I've got two talents on the back I went with the eight footers you know the great thing about you know the MinnKota and hummingbird setup that I have is that all of this equipment works together my talons are connected to my hummingbird net finders and it's all connected to my all track you know when you have the lake master HD map on it I can have this system do a lot of things for me but you know having these eight footers they're shorter than the heights of the engine if I've got my trolling motor you know spot lock down a spot and I want to run to the back and fish straight out the back in a heavy wind they're not in my way if I'm fishing a jerkbait or something like that they're just not tall and if I need to anchor deeper than that that all tricks will do it for me I mean I put it on spot lock and it's gonna keep me right there in that position so to me this is the perfect setup I've got them on brackets that I can fold down if I'm on you know fishing big water rough water where I'm not gonna need them I can actually lay them back if I need to and it's just to me is a really great setup I've got a yo low tech mount here for my GoPros you know one of the things this day and age is we're trying to get every shot you know when we're out there fishing tournaments trying to get all those angles and a GoPro does a great job of that it's they're so wide I've got a mounted you know front to back we'll see them but having one here really gives you that bird's-eye view from the back of the boat the other neat thing about this yellow tech stick is I've got a light for it so if you wanna you know have a light that will really shine through the whole boat instead of just you running light you can pop that in there and you know put that light on there and work on your tackle early in the morning so it's just a it's a really neat feature that th Marine built into it by adding the light to it too it's got USB ports so you can charge you know your camera there from it if you ever need to charge your phone or anything it's it's another port for it too so just a great setup so one of the big changes for me this year is I got lithium Pro batteries for my whole system so you know I've been running the lithium batteries for the last few years I've been using the 36 volt version and they are just incredible so each battery weighs 27 pounds as opposed to a typical lead-acid battery you know some of these a GM's that give you no not even as much output you know they're 90 pounds apiece so I've got four of these 12-volt batteries here in the rear compartment and the nice thing is is I've got a ton of space because now with this new mercury engine I don't have an oil injection system or anything at all for that and it works out real well so I've got my three 12-volt trolling motor batteries again they're the lithium pros they weigh 27 pounds of piece and I've got a crank battery over here on the side for it and it gives me space where I've got my spare prop mounted you know right here in the back you know I can't take a chance so I carry a lot of extra tools a lot of extra equipment things like that with me this system works really good you know Nitro put you know a battery switch in the back here so I can turn all the power off to everything in the boat it's got a jump mode to to where if I you know had the crank battery go down that I can pull from these to actually crank the engine it's really not a problem with the alternator on this new Pro access it works phenomenal to to charge that that system you know I've got a min Kota for Bank battery charger built in back here so I charges all these at night time to get them get them topped off and I also got a battery management switch to turn all the power off to my you know troller motor system – so one of the nice things that I like to have is being able to know that I have all the power cut to everything in the boat so I you know you don't have anything ever draining your system while your boat sitting so if it's in storage you know like it is this time of year I'm never having those batteries bleed down because they're you know pulling some power from your talons or something like that so it's a really good really good system so everything is nice and clean back here nitrile makes a you know a great system as far as having all the wiring connected to posts and things like that it's just a real efficient system it's easy to access all your pumps and things like that this makes it makes it really nice from the back of the boat you know the real advantage of having you know these four lithium batteries is the amount of power that I have with them for one thing obviously my run time is is incredible they're hotter than a cup of typical battery so and it ends up increasing the thrust of my Toronto motor but it's the weight savings you know I just never ever ever I'm gonna run out of power in a day I could probably run them two or three days without charging them but when you have four of them at twenty-seven pounds of piece I'm just over a hundred pounds for all my batteries and what I had before if I had to use a GM s it's gonna be three hundred and sixty pounds so I'm basically saving over two hundred and fifty pounds of weight by using these batteries and increasing the amount of power and runtime that I have for my trolling motor so for somebody like myself you know even though they cost more they last for years and years and years my last set you know I ran them for four and a half years and they still test at 99.9 percent so you know they save you money over time but they're just so much stronger hotter and lighter that it's it's something that I have to have you know being a competitive fisherman this year I ordered a different little configuration instead of having the third seat I've got this extra little storage box here you know I can keep my remotes and things for my pilot or you know my extra motes for my trolling motor and that's what I love about the you know the MinnKota hummingbird one boat Network is that I have so many options to be able to to run everything you know I've got GoPro mounts already mounted on the console here on each side I've got one here on the deck level I've got one up on the trolling motor I've got the new hero seven and you know it's just a super easy camera to use it networks to your phone I can you know send all those videos or clips right away you can post them to your social channels and things like that it's just a it's just a great way to do it you know here at the console I've got you know two hummingbird helix twelves and you know everything is you know right at your fingertips I got a stereo in the boat this year you know you got to listen to the Metallica and stuff in the morning so I got my stereo and everything you know you got a ram cell phone holder here there's a charge port for your phone there all your controls are here and again you know with a new mercury system I can see all my gauges and and everything everything to do with the engine right on the depth finder screens now so you know I typically use one for mapping and one for sonar and with the lake master HD system I mean the maps are just absolutely incredible you know you can do a lot of things with them and especially now with the all tracks you know I can get it to follow a contour line on my lake master map and things like that I can you know go to waypoints with my trolling motor having all of this network together is a huge advantage to be you know to have my talents my hummingbirds and my trolling motor all linked to all thinking together all working together it adds a lot of features and really helps me with boat control so it's a it's a really really awesome system you know the seats themselves in the in the z21 are are pretty awesome they really really cradle yeah I mean really well-designed I've got you know lumbar support it's it's a power seat you can you can blow it up I can kind of adjust it to my own comfort level of course obviously you can move them back and forth you know for the length of your legs I've got a th Marine hot for it I love that system because it keeps you know both hands on the wheel you know I don't have to worry about throttle control over here all I got to do is put it in gear and I can control everything from here I've got the key handles for the jack plate and for my trim just makes it a really good system and again I've got my depth finders right here they're mounted you know on the console side by side but I got good vision over the top of them so it works out works out really really well I've got for safety you know I've got a locker bar and that to me is something that is a it's a good visual lock you know if I'm in some sketchy places I can I can have that in its got an alarm built into it too but on top of that too you know I've got th alarm system – a two-way alarm system for my boat I can set that and you know you pull into a hotel at night or something like that if somebody actually touches this rig you know they try to open a lid they step on your trailer do anything like that this is gonna set that alarm off so you know the locker bar is a great visual you know tool to keep people from messin with with anything in your boat but this right here that two-way alarm is is definitely something that just gives me a ton of peace of mind it's already saved me several times where I've had and I don't know why or who or what but it's gone off I'll be in my hotel room sleeping at night and you know all of a sudden the key fob will vibrate and buzz and lets you know that if somebody's messing with your stuff and you go out there and I can see that eight it already scared them away so it's a great system as much as I've got invested in my tackle and equipment I don't want to take any chances on on any of that if you notice – I've got a lot of lights in the boat so these are th marine rock lights and I really love them the it's a it's a great setup to have for you know low light condition to work on your tackle I like the red white combination because the bugs aren't drawn to the red you know they definitely are drawn to white light so I don't want to have too much white light there and you know I can be getting ready working on my tackle early in the morning and I can see what's going on I've got them under the console so that lights the floor of the boat we've got them in the back and if you look on the trailer these are my favorite ones so I've got white lights mounted right on top of the frame it shines up on the boat as you're as you're driving down the road the big thing there is you know rainy dark nights when I'm you know traveling to the next tournament things like that everybody around you can see your rig you know they're not gonna know that you're not pulling the trail are not gonna see all those lights on there and I can really see it too so if you're you know in a tight parking lot or you're trying to back it into a hotel you know space things like that it really helps me see where exactly where my trailer is and everything like that so to me those are something that once I had them the first time I've absolutely got to have it you know I've got my brand new MinnKota all tracks this is you know the latest motor out there and I had one last year and it's a game changer there's no doubt about it that having the GPS built-in and and the features like spot lock and that we're just hold you in place and you don't have to worry about anything but catching the fish you know to lock in that spot there's no doubt that that's a that's a huge advantage but this little thing right here this addition is one of the greatest things that's going to help this season with these new gen 3 units in this new built-in mega imaging transducer into the trolling motor I don't have to have any external transducer around here anymore I get absolutely zero interference that's probably the biggest advantage of this is I'm going to get the clearest picture the clearest screens that I've ever seen with the best detail whether you know I'm using down imaging or mega image you know the side imaging mega imaging of 2d sonar it's crystal clear its built-in there's nothing I have to worry about it and it really enhanced the overall clarity and when you're looking for subtle structural changes subtle differences in hard and soft bottom and you're looking for the fish to be able to see hey is that a bass or you know what you know is it an Asian carp or whatever you know you're looking for in the system it just gives me that much more of a detailed picture and again I've got all the features on the old tracks that it has and with it being linked to to my late master mapping in that it's so nice because I can have it again follow a depth contour line I can you know go to a waypoint I can be sitting down retie and my drop shot rig and my boat can be actually taking me to the next spot so there's you know the functionality of it is incredible and again because I can use the remotes I can use the foot pedal I can actually run it off the depth finder screen if I want to they're all linked together they're all connected you know it is a truly the one boat Network at its finest you know I've got the 360 imaging mounted to it also here I've got that depth finder mounted on a pH Marine wave tamer it's super solid and what I really like about this wave tamer is it gets it above the you know the troller motor recessed pedal there brings that that much closer to me it's dead center where I can see it and it's rock solid I mean in the roughest water it's not gonna move or anything like that it's a it's just a really good setup from that scenario I've got my Balan foot switch right here so I can you know put my talons up and down by foot I also have a remote that I can do it with you know just as unlimited to whatever the setup is or whatever type of boat that you use they make it really easy to manage all of your electronics your talons you troll a motor it's just you know the functionality of it is incredible I've got a KVD Hydra wave here you know what I love about a Hydra wave is that it really creates the sounds what a Hydra wave does is it imitates the sounds of bass and baitfish well what we did on the KVD model is some of my favorite sound patterns or you want to call them songs they're blends different bait fish sounds of bass eatin bait fish all the different you know crawfish sounds blue back carrying all the different forage species blue gills in that and we have some kind of preset patterns for for certain specific conditions like you know offshore fishing fishing grass things like that all built in and so all you have to do is go and turn it on set the sound pattern that you want if you want to delay it's just it's really easy to do and really easy to set up I've got the speaker mounted here on the the trolling motor it's mounted on the top which really gives it great protection for it and the way these speakers are designed you know it's omnidirectional the way sound travels in water so it really it you know it doesn't matter if you mount it on the top to bottom or wherever it's gonna send the sound everywhere a Hydra wave has become you know one of the things that just about every serious bass fisherman on tour won't live without I mean it just makes a difference a lot of times it'll activate the fish I can't tell you how many times I've been going down the bank and I usually always run mine with a delay and it is one of those things where you'll see you'll hear it you know you'll hear the Hydra wave start to play and all of a sudden one will come up school in 20 feet away so you know it makes the bait nervous that makes the bass a little bit nervous and it's a great trigger to get everything fired up and get these fish active and once you get a school bass fight and a lot of times that Hydra wave will be the it's that sound that keeps those fish excited keeps them actually feeding keep some bite and so it's just a great tool that I think every serious bass fisherman ought to have you know the z21 itself is an incredible boat you know they really do a great job with every aspect you know the trailer is designed just for this one boat it pulls down the road super smooth I've got the step to get in and out of it very easily and you know this boats really gonna handle the water really in any situation that I've been faced with I've been running a nitro for my whole career it truly is I think the best boat and the best value in the bass fishing and the z21 is the pinnacle it's the flagship of that platform so I mean no matter what size boat you're looking for there's a nitro that'll definitely fit your needs but the z21 for what I do fishing you know the big tournaments and on big bodies of water there's nothing better than this rate so you can see right here I've got my super stick strapped right here in the back you know I mean we're not allowed to use nets or anything in the undersea 21 they do a great job with a live well system they put your measuring board you know right between it there it's got a dual live oil system that's baffled there's net storage that sits behind the seat so it's out of the way but it's also the perfect spot to fit this super stick you know push Bowl I'm starting off in Florida that's a place you know definitely where a push Bowl really comes into play I like to have it there all the time you never know when you get into some of these shallow places that you want to be real quiet or that you might get stuck and need to be able to push off you know our rules say that we can't leave the boat so this is something that you absolutely have to have another neat little thing that I have is I've got a gauge to manage both my crank engine battery and my trolling battery and it's it's just I haven't mounted right here beside me and it's one of those things that more importantly I can tell if I've ever have a problem with my system you know if you ever have a battery so I'll go out or anything like that so it's kind of an insurance thing I mounted one of my quick-detachable you know Talon controls right here right beside me I also you know you can hang one around your neck I've got the the foot switch up there but I like to have one here right at the console so you know if I'm pulling up to the dock or things like that want to you know get ready to tie up to put it on the trailer you know I can just hit the UP switch or the down switch right here right while I'm sitting at the console so you know you can pull up to a dock now and you don't even have to tie your boat off with a rope you can just put the talons down and it'll walk that boat right in place even in the wind things like that where it's not going to move away from the dock or anything like that and you can go get your truck and back it down the the ramp and and be ready to go so a lot of lot of really neat things that we have with this technologies a lot of uses for it we're not lazy we just like to make it easy on itself you know a couple of cool accessories that I got from th marine that really really are nice is one is a g-force handle you know it's just it's a stainless cable that's coated with a really good handle on it I've got that too to lift and deploy the trolling motor and also have a wave payment on it so this right here mount is just a rock-solid way so in the roughest water I mean this motor does not jiggle or move one inch takes all the vibration out of it so really really helping preserve the trolling motor in the mount itself by having that it's all I got to do is hit this lever with my foot you can pull the cord the g-force handle and I can deploy that troller motor real easy it's got a built in gas assist so you're not lifting the weight of the motor really makes it easy but that wave tamer just locks that motor down to the deck even in the roughest conditions it's not going to move you do that and and strap this down if you're on Lake Erie or Lake st. Clair on the roughest days that motor is just rock-solid and it's not taking that pounding up here you know like it would if we didn't have those on it another really nice feature is this eliminate or not this is something that came out a couple of years ago and it's just a game changer you know for balancing neutral motors you know itself it's real heavy its machined aluminum you can screw it on and off to you know get to the back of the prop to see if there's any fishing line or anything on there but it's nice and heavy and it really balances that motor out it makes them pop more efficient and it's really a lot more quieter it doesn't you don't have near the sound coming off of your your profits you're going through cover and weeds and things like that and again when that motors turning it's self tightening so it's not going to loosen or come off it really makes a difference in how smooth and quiet your motor is going to operate so it's a great thing to have on your boat if you want to learn more about what it's like out in the tournament trail follow me on social media go to my youtube channel or go to Kim Van Dam calm

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  1. Kevin what makes you run the helix over the solus and onix in new to the electronic fish finders why not use touch screen

  2. Kevin, you'd be more than welcome to come to the Northeast with that beautiful rig between the first of May and Mother's Day in May and take me Smallmouth fishing out on the lakes of Cape Cod, MA.( there are a couple of really good ones!)……lol…..
    It was really good in a dream state so I figured I'd share…
    LMAO…….. after all I was dreaming!

  3. Could you imagine going on a fishing trip with kvd? Gah lee talk about a dream coming true. Keep up all the hard work my man!

  4. Looked up lithium pro batteries and nearly crapped my pants XD ill stick with standard deep cycles i guess lmao

  5. just bought a 2019 nitro z21 elite from Pro's choice Marine cant wait until the wind dies down around chicago to take it out. nitro's are the best boat for the $$

  6. Wow love the boat wish I had one. Hell wish I was able to just get a bass boat with 7 kids hard to get one. but that's a really nice one.

  7. Hi Kevin, given all the high tech stuff you have on your boat, do you have an IT guy on your cell phone speed dial? LOL. Let's hope we don't have a solar flair in the middle of a tournament. I know today it is a necessity in tournament but it just seems it was at least less complicated 20 years ago. The winners here are the manufacturers who are getting us to spend all this $$$$$$.

  8. Kevin, have you EVER ran out of battery juice? You are the power fisherman of power fisherman, always on your trolling motor… how have they held up for you? Are you now sponsored by them?

  9. The games changing guys, adapt improvise and overcome. Your not going to get anywhere complaining about change.

  10. I find it pretty pathetic that they have to use a new boat every year. Like WTF? Yall like wasting money? You pros set such a bad example. Trying to make everyone think you need best an greatest stuff just to catch some fish. You guys really forgot about what its like to fish on a budget. Same on the industry for making this a standard. SMH

  11. Nice but beyond what 99% of regular fishing people can afford. Seems there trying to make it a rich mans sport. What a shame

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