Landsharkz Geocaching Adventure Cruise Promo

Landsharkz Geocaching Adventure Cruise Promo

(Upbeat pop music) – [Interviewer] How well did you feel you were prepared and
informed before the cruise? – Very, very well. The Facebook page, the communication with the travel agent, the communication with Helen
and Chris was just amazing. We really felt like we
were informed really well. – With the package that’s provided whether you inform yourself
before hand or not, that package has everything you need. – It was very well organized. The buses, we didn’t have to worry about getting any place.
Everything was looked at for us. That was a major plus. – And really, I had a great time. I had a great time, I met great people. The pre cruise trip was terrific and also, the whole cruise, how it was organized. The meetings every night
were terrific, you know. I can’t say enough about how great it was. – Everything is exactly as it should be. The hotels and everything. And it was a tremendous. It was a lot of organization that went
into doing all that. An awful lot of organization.
Im glad it wasn’t me. (laughter) I’m very happy to have just tagged along for it all. – I have to say that I
was a little bit concerned about being with a huge group of people So I was worried about being overwhelmed with too much activity, too many people, too much geocaching and I was blown away by the fun that we had and
how great everybody was. – The group thing is excellent I would recommend it to everybody. – I really enjoyed the
tours that were organized because they were geared to us. – And just really the group meals, especially the one in Russia. Just seeing everybody relex and have fun and everybody was just
getting along so well. Really just connecting
with other geocachers and making new friends. I couldn’t really pick a highlight. I really found highlights everywhere. – [Interviewer] Would you
consider taking another Landshark’s Geocaching cruise? – Yup. – Gee, let me think about that. Okay! (laughter) – When’s it start? – [Interviewer] Would you
recommend an adventure like this to anyone else? – Sure. Yeah – One hundred percent. – Especially for those people who have never cruised before it’s definitely well worth doing it so I would recommend it. Yeah, do it. Go. Life is short. Enjoy. – Absolutely. – Oh certainly. – Absolutely. – [Interviewer] Would you consider taking another Landshark’s Geocaching cruise? – Yes. – Absolutely, in a heartbeat. We’ve already talked about it and bringing the kids next time. – [Interviewer] Would you recommend this adventure to someone else? – Yes. – Yes, as long as we’re already booked. (laughter) (upbeat pop music)

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