Macau Travel Guide – Macao Day Trip from Hong Kong

Macau Travel Guide – Macao Day Trip from Hong Kong

Well good morning from Hong Kong (香港). It is seven in the morning. A little early to be out in my opinion but
today we’re going to Macau (澳門 – 澳门). Special day. So we’ve got our tickets for Macau (澳門
– 澳门). Woo! 160 Hong Kong dollars each. It is just over $20 US bucks and they give
you your seats as you basically arrive. Just after you go through immigration. Yeah so we just got these little stickers. We’re 17M and 17K and guys don’t forget to
bring your passport because technically you’re going to a different special administrative
region. You’re going from Hong Kong (香港) to Macau
(澳門 – 澳门). So
we have just sat down in the boat (TurboJET – 噴射飛航). I already feel queasy. This is like rocking from side to side. Are you regretting your decision to have a
Mcdonald’s breakfast this morning? That was his idea. Not it wasn’t. We needed something quick. We normally don’t eat there. Oh man. Made it. And you know what? The ride was a lot smoother than I was expecting. I think it was because we were on the second
floor of the boat this time. Yeah. That and the fact you were sleeping most of
the way. I passed out. It was way too early to be traveling. In all fairness almost everyone was sleeping
on that ride so. Yeah. So yeah now we’re basically we’re going to
go catch our transportation. We’re looking to find one of the free shuttle
buses to the hotels we’re looking for. Yes. Possibly the Venetian bus and then we get
started. Haha. I feel so cheeky. We’re being so cheap instead of paying for
a bus or for the taxi. No, that is what everyone does. Free shuttle. That is what everyone does here. That is true. We found free transportation. Shhhh. So I’m not sure if we already mentioned this
but today is just a day trip from Hong Kong (香港). So we’re not actually staying here in Macau
(澳門 – 澳门). We did that once before and it is super expensive
here. Like everything is overpriced. So we thought we would just visit for the
day and yeah we’re going to be making a little guide and showing you a few of the different
things that you can do here and eat here. We’re going to be sampling lots of good food. Alright, so we figured since we took the free
shuttle to the Venitian we should probably visit the Venetian (澳門威尼斯人度假村酒店). What do you think? So yeah, we’ve just been checking it out here. And it is definitely obviously not like Venice
but I guess it is a casino version of Venice. It is a bit like Vegas. It is a bit like Vegas. And yeah Macao has been called the Vegas of
China. So I mean. Yeah. Yeah we’re going to go check out a few other
casinos and then I think we’re going to spend the rest of the day exploring more of the
historic ruins and eating. More of the cultural side. More of the cultural stuff and then eating
a lot of street food as well too. I have to say walking through casinos is exhausting. These buildings are massive. We’re currently trying to reach the Parisian
(澳門巴黎人) from the Venetian. I feel like we’ve been walking for 15 or 20
minutes. Still not in sight. So we had enough of hotels and casinos for
a while and we’ve walked over to Taipa (氹仔) and over here we’re going to be visiting the
Taipa Houses Museum (龍環葡韻住宅式博物館 – Casas-Museu da Taipa). There is also like a nice little park with
wetlands behind us. So yeah, it is a lot quieter and more peaceful
over here. I would say I prefer it. So what did you think of the museum? Yeah, it was pretty cool. It was free to visit and there is about four
different houses you can go in to. Each house had its own different kind of theme
or gallery. One was a living museum, there was another
where there was artwork and there was another where there was old photographs. So yeah if you pop by here you can check out
the different houses. Just pop in and it doesn’t take long to visit
them at all. We have now been walking around for a few
hours and I’m starting to feel the hanger vibes. Yeah, so it is a good time to go eat. It is just before noon and it is time to scarf
down on some Macanese street food. Let’s get food. So we kind of have a list of things we want
to try here in Macau (澳門 – 澳门). Yes. And this was not on here. Wasn’t on the list but we still found it interesting. So what is this one? So this is an egg pudding but I got the chocolate
egg pudding. Yeah, they also had green tea right? Yeah. Um, so yeah it is like an egg. They sliced off the top. I don’t even know how you make this to be
honest. Do you shape the egg until it is creamy? I have no idea. We have no idea what this is and that is what
makes it so exciting. Mmmm. Well it does not taste like boiled eggs so
that is excellent. It is really creamy. Look at that. Is it sweet? Like how yeah. Yeah, it is literally like pudding. Okay. Maybe it is just like pudding that has been
put inside of the eggshell. Maybe that is just the preparation of it. Look. Oh wow. This is a mystery to me. No idea how it is made but it is so delicious. Wow. And Sam doesn’t like eggs so he was like no
I won’t have one. So are you going to eat it all then? You’re missing out. Seriously this is like chocolate pudding. It is so creamy, so smooth. Unbelievable. So it took us a while to find a place that
was serving pork chops this early. But we finally found one. Yeah, some of them weren’t going to start
serving them until 2pm. Until 2 pm. And it is around noon right now so oh bummer
but we finally found somewhere and this pork chop bun (豬扒包) is one of the most popular
street foods you can find in Macau (澳門 – 澳门). Yeah. It is basically. Oh wow. Thank you. Here comes our tea too. It is basically considered a Macanese specialty. Uh huh. And it is almost considered like a Macanese
hamburger. Macau’s take on a hamburger. So you’ve got your pork chop (豬扒包) in
the middle. Yeah. And then you have a crispy bun. Well it is crispy on the outside and it is
supposed to be soft on the inside. So I am dripping sauce all over the place. Time for me to just take a bite. Next up we’re having Pastel de Nata (蛋撻
– 蛋挞) and this is where you start to see the Portuguese influence in Macanese cuisine. This is something that you find everywhere
in Portugal. We had these when we were in Lisbon. There is a really famous shop um in Belem. And yeah these are really tasty. I’ve had these often. I know. So let’s dig in. So excited to be having them again. Mmmm. And the Macanese take on it is really good. Mmmm. Really good. Look at that. It is like so custard-y inside. Wow. And we got these from what is considered to
be a famous place for them. It is called Lord Stow’s. Yeah. Yeah. It is not from the original shop but it is
from one of the branches and ah yeah we’re just really lucky to bump in to it. It is so flakey. Haha. The exterior. Look at that. Can you see the layers these. It is like Millefeuille. So I have to say I really enjoyed visiting
this area. Taipa (氹仔). I hadn’t been here before when I was last
in Macao (澳門 – 澳门) and it is pretty cool. It just feels more historic. It is colorful. Great street food. So next up we’re going to head to Senado Square
(Largo do Senado – 議事亭前地) and to get there we’re going to make use of some
of the free transportation provided by the Casinos. Update. So the free shuttle that they used to have
from the Galaxy Hotel to the area around Senado Square (Largo do Senado – 議事亭前地)
a few years ago no longer runs. What? So we’re going to Star World. Yep. And from there I think we’re going to be walking
about 20 minutes the guy said. It is getting us halfway there and then we
have to walk. We’re getting a little spoiled I’d say. We were on our way to Senado Square but then
we spotted these really pretty garden so we’re taking a bit of a detour. Yeah, it is has been nice so far and we’ve
just been walking around and I think we’re probably only like five or ten minutes away
from where we want to be so getting closer. Where are we at the moment? So we’re at Senado Square (Largo do Senado
– 議事亭前地). This is where we’ve been trying to walk to
now for a while. Yeah. We’ve just been taking some time-lapses so
setting the camera up on the tripod and I think we’re going to try and go find a bite. We’re getting a little peckish again. Again. And you know what? It is looking super Christmas-y around here. It is. Check it out. It is only like 19 days away from Christmas. So yeah. But by the time you watch this Christmas will
be long gone. Happy 2017! Haha. This is just a little bit too crowded for
me. We’re at a standstill. We’re not moving. Not going anywhere. Ow. We’re losing steam. We’re still determined to see as much as we
can in one day. Man. Yeah, we made it to Saint Paul’s Ruins. We still haven’t found food though so we’re
getting a little hangry. We have St. Paul’s Ruins (大三巴牌坊)
off in the background and Sam ready to sample more food. Yeah, so something you’re going to find in
Macau (澳門 – 澳门) well just about everywhere. Especially around the Saint Paul’s Ruins (大三巴牌坊)
is you get this beef jerky that is for sale. Yeah. And you buy these big slabs and they cut it
up for you like there is just a huge amount here. So I’m going to try it. I did sample this one. It is sweet. Is it beef or pork? That is the question. It is pork. Pork. Pork jerky (豬肉乾). Mmmm. That is really nice. It has got like a sweet glaze on it. It kind of reminds me of um if you’ve ever
had a cooked ham that has been cooked in like molasses or maple syrup or something like
that. Very Canadian. Maple Syrup. Uh huh. It kind of has that glaze type of sweetness
on the outside and it is nice meat. It is not unlike other jerkys that I’ve had
before it is not as chewy. Um, it basically you just bite in to it and
the meat basically disintegrates in your mouth so it is nice. We’ve got a lot. Look at that. Man. We’re going to be here for a while. So we’re still trying to eat our way around
the city here and it is starting to rain. Today was supposed to be zero percent chance
of precipitation and look at what is happening. With all of these clouds I’m actually surprised
it didn’t rain earlier. Anyways we found our next snack and we’re
having almond cakes (杏仁餅). So check those out. It looks really powdery and it actually has
chunks of almond in it. Wow. And we saw these being freshly made. So it is pretty amazing. That is how we decided on the store. We’re like oh they’re making them right outside
so. How are those? Good. It is quite dry. It is almost like a chalky like powdery texture
so if you’re planning on having a few you probably want tea or like some kind of beverage
nearby. A bubble tea (波霸奶茶). Have a bubble tea nearby. We didn’t get a bubble tea (波霸奶茶)
actually. Hahaha. That is next. But yeah it is really nice. Really tasty. Kind of a nice Christmas treat. Almond for some reason it seems like a Christmas-y
ingredient. Alright so Sam is now rocking a purple drink
in his hand. Yeah. What could that possibly be? So we’ve had bubble tea (波霸奶茶) in
both Taiwan and in Hong Kong (香港). Yeah, but we haven’t had it in Macao (澳門
– 澳门) and we haven’t had Taro before. So this is a purple color. And you can see it still has the tapioca jellies
at the bottom. Yeah but time to try it. Alright, so taro milk. Mmmm. What does taro milk taste like? It is really sweet. It has a bit of a creamy taste and you can
definitely can taste the taro. It is strong. Does it taste like potato. Like potato milk. A little bit. It still tastes a bit like tea though too. It is really good. So next we’re heading into Museu de Macau
(澳門博物館). We have not decided whether or not we actually
want to go in to the museum. Still debating that. We’ve been walking around a
lot and visiting the museum involves more walking. I’d be pretty happy to just enjoy the view
maybe eat some more. So Sam what is the one determining factor
on whether you want to visit a museum or not? What do you always ask? Can we film. Can we take photos? I thought you were going to say is it free? Oh is free too. More like three things. If it doesn’t meet those criteria then sometimes
I just do not go in. So that was made easy. The exhibit was actually closed so we can
only enjoy the terrace but the terrace has some pretty cool views so we’re here. So Sam last attraction of the day. Where are we? So we are at Monte Fort. Monte Fort (Fortaleza do Monte – 大炮台). And yeah it is starting to rain quite a bit. It is starting to rain and it has been a long
day so we’re going to head back and leave you with these magnificent views. We should probably say thank you to the Wynn
Hotel for that private transfer to the ferry terminal. We were the only people on the shuttle bus. Literally. And we didn’t even stay at their hotel.

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