Kyiv, Ukraine traveling all around the world…

Kyiv, Ukraine traveling all around the world…

Aaaand TADA we arrived… 1000 years later It is weary snowy here in Kyiv in this time and this is weary beautiful orthodox church under reconstructions and name of this church is Andrieska (St.Andrew). Dante Alighieri is Italian weary famous writer
in 13th century. This is rainbow. So this is Dnieper River, this one is Trukhaniv Island, and people are fishing here in the
summer and swimming over there, but it is not recommended to eat this fish from here
or to swim because it is city river. This is Mihailska church it is weary famous
in Kyiv and it is almost in all magnets for fridge. It is from Mihail. Mihail? Mihail. It is next to the river and it is weary beautiful. He was leader of Zaporozhian Cossacks, and… this square name is? Sofia square, Sofia church… Sofia square and it is near to Sofia church. Sooo…this guy made a country where there
was not country. This is Sofia church and in wall we see new
part and this is the part of old church. And here also one cube… This is most probably Ukrainian traditional instrument It is really beautiful and, for me architecturally
amazing building in center of Kyiv. This is Renaissance hotel, and that over there
is golden gate. So this is golden gate, it is gate of the
city… This plate was made 1982. in the honer of
the 1500 years of gate and restoration was 2007 Miroslav Mudri, this is hem, next to the gate, and probably he did some reforms next to the…something about gates long, long time ago… And this is from another side. Aaaand the opera house of Kyiv. This is abounded house, abounded building
in center of the Kyiv and I don’t know why they don’t do something about that building. It is weary old and nobody lives there. That one over there is weary popular place
for eat. It is the only one who still works since Soviet Union, and the only one who was selling
exactly the same products like before. We almost arrive in line and it is that popular
that you can see all this people that waiting for eat the sausage and… kind of hot dog
from this place. Here in this square was protest for one year,
people was living in tents. In one year police try to make them go,
but they couldn’t and in this one year some people died. This is in honer of them. Here was huge barer, in
this square. There is really a lot of people unfortunately died because of that. Because one president sign a contract with EU, but another president didn’t wanted to go, he
wanted in side of Russia. That’s why this protest was. After that president run away in Russia
and there is still protest and war in east because some people want to join with
Russia and some people want to go to EU. This is central bank, it is weary architecturally
beautiful. This is sign what Ukraine have also in flag
and this can be Triton, like one, two three… The one they are fighting with, ummm…like
weapon or something. And second meaning can mean that birth who is falling down. So thisis the birth and this is the wings of this birth. This is kind of parliament, but not really…
Minister of that, minister of this.. This is parliament, and place for minister
is much bigger. Aaaand this is football stadium The bridge build 1920. by the same people
who made bridge… Who made bridges across the Bo-river at that time. This frog have place for coins, I need to
put coin here… So this rainbow what we saw from up before
it is from SSSR to show the friendship between Ukraine and Russia. This guy at top of the hill he broth Christianity
to Rus, or to Kyiv. And this is how all people should be. This is monument for 2nd World War
and behind this one is eternal fire. And this is monument for Femen

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  1. Thank u for making this beautiful video but I wish u make an other video about how student live there in kharakive?

  2. the bird of emblem is falcon and the word is "ВОЛЯ" what mean freedom. i wish i could walk with you to tell more about this amazing city )

  3. Great video, thank you for sharing. The information is fantastic and Kiev is absolutely amazing!!! I hope to see Kiev one day with my own eyes!!!! Cheers from Washington, DC!!!

  4. Prekrasno ,ako nekogas pominuvas vo Makedonija ke mi bide cest da bides moja gostinka i da ti ja pokazam mojata zemja od moj aspekt :* pozz UBAVO DEVOJCE

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