Lahore To Gujrat Via Muridke Road Trip 2019

Lahore To Gujrat Via Muridke Road Trip 2019

I’m Traveling in Pakistan on G T Road. In this video, Road Trip Lahore To Gujrat Via Muridke, Gujranwala and Wazirabad

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  1. Mashallah very good effort
    Love ur all videos
    Pls try to make more videos of village and village life
    Luv from🇬🇧

  2. Tarrar Saab, aapke video ke bahane thoda Pakistan dekh lete hai. Aapka Train journey Quetta wala video Zabardast Tha….aur uska narration bhi. Bahut kuch samajhne ko Mila.

    Aur Ek baar.. Sabse badhiya music Tha iss video Ka. Stick to soothing music only.

  3. Bahut vadia lagya. Mere dadke Rawalpindi to c….Love from Punjab,India. Aap sab nu Ramadan Mubarak.

  4. Police chowki at 0:41 & 0:50 kya koi jail hai. Than at 0:57 Shahi Masjid, 1:13 Shahi Quila …?? Haji Sahab U Must mention the prominent place and area's which comes on the way. Shocked to see wrong entry at 1:44 by three wheeler and two wheeler. Yahan to hum soch bhi nahi sakte, Zabardast fine aur points. Anyway enjoyed the trip in harsh weather ( bahut mitti udd rahi thi). Regards from N.Y

  5. Are bhai jaan wo mudredke me apke Hafiz Muhammad Saeed ki Bari se office hai zamadul dawa ki,wo to dikhayi hi nhi apne,wo to apke Pakistan ki Shan hai

  6. Any time terririst attack happen. So tarar please take care because you travelled in terrible country.Nasty pak

  7. Old bikes, old trucks, old buses, old roads…..polythenes flying here and there…. Improve ur country dnt waste money on terrorism……. Dnt think that i'm haters i just told you mine hert voice…….. Improve it and dnt eat cow be veg respect to other religion….. In all video i just shows cows in trucks is this pakistan tht every truck is loaded by cows be sincer

  8. Asa lag rha h jase pakistan 1690 me rha rha ho abhi
    Porki 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂

  9. Oh!!! My god look at jinnahs pakistan… develooed it is🔰🐭😃😃😂😂😆😆😀😀

  10. agr dekha jae to bridges and road signs wagera sb same to same india jaisa hi hai.. even roads k divider bhi .. bs india mein electric wiring underground hai aur zyda achi buildings hai.. baki almost similar hai

  11. Kitna accha hoga agar firse india pak ek desh ban jae toh. Saari problems solved. Us, uk koi b apn k beech ki ladai ka fayda na uthayega…😊… love from india

  12. 1987 model no traffic rules no helment no clean road only sand @ sand india ka gav esase kafi accha he

  13. Tarar sahab apki video sahi lagi h sir Delhi m bhee wazirabad h our wo bhee jamna nadi k sath h abhee signature bridge bana h our shahadra bhe h whan se karib10 kmt from india

  14. Lahor road is very dirty. Dhaka is so clean. No development in Pakistan. I lives Rangpur city Bangladesh.

  15. کم از کم گجرات کی ٹوٹی پھوٹی سڑکوں کا نظارہ ہی کروا دیتے جناب والا

  16. janab ap china ya ruusia ka visit karay waha be rail journey kay mutalq bohat kuuch hay.china ke train video bohat kam hay net pay aur jo hay us may places aur station kay name ni hotay aur russia may to dunya ka sab say lamba track hay 9300 km from moscow to vladivostok.

  17. What a wonderful developed city. Pakistan actually a beautiful country but nobody knows that,bcoz Pakistan don't have any renowned TV channel to telecast their positive news. most of the time we see negative news about Pakistan such as bomb blasted,corruption, political Violence etc,by international media specially Indian media and movie. So now Pakistan need to understand quickly that they need to invest much more money to develop Pakistani media to show their development and tourism Internationally

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