what's up powerhouse what am I gonna come up higher get the seats all of what was in my ear you what's up powerhouse yo so y'all know this challenge by now everyone knows this I'm always looking at the screens all across side to everybody because ok cool what does it call it let the person in front of us decide what we eat for 24 hours we're gonna do a few hours we don't know 25 it might be lying – y'all standing on 24 they not going 24 we're not going it there's a lot of things we're gonna get sick whoa hey that's what the best what the challenge is you wanted to do this this is what we got to do okay well we both don't eat red meat no we both don't eat pork I'm trying to get on a specific diet so I'm trying to stay off all these carbs and stuff you know the Gordon a lot of fries and things heaven for me yeah so we're gonna go to a few restaurants order with the person in front of us orders ready – let's do it so it's the afternoon right now but every morning I like to get coffee so hopefully the person in front of us order something it likes Starbucks oh but you can't have caffeine maybe they order a sandwich or something I can't have caffeine y'all cuz I'm I get anxiety if I have caffeine right here oh my god they're rude they're like don't bring that challenge of here hi can i order what the person in front of me had yeah are you doing a video yeah alright fizzchick so they had it's all iced coffee hazelnut cream oh that sounds good okay thank you oh yeah we got lucky this time Oh shucks I was scared my heart was scared to yo my heart was this is it this is crazy oh my gosh I've never had this before what did they get again he's on that iced coffee hazing that iced coffee I'm gonna drink some of it yeah cause if I drank too much then I'm um I'm gonna start losing my mind got a new subscriber tell me since all that distance about each other's post notifications [Laughter] I hand it's on my card thank you why do sure supply to the macho thank you okay trying your post notifications and subscribe we made it past our first destination it looks lighter why would you swap looks sweeter there's someone behind us I have to wait for the bus anyways okay great let's try this not bad so good who was in front of us thank you okay I was scared yeah and I don't really drink coffee like that so yeah yeah yeah back of the mill is gone is waiting fully yeah AC and his spaceship good low and I'm sweating okay alright so we're gonna go to chick-fil-a alright cool why do you still look bigger than me I got a step taller it's something about this seat that you trying are you trying to hate on my height woohoo alright not too happy I feel energized y'all saw me drink some of it don't look you'll see it go through the straw so you don't say I cheated [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] y'all shoulda got meat I'm the last one y'all shoulda got vlogging just about to be your favorite channel because I ain't like the rest of these folks I'm about to be Wow but he crazy he had a little too much coffee to go over down her leg see he's paying attention stuff he would never pay attention that tattoo was wow this challenge right now go go ahead you look crazy it's like drugs – meaning no way this chick-fil-a doesn't have a drive-through chick-fil-a was built on drive-throughs their whole slogan is chick-fil-a we are drive-throughs and then they don't have a drive-thru can y'all believe this chick-fil-a don't have a drive-thru oh oh yeah you don't jump out there I'm not jumping don't scare me you jump in no I didn't know her driving y'all she's jumping out there all right so I guess we're gonna go to McDonald's Oh MacDonald had a farm eieio and on that farm he had a pig eieio one here here our own Darren McDonald's has a lot of beef a lot of beef I mean so does my homie got bit back home but do you like I'm just saying you got a lot of being scared for this order I haven't had a hamburger or cheeseburger in a long time I have a head I haven't had a hamburger cheeseburger years I just want some french fries in an ice cream yeah when do we get a happy milk i'ma gonna McFlurry but then they say the McFly machine is broken my time we go up there can I get the bar so in front of me order they got him a flurry but you're a little too late they broke it once often one time one times better one time oppa won't lob somebody in front of us – what if they order more coffee this is like scary and fun at the same time it is kind of really nervous right now can I hop with the person in front of me ordered please have the person in front of you work yeah can I have the same thing yeah second or a personal Gosar thank you a large fry and apple pie and a large drink oh yeah sure you got lucky he's never heard of this challenge he's like um yeah okay apple pie that's right we're gonna be happy to take a huge piss after this all I got is drinks water everybody everybody just get drinks out here and I should go rapping again it's got the last pot of apple pie and a drink alright so we have the fudge sundae with strawberry topping and the large double Quarter cheese meal or a large base it a double fudge sundae what the cherry thank you wait what what what well I thought you said a large part of a pilot dream long it was the other person we was bamboozled quit we will let us stray we didn't land on McDonald's McDonald's landed on yes please what is this it's a large crew a large coke wow this looks crazy it's the fudge sundae with cherry syrup that's crazy and what else did you do to guys and I think the double cheeseburger with a frame will chair the fries up though you have to say goodbye to the double cheeseburger I'm alright orders this I guess this is some lunch mmmm this looks crazy though please just take a moment it smells good does smell good what is this again a hot fudge sundae with cherry syrup on top that the laws found their way from cause who you think has the best fries with McDonald's checkers Burger King Wendy's jack-in-the-box in and out sonic I'm here for McDonald's no I can't believe y'all just sitting there watching that's deep it's a double a double cheap you're crazy low vagal might've oh my god I haven't had meat in years that's all I'm eatin I just pulled out I'd do it don't I don't okay so you know what if you're not gonna bite it they don't understand you know what let me say ah something will teach y'all something you can't stop eating red meat and then just get back on it and then your stomach could be fine because what happens is you'll have to UM you have to go grab the they have the shits you have to go to the bathroom so it's not that the fact that the sandwich is bad it's just that we stopped eating a certain thing just he's crazy right just like something I've never tasted before that's like eating a human arm if you're new to the channel make sure that you turn your post notifications is subscribe to the power house we're gonna try to continue to put god I haven't had soda in I just burn my insides up no man this child is gonna kill me I can't do these all right where should we go well figure something else out yeah gotta go to Taco Bell for me gotta represent for the Mexicans y'all know she's a half Mexican and half black I'm God but we got about position for the Mexicans well I haven't been to talk about in a really long time nacho fries oh those are crazy what you hype about this wow talk about has good food you know what I love here though there freezes they have BOM freezes here okay so check this out we've been posting videos every every other day right yeah so if we get 5,000 comments on this video then we'll post a video in between our break which is the day in between and what we're gonna do yeah cuz we shot a video of you touring your Tesla right we just never posted it but if you guys want to see her give her a Tesla tour video we'll put it up tomorrow all right after this video but we need 5,000 comments okay all right powerhouse you're on piles you're on so what's your power yeah show us your power okay that could be our slogan tell show us your power now cuz they're like superheroes hi can I help with the person in front of me ordered please okay what can I help with the person in front of me ordered the same thing yes thank you Oh order I'll take them both well just get the first one then I'll just take the first one thank you bowling baby why not first you give me a $3,000 TV now you'd be buying double orders you got that bread yo that's my sugar mama hey sugar mama I can't stand you are you talking to the camera look she said that to all the buying stuff what do you want me to do no but you might when I said that person oh that's nervous she been practicing she thinks she's gonna hold her breath for a minute I do think I know these father's poppy actually I think McDonald's house is the best five no I see what they ordered what do they order yes two quesadillas and cheese roll-ups I'll eat the quesadillas cuz you already know that her mama gonna see this she's like oh no I don't want millions of people I don't want okay we got one more we gonna do one more wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait we gotta eat this food you scare me while you drag this place you coming on a call on this matter don't look at me like that do not look at me like dog yo she almost took us out bro I was shocked don't these things drive themselves the car drives over you you'll call jaws better than you that's crazy pull over right here do all your running jogging motivated on a Sunday getting exercise in and we over here getting we over here eating fast food going to a we don't a fast food tour all right what's this whoa what what is this shut up what are you doing LLL throw tacos on me have you got in my back okay Gustav wrong yeah like me but you got a taco him up at what is in this was that cheese roll up that's how about all right we got one we're gonna do a woman under next just KFC KFC and we're done alright KFC we done I can't take no more I'm putting this down can i order the same thing that the last person had we don't know do you remember what the last person ordered that joke by wants it okay perfect yeah six tenders and the large potato wedge you got it thank you thank you why is it always something different what the hell were being bamboozled wait one second good luck it all about oh it isn't what she oh wow show them Hey oh that was hot hot sauna get a thumbnail good we did this challenge my stomach turning a little bit I got coffee on my system so I'm height I've got burgers in my system after three years you know there's Sylvia my system from some drink why would you they got an ice cream fudge sundae with a topping of strawberry on top hey sorry I even know you could do that you know stay hydrated we got water look like all that because we gotta flush this down we did it we Came we saw we conquered we did oh we gotta give a shout-out to somebody oh yeah our shout-out goes to Joe Torre a cook juh Toria mm-hmm Hey Joe Torre yeah that's a cool name I like that why cuz I be off the hook oh come on here she go with that anyway no no anyway yo turn on your post notifications y'all if you love the channel and subscribe and we're gonna bring you more videos right I would tell y'all about our next video but I don't want to spoil it all this food don't put us on the toilet come on babe come on call Capital Records call Sony call Universal somebody sign me

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