LIVE Hot Rod Power Tour & Chevelle Update

LIVE Hot Rod Power Tour & Chevelle Update

well let's hope he doesn't come flying off anyway middle ice since a guy updated y'all I've been so being busy it just can't find time to edit nothing so figured a maza go ahead do the live did you poster then I don't got to do nothing weird night for Andy sandwich glasses no but uh hey guys go ahead and learn on you an update here what I've been up to got the spell behind me all cleaned up and then thrashing for the hot rod power to her like math and stay ahead it's a shine on the old paint me nuts let's factory it's better than new put a little bit you don't worry about license plates up here they just we have care of some other time and boys she's spotting look at this I've got more luggage in here than you could ever imagine and last year I got so dang hot I'm gonna go ahead and just bring my own shade this year and that alright just fine I'm definitely not gonna get pulled over for that and let's see what else like oh I got you guys come and see me there's seven cities seven days I got t-shirts in there and pillowcases – the pillowcases and I also have you can kind of see them I have all black trucker hats ready to rock for the tour you can come and grab them I'm gonna have a cash deal for you guys and part of the proceeds are gonna go to cranial Care Bears to take great care of children and we like donate them to them see if I could get the hood open for you guys okay here we go yeah I can't keep her a secret much longer that's a that's that 307 I went ahead and put her back in here and I got a video coming out pretty soon on that engine we actually put that on the old dyno machine and then digitized it and tuned there in got some horsepower out of her so since then I just could not believe it but brand-new brakes MacMaster brake lines proportioning valves wheel cylinders brake shoes all the hard lines front and rear and the soft lines gonna be carrying the old kids with me so you know you got to keep them fellows safe but else did I do oh when I was testing on the 307 dang did the feel radder didn't pop so we went ahead and put one of these aluminium ones in here apparently they keep a colder and one of them there flexo light fans kind of like the flex-a-lite ping-pong paddles but I don't really like to clutch fans I like them wind just blowing through there as much as possible Oh what else did we do to the sink oh I went ahead and put a trance cooler in it big shout out to Harmon performance transmissions this transmission is the same this guy knows exactly what he's doing asked me how I wanted it and I just went with it dip dip dip and he built it exactly like that the thing is amazing shifts are quick and firm this is what my rides gonna look like tonight I'm supposed to be in where am I going Iowa City and then from there we're going to Knoxville tomorrow and then I'll be in Concord Saturday so you guys should come down and see us and Jess will be there of course hey Chris forgot look at this bag it was this big bag that's Fleet Farm vinaigrette there you can't breathe in there Oh Cove speaker that little thing up there apparently there's a doctor that also makes speakers and his name is Drew or Andrew or Dre or something like that but anyway that little co fellers this is louder louder and probably a fourth of the price so that's a pretty good buy got the old cigarette lighter working I just got to find a plugger inner thing for that will be good there the exhaust oh this is really ghetto I should probably try to show you this them don't tell them don't look Factory actually trying to think what else are we gonna race it absolutely we're gonna drag race it try to run a twenty eight or better and then like on a rally race it because it has the original shocks you bet you run the spot out of it oh I just remembered some notice that on this side of the car transfer on it I'm missing one over here in Hoenn I'll be dipped if I don't get a vibration at about 85 so I'm gonna go ahead and snag one of these off the rear and then snip it on up there you got to have them steer tires or you'll hit deal bitch Oh got real plates legitimate that's not off a pickup or anything like that and I'm trying to think where we'd put a lot of work into this but no I'm trying to listen off it doesn't seem like a lot nothing breaks just kicked my butt overall Oh wheel bearings new spindles axle seals pinion seal all that stuff new alternator water pump that belts junk she's got to come out of there I'll just blow it off it squeals right now best thing to do when the belt squealing is you just hold her out about 6500 rpm and it'll either clearance itself or zing off and if it sings off you saved yourself the trouble getting her out of there so that's a win-win how many kids there's gonna be three kids back here you know B and tres and they're gonna be hot because all we've got is this year astral ventilation which in GM's words is just pull this lever down there by your leg and then drive faster because that's gonna help you cool down I can get that I guess oh let's see tonight Iowa oh I forgot my camera okay I'll go back to the house and get my digital camera we're going to change the oil I've only got about 200 miles on this engine rebuild well drop the oil and change it and that's where I'll start recording the hot rod power to 2019 video which maybe I'll release sometime 2028 when I get some time but the good news is I will have that engine build and dyno machines video done not next week because I'll be on tour the whole week but sometime the week after that after my hangover clears and I get unpacked and yeah that's about it guys if you can come out and see us really like to see you guys Mazal hang out a little bit and have an adult beverage or twelve and I have been doing the leg wrestle so bring it see what you got and if you want to run them I'll round them for pink slips mainly because I don't have one so ain't gonna win nothing and that's about it thanks for watching guys appreciate you guys very very much and hope to see you on to her how do you turn this thing

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  1. I'm. A founding member of the hot rod power tour love your vids your the classic root of car enthusiast that is fundamental to the hobby peace and love brother and much success in your future endeavors.πŸ˜€

  2. P.S. Make live videos all you wan t lol know whatchyer talken an testin bout on those hangovers !!

  3. Wish I could make the tour. Make sure you get some keep your "hands off" the car signs. She's too sweet a ride now!

  4. I have a good 350 4bolt I would donate for the Chevelle.I believe I had a set of vortec heads for it to. I just couldn't put the 307 back in it if I had it out

  5. Man, glad to hear that you are going. I am going to have to pass this year. The vertigo got me bad… getting old is heck…

  6. My Aunt had a car exactly like that but when I was a kid in 1971, she had it till 74 in Buffalo, NY. Who knows might be the same Car? I would love to get my hands on a decent 1969 Chevelle!

  7. I just went to your merchandise shop yesterday to get a hat and the all black ones were sold out. And the t-shirt I wanted. Hope you restock soon. Thanks.

  8. Nice job, hope you checked the ol' Bat-Tree before you head out. Have fun, can't wait to see the next vids!

  9. Have fun, sounds like you have a plan, wish it was in my part of the country, always enjoy your videos.

  10. Good luck, stay safe and have fun.Β Β Β  What do you do for a living?Β  I mean, what pays for all this?

  11. If you see anything wrong or think it should of been done differently you're probably right, but this video was scripted for entertaining content. =)

  12. I love your humor man it makes my day please keep making videos I hope you get your own show your better than anyone on TV

  13. gota say first time seen a car seat in a chevelle we just ran around in the back or dad arm restraint in front .like the shade option on trunk,nice over flow bottle for the track definitely want to pass tech. good job have fun!

  14. When and where in Knoxville? Be careful, rain and thunderstorms forecasted here through Sunday or Monday, At least high temps are only around 80 instead of 95.

  15. I think you're set! What are you talking about? You have 260 a/c….roll two windows down and do 60πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ‘ŒπŸ» car
    Looks awesome! Worked hard on it! Have a blast!

  16. You will have time in 2028? How?? Share your secrets. The way I figure it I will have time roughly 6 years after death πŸ˜‚

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