LeeAnn Kreischer & Christina P on Their Husbands Touring

LeeAnn Kreischer & Christina P on Their Husbands Touring

how much do you hate when your husband's on the road let's talk about that hate yeah oh you love it maybe maybe we have a different idea what that good and what that lose like you guys have the flight attendant relationship where like one of yous a flight attendant so they're gone for like a week here a few days here and then they're back yeah it's like perpetual not honeymoon but it's like you're back yay ba ba ba but by now by now you're well I'll tell you why it works for me and why it works I think for Bert we both get bored really easily hmm so if we were doing the same thing every day every week all year long we'd both be really bored that's one too is I actually am a really tidy person if I had to live with slob emic slob all the time I would go crazy so it the separation where Ike literally the day he leaves my house is in complete order and people will come in and go oh Bert's gone and I'm like yeah my cleaning lady goes I'll burst not home she can tell the minute she walks in the front door she is home unless you left at like 3:00 in the morning yeah but if I have any if I have two hours to myself that house is ship shape and that works for me because then I go I can allow him I can tolerate his in these pockets of time even when he's home for three weeks I can tolerate that too so it sounds like he comes home and it's like a whirling dervish and it's just chaos and shit's everywhere and he's blowing boogers on the wall yes have you got it you got it yeah yeah he leaves and it's like let's let's everybody get kebab you lated yeah yeah and then hurricane Bert comes home everything up that's right yeah I'm not sure how much of that has been good for raising kids right because I'm like bedtimes 8:30 dinner 6:30 blah blah blah he comes in and and it's very hard to keep that on track so he sabotages the whole family's scheduling he's like let's stay up oh yeah you guys yes party yeah then it's like a school night yeah we Saturday Sunday is Monday Tuesday for him oh right of course it is Saturday Sunday Monday Tuesday so we always wants to do something Monday Tuesday and I'm like so school night and then he accuses me of being a big debbie downer aren't you the square I suck so hard and I'm like but is the school night and he gets really frustrated when there's a bedtime and it's been something that's been really hard that's been hard but that is one of the reason that works too is because I he lived here all the time he'd be the same way every night so Saturday night right for him so I don't think it would change it gives them pockets of structure so they know what structure looks like yes yes yes and so then when the chaos comes there are times when Georgia will go I just need to go to bed and I go cool no problem and bursts like what the you mean you need to go to bed we're up no we're up no no and I step in and go no she just needs to go to bed she just leave her alone she needs to go to bed Oh fine whatever I mean I don't know where she came from it was boundaries in this house she I mean she only needs one ice cream and that's enough he makes abundant Oranje all the time because she has such healthy boundaries yeah yeah you know she and Isla would eat the 8 foot long banana split every day and George is like why that's so I mean so much sugar I can never and you get so overweight and I don't understand and he's like what who is this kid yeah that's one of the reasons it works is the ebb and flow of his chaos right and then he goes to a hotel room and can be fully in his chaos yes so that I don't have to deal though if I ever travel with him I'm like for towels he uses all four towers in one shower and I'm like what the I'm here to do you not even think hey maybe I should save $1 for my wife what's the big deal just call and get a towel well I don't want to call and get a towel and wait 25 minutes for a damn Tahoe just use three two holes that's not how I function because he's used to being by himself how do you not murder him when he doesn't save you a towel I feel like that's I'm 98% other folks true that's why I only 2% value myself so I so don't need a towel I gotta take this quiz man

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